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Are you ready to invest your time in learning OOPs, Java, HTML, Python, JavaScript, Android, Software Patterns, MySQL in Tamil - 125+ Hrs Videos in Single Bundle of 490Rs. Features: Lifetime Access, One-Time Payment, Watch on Mobile, Laptop & TV & Certificate of Completion From Udemy

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This course is a combination of many languages including Object-oriented Programming language, Selenium, HTML, JavaScript, Android application development, Java, Software Design Patterns, C, C++, Python, and database management. The course is in the form of a bundle and once paid for you will gain access to all these programming languages and concepts in the form of video tutorials that lasts for nearly 110 hours. Plans are being made for adding some more programming languages like Php under this bundle. Learning all these languages and concepts under a single subscription in Tamil is beneficial. Learning these concepts and languages will allow you to work in any field of software and development. With the heavy competition and recession, it is necessary to learn as much as possible to keep up with the competition and gain promotion. Let us view these courses in detail.  

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Ok fine, Let’s proceed with our original content which is the benefits of our course bundle. (12 Courses in 1 )

Who can learn our Course Bundle courses?

This course bundle is suitable for all basic and intermediate level learners. 

Basic level learners – Most of the people are not well equipped to have the facility of learning these programming languages and concepts in their college. So if you have never learned any of these programming languages then choosing this course will be a perfect opportunity for you to understand the entire concept of programming languages. The course is available in Tamil so you can learn this course even if you are not well versed in English. 

Intermediate level learners – While most people have not been exposed to these programming languages during their high-level education some people might have learned about these programming languages but not have understood them completely. So by subscribing to this course you can get a complete refreshment of these programming languages and understand them in such a way that you can apply them practically rather than learning them theoretically. 

What kind of materials are included?

Free Lectures: You can watch those lectures for free on Programming Line YouTube channel itself. For every course, I have made the basic lectures free. You can watch those videos and if you need to enhance your knowledge with intermediate and advanced lectures then you can buy the course.

Paid Lectures: They can be accessed only if you buy the course. I have hosted the courses on various platforms like Udemy, LearnMall, Skillshare, etc. In the future, I will upload the same courses on the other platforms too. You have the complete choice to choose the platform. You research by yourslef regarding the best platform and then you can buy the course on that platform. I will provide all the course links of various platforms.
NOTE: Free lectures are included in the Paid course too.

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Benefits of this course

This course will allow you to understand the concept of programming languages and designing software right from the basics. This, in turn, will increase your experience in a programming language. Learning this course as a bundle will allow you to understand the concept completely which will be embedded in your brain forever. Learning each and every single language separately will lead to certain disadvantages like missing the link between these languages and forgetting certain concepts in the future when you are up to learning something new. This course is also designed in such a way that the user will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge of the concept. Moreover, the entire course is designed in the Tamil language which allows you to learn everything without facing any difficulty.


How is this course structured?

This entire course is structured in such a way that anyone can subscribe and learn the concept of the software and programming languages despite their level of knowledge in programming languages. Every single topic is explained in detail right from the basic to the highest level. So when a person completes the course they will be qualified enough to write coding on their own and can create various applications and software without any guidance. 

Who is the target audience?

This course is applicable for all types of people including the housewives who are looking forward to spending their free time useful. Also, people who are looking forward to scoring a job in the software industry and who are also looking for promotion in their office as a developer can also subscribe for this course to understand them. Even the college students who are facing difficulty in understanding the concept can apply for this course and understand them completely before their campus placements take place.

Who this course is for?

This course is suitable for all basic and intermediate level learners. It does not matter if you have no knowledge of programming. The course is in Tamil so anyone can learn this course even if their spoken English skills are poor. This course is mainly suitable for people who are looking forward to gaining a job in the software industry or start their own company as a freelancer. So stop thinking and subscribe for this course immediately to avail them as a bundle and learn them effectively through practical applications. 

Object-oriented programming language otherwise popularly called as OOPs denotes the objects present in the programming languages and their functions. OOPs is used for binding the data and functions that operate on them. The binding is done in such a way that only the functions have the ability to call up these data and no one else. The concept of OOPs is widely used for passing messages between objects, using abstract data, and also for maintaining the existing codes. The concept is used in multiple programming languages for enhancing the functions of the objects in the coding. Learning this concept will allow you to work as a developer and also make you qualified for handling several programming languages because learning any programming language is incomplete without learning the concept of OOPs. 

