Make Your Resume Outshine Other Resumes By Adding Interpersonal Skills.

The list of interpersonal skills for a resume is huge. But what are the Interpersonal Skills For Resume? While having all the technical skills is very important in order to get the job position that you are filling in for, the soft skills also add to the value of your application. 

In fact, there are numerous courses available online which will teach you to prioritise and improve your soft skills.

Most of the time, aspirants with amazing soft skills but less to negligible experience in their field get hired as compared to the aspirants who have amazing academic scores and experience. 

Thus, while it is amazing to have brilliant scores in academics and proper knowledge on your job post, having and at the same time knowing soft skills like interpersonal skills will act as a “cherry on the cake”, which increases your chance to get hired.

If you are working on your resume these days and wonder what other things you can add except your academic qualifications and hard skills, this article is the right fit for you. Here, you will learn about the interpersonal skills used in professional life and what interpersonal skills you can add to your resume. 

What Is Interpersonal Skill In Professional Life?

In layman’s terms, you need to have proper interpersonal skills to interact, acknowledge and work alongside the other employees in an organisation. Communication is not just about speaking and listening. 

When you give your full attention to a conversation, understand every word that the other person is saying, be able to comprehend and come up with an appropriate reply, only then communication can be said is done effectively. 

Both verbal and non-verbal communication are a part of interpersonal communication skills. Verbal communication includes speaking and being able to put your words in a way that people can pay attention to and understand properly. Non-verbal skills consist of everything else other than speaking. It includes your body language while you speak, movement of the eyes, attitude etc. 

People with good interpersonal skills often get appreciated by their other co-workers with “you are good with people”. Being able to understand what the other person is saying is indeed a talent that is everyone should have.

What Are The Type Of Skills That Are Included In A Resume:

A resume acts as a golden ticket to the job that you have always dreamt of. So you should always take your time in building your resume. You must give equal importance to two types of skills in your resume: technical skills and soft skills. If you know how to properly fill in your respective skills in your resume, no one can stop you from getting the job.

While preparing your own resume, you might believe that you should highlight all your accomplishments and your technical skills and give less importance to your soft skills. Discard this belief system because it is a big “no”. Instead, give equal importance to your skill of teamwork as your skill of Adobe Photoshop. 

In most companies, the astounding fact is that employees are hired based on what soft skills or interpersonal skills they have added to their resumes. More than the actual required technical skill, hiring managers go through the aspiring employee’s soft skills. Here is the basic difference between technical and interpersonal skills.

Technical SkillsInterpersonal Skills
Intelligence quotient (IQ).Abide by the rules.The knowledge is acquired in schools and colleges.Technical skills are easy to measure.High level of importance and focus on technical skills.Emotional quotient (EQ).The rules can be broken as and when required.Life teaches you interpersonal skills.Interpersonal skills are harder to measure.Less amount of focus but equal importance.

List Of Interpersonal Skills For Resume:

Find the skill of your match from the list below:

  • Being able to communicate effectively.
  • Empathetic.
  • Teamwork (collaborating and working alongside other employees).
  • Being diplomatic.
  • Being an inspiration for others.
  • Flexibility.
  • Being able to be relaxed in stressful situations.
  • Problem-solving capability.
  • Being able to listen and comfort others.
  • Self-confident.
  • Patient.
  • Being able to socialise and network.

How To Bring Improvement To Your Interpersonal Skills?

Once you are aware of the things you need to work on, it is time to improve those interpersonal skills. Here is how you can do it:

  • Keep your behaviour in check and assess yourself if your behaviour can hurt others. 
  • Exercise active listening, not only with your co-workers but also with the people in your personal life.
  • Socialise properly with your co-workers.
  • Work on your leadership skills and presentation skills as well.
  • Lastly, be confident and approachable. 


Build your resume in a way that you will be impressed with yourself. You should always keep testing and assessing yourself in a way that others perceive you.