How To Send A Resume To HR?

Want to know how to create a resume? Worry not; we will explain the step-by-step process to send a resume that will improve your selection chances for the interview.

Searching for jobs can be tough and time-consuming; you need an impressive resume to stand out in the competition. The recruiter’s inbox receives hundreds of job applications with resumes everyday and your resume needs to be different from the crowd to get noticed.

A resume needs to be in proper order and structure if you want hiring managers to notice your application. Learn how to create a resume, which improves chances of revert positively.

Steps to Send Resume to HR

Subject Line

The subject line is the crucial step for sending resumes to hiring managers. It is the first thing visible in the inbox of HR; it should be short, relevant, and effective in conveying the message. The subject line should encourage people to open the email, read the job application, and download the resume.

Smartphones own the majority of the market share when it comes to checking and responding to emails. It is advisable to keep the subject line within sixty characters, readable on all digital devices.

You should include essential keywords as mentioned in the job description by the hiring company. The HR generally fixes filters to segregate resumes as per job role. It helps them to review applications easily, category wise.

Search for keywords and write a subject with only major words and minimal punctuation, filler words, and avoid errors.

In case of reference, write the referrer name at the beginning of the subject line, followed by name, education, and job role.

Mail Body

In the body of the mail, start with greetings to the hiring manager. Address the HR by name if mentioned in the job description. If not mentioned, you can use the traditional method of addressing “Hello”, “Dear Sir/Madam etc.”

Follow the below-given steps to write an impressive and professional email body.

Decide recipients to whom the resume will be sent to the company as mentioned in the job description. Generally, HR mention details of “To” and “CC” in the job description mail. Just follow their instructions and write the recipient’s name in the mail address bar.

It is always better to know the recipient. Search about him/her on social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and others.

Look for professional and educational information about HR and look for any common aspect to connect. Build a rapport; this will help in considering the resume and call for the interview.

You need to give a brief introduction about yourself. Provide name, contact details, source of information about the job role applied for. HR will get a basic idea about your candidature and decide whether to open the resume or skip it.

Write in a formal language. Be professional and to the point.

If HR finds the information useful, they will revert you with the further process for the interview, work sample, etc., as per job role requirements.

An example of email body

Hi Rakesh,

I came across the posting for your branch manager vacancy on; it seems like a suitable job role for me. Kindly go through my attached resume and consider for the interview.

Please let me know if some additional information is required to send to you and your team.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Jaya Prakash

Mobile Number/Email Address


After the subject line and mail body, it is time to attach the resume, preferably in PDF format and hit the send button. The email body should encourage people to read more about you through the resume. These are three essential steps to understand how to create a resume. Apply them for an impressive email for job application.

Tips for sending resume to HR

Professionalism in content

You are sending a resume for the job; you should be professional in the email’s tone, content, and structure. Focus on professional language in the subject line, email body, testimonial (if any), and even email address.

Email addresses speak a lot about the person. Please keep it simple and decent such as, and don’t write unprofessional email addresses such as

Review and rectify

A thorough review is a vital step for any official and important communication. Use online grammar checker tools for a perfect copy with a resume for HR. If there are any punctuation, grammar and any other mistakes, rectify them.

Some of the leading grammar checker software provides suggestions and advanced formatting options. Read and apply if you find them relevant as per the email.

After grammar check and sentence structure review, check sources of information if you share any data, facts, and figures. Authenticate your facts before sending them to HR.

Include all the relevant information

This is a very important instruction to understand how to create a resume. Treat the email as the chance to impress a future employer. Include every relevant detail such as professional experience, educational qualifications, skills, hobbies, and contact details.

Short and concise

The subject line and email body should be short and effective. The employer is not interested in reading your story; they want specific information relevant to the job vacancy, so stick to the point. Never deviate from the main point.

Search keywords in the job description and write in the subject line. Maintain relevance in writing job roles applied for.

For example

If the company wants a resume for a digital marketing executive, you must write the exact job title, don’t try to change it as per your convenience, such as digital marketing manager or digital marketing expert etc.


A resume is an important document for starting a professional life, and it should be made with proper professionalism, good, and correct language. Given its importance for the career, when you send it to the HR, maintain professionalism in the subject line and email body. Write in proper structure and send it to the HR for an impressive introduction before the future employer.