This course offers you nearly 1 hour of video tutorials in Tamil language explaining the basic history and the basic concepts of OOPs like class and object during the initial basic level videos. These basic concepts are followed by other concepts of OOPs like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction. Learning these concepts in detail will allow you to understand the concept behind coding. 

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Though the concept of C language was introduced before a decade the language is still existing among us due to its ability to be flexible and faster execution rate. It is continuously used because it is easy to learn and execute. Mastering this programming language will allow you to understand the other programming languages easily. The concept of c language is widely used in Web server applications like MySQL and other software like Python, MATLAB, PHP, etc….

So learning this programming language will allow you to work with most of the other programming languages and hence you can easily score a job as a software developer or software tester. You can also gain a job as a website server manager and designer.  Understanding C language from the basics on a deeper level will allow you to under the concepts of other languages easily except for changing certain syntax and tags. 

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C++ is also a programming language similar to C language. It is nothing but an extended form of C language. C++ is a modified version of C language with classes. It is much more efficient than C language and used widely for gaming designs, CPU programming, and controlling hardware. The course explains about classes and the coding of C++ programming language. Learning C++ language will allow you to work in both the software and the hardware department of computer and website programming. Learning C++ allows you to work on hard coding and high-level applications that are difficult to maintain. C++ increases the efficiency of the programs and also allows for faster execution when compared to java. 
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  • It’s in-progress.
Java is one of the famous and most commonly used programming languages in the field of software. Java uses the concept of class and objects encoding process and hence it is necessary to have knowledge on object-oriented programming language while studying Java. Java codes once compiled can be processed on any of the systems that support Java. To prevent the process of recompilation. Make the concept possible each and every single Java code is being converted into byte code that can be processed by any Java Virtual Machine. This Java Virtual Machine is present in the underlying architecture of the systems. The java is widely used in desktop GUI (Graphical user interface), mobile applications especially in the construction of various Android applications, website applications, and other enterprise based applications. Learning Java would be beneficial for you to enter the field of software as a developer and tester since most of the jobs in the software industry depend upon Java coding. Learning Java will also make you available for other job opportunities like web developer, Java developer, database administrator, and application developer in various platforms like windows and android. 
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Python is basically a supporting language that is used by most of the developers for constructing web applications and also for maintaining control, testing, and managing other programs. This is a simple and easy language that can be learned easily with proper guidance. Once learned they can be used along with other programming languages to create graphical user interface-based applications, software applications, web applications, gaming applications, and finally other types of scientific and numerical applications. This course provides 7 hours long video tutorials that teach you about the basics of the Python software and also the basic coding involved. Learning the software will allow you to work in most of the software related fields as a developer. The course is in Tamil and anyone can learn this program. 

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 Android is one of the basic operating systems that is widely used in most of the mobile phones except for apple.  Android is a popular operating system that was created by making certain modifications to the Linux operating system. Android is an operating system but it also supports various other applications that can be installed and used in Android. These Android-based applications are normally developed using an Android developer program. The coding for these programs is available in the form of Java programming language but most of the codings are already completed with only minute changes that can be made by the user depending upon their requirements. 

This course provides a detailed description of the fundamental basics of Android and also its basic structure and history. Along with that this course also provides a detailed video tutorial of 25 hours but clearly describes how to develop an Android occasion program from scratch using the Android development software. Attending this course will allow you to work as an application developer and android manager in multiple mobile companies and learning about Android will also allow you to repair software related problems occurring in mobiles.

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Database management is an essential requirement these days and it essential for managing the data either on the users’ computer or on the server. They are mainly used to retrieve the data from the server and perform various operations on the data by using certain selection criteria. The operations are performed by using MySQL language.  The course provides a detailed description of database management systems and various types of database management techniques along with various MySQL commands that can be used for retrieving and performing operations on the data. The entire concepts of the database management systems are available in the form of 5-9 hours of video tutorials. 

Learning about database management systems will allow you to understand how to operate and design your programming languages effectively, use the data efficiently, maintaining data security, and also to use user-friendly query language. Learning DBMS will allow you to work in most of the software companies and this is also used in back end development. The concept of DBMS is widely used in server-side management. Learning DBMS along with other courses will allow you to understand their functioning better as they are interlinked with each other.

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Selenium is one of the most popular automation tools that is widely used in web-based applications. This is an open-source tool and can carry out multiple function tests without any knowledge of the test scripting language. Selenium is available as a common coding language called Selenes which can be used to write codes in various programming languages like C, C++, java, etc..Since it is an open-source it can be used on every platform like Linux, Windows, all types of web browsers and Mac OS. The course provides a detailed video tutorial of 15 hours about selenium and its components. This automation tool is widely used in various types of testing. This course provides a detailed description of various types of testing and how to perform them successfully. Learning this course will allow you to work as a software tester and developer in most of the software-based companies. 

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Hypertext markup language or HTML is a programming language that is widely used to create and develop web pages. The HTML is widely used along with other programming languages like CSS and JavaScript to develop a perfect interactive web page. The HTML is a simple programming language that is widely used in front end development. HTML also allows other programming languages like JavaScript to be embedded within them to create an interactive web page. Along with web page designing HTML is also popularly used for designing online gaming websites, creates proper internet navigation, and various other functions that provide a proper security layer for the web page. 

This course offers nearly 15 hours of video tutorial on HTML that provides a clear description of the basic and coding concepts of HTML. At the end of the video tutorial, the user will be able to create their own web page using the HTML coding they have learned. Learning the HTML course will allow you to gain a job as a website developer or a game developer. The requirement for websites has been increasing in the past decade and this course will provide more job opportunities than ever. 

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JavaScript basic programming language that is combined along with HTML and CSS language to create a web page. HTML is responsible for creating a web page with the basic structure CSS takes care of the design of the webpage. The web pages have evolved more than the previous ones when the internet was first discovered and now people are expecting to have an interactive web page that refreshes the data and content every few minutes without having to do it manually. Using JavaScript along with HTML will allow you to make the web pages interactive. The requirement for JavaScript programming language has increased a lot during the past few years. Nearly 90 percent of the job placements are looking for people with JavaScript knowledge for the post of a software developer. 

There are multiple job opportunities for people who have learned JavaScript, especially as a website developer, game developer, and website management team. The JavaScript concepts also used in the gaming Technology for creating games that are interactive with the users rather than the old age one-sided games. Scores of nearly 15 hours of video tutorials that provide a detailed explanation on Javascript with history and also about the concepts of JavaScript. The tutorial also includes explanations on the placements of JavaScript within and outside the HTML.  Completing this course along with HTML will allow you to create a perfect website that is unique and custom made and suits the requirement of your customers.

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While designing software or a program running software there might be certain complications that rise up during coding. In order to solve these complications that occur generally during software and program designing these software design patterns are created and used all the time. This course provides you with 2-3 hours of video tutorials and the course allows you to understand the concept of programming and design them in such a way that no complications arise during the testing process. The object-oriented designs are used for relating objects and classes. The concept of Designing is nothing but a basic structured approach followed for performing computer programming.  

Learning this course will allow you to design and develop the programming codes efficiently with fewer errors. Designing templates for every common problem that arises will reduce the future occurrence of these problems. These templates can be used again and again for designing the programs and making mild modifications depending upon the requirements. With the help of this course, one can easily gain a job as a software developer in any company and it will also increase your software developing skills. 

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Why purchase as a bundle?

Purchasing this course as a bundle will be much more beneficial because every program is interlinked with each other and learning them together will be useful and effective rather than learning them separately. For example, learning about JavaScript and HTML together will allow you to understand the concept of designing a web page rather than learning one of them and feeling incomplete. Purchasing this bundle as a whole will allow you to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of software technology and you can work in most of the firms either as a developer. Purchasing this course as a bundle will allow you to save a lot of money and learn everything at the same time. 

If you don't have money to buy the advanced paid courses, you can watch them for free on Skillshare for 2 months.

Course Price & Buy Links

I recommend you to buy the “Complete Course Bundle in Tamil” because it has various courses in a single bundle (OOPs, C, C++, Java, Python, Android, Software Design Patterns, MySQL, Selenium, JavaScript and HTML) for 490Rs. 
If you need only one course instead of the bundle that too possible. Please check the below table for the detailed information


It is one time payment for the courses mentioned in the above table if you buy from the following platforms like Udemy and  LearnMall. If you prefer to watch our course videos on  Subscription based platforms like SkillShare where you need pay subscription fee every month/year to access the premium course videos.

NOTE: I will start new courses like Ethical Hacking, Digital Marketing, and etc. which might not be part of this bundle also.

If I have missed any videos in the course bundle I will try take it but I won’t assure you with new videos.

Programming Line won’t give any certificate whereas if you have purchased the Complete Course Bundle in Tamil on Udemy. Udemy gives the course completion certificate only if you complete the full course. Udemy won’t give individual certificate for each sub courses like Android, Java. It gives you only one course completion certificate for the entire course bundle.