25 Software Courses in 1 Bundle in Tamil

Learn Oops, C, C++, Java, Python, Software Design Patterns, Html, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Django, Selenium, MySql, Kotlin, Unity, Android, React.js, Node.js, Ruby, Rail, PHP, Mongo DB, React Native, Quants, English Grammar in Tamil

We have created these 25 Courses in 1 Bundle to make the learning process simpler and with less cost. The courses covered under this Mega bundle are Learn Oops, C, C++, Java, Python, Software Design Patterns, Html, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Django, Selenium, MySql, Kotlin, Unity, Android, React.js, Node.js, Ruby, Rail, PHP, Mongo DB, React Native, Quants and English Grammar.

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Course Contents

Class & Object
Class and Object Program in Java
Inheritance in OOPs
Abstraction in OOPs
Encapsulation in OOPs
Polymorphism in OOPs
What is a programming paradigm?
Imperative Programming Paradigm
Declarative Programming Paradigm
Structured Programming Paradigm
Structured vs Unstructured Programming Paradigm
Why C language is called a Structured Programming language?
What is C Language?
How To Install Sublime & GCC?
How To Install Turbo C++?
Hello World Program in C
C Sample Program
C Tokens
C Data Types
C Data Types Sample Program
C int DataType Sample Program
C Formatted & Unformatted IO Functions
C Escape Sequences
C Escape Sequences Another Sample Program
C Format Specifiers
C Variables
C Variable Naming Rules
C Variable Program
C Variable Program – 2
C Global Variable Program
C Static Variable Program
C Local Variable Program
C Keywords
C Constants Basics
C Integer Constants
C Real Constants
C Character Constants
C Backslash Constants
C Constants Program
C Constants & Delimeters
C Operators Basics
C Arithmetic Operators
C Arithmetic Operators Sample Program
C Relational Operators
C Relational Operators Another Example Program
C Logical Operators
C Logical Operators Another Example Program
C Bitwise Operators
C Bitwise Operator Another Example Program
C Assignment Operators – 1
C Assignment Operators – 2
C Assignment Operators Another Example Program
C Misc Operators
C Unary Operators
C Ternary Operators
C Special Operators
Addition Program in C
C Conditional Statements Basics
C if Statement
C if else Statement
C if else if Statement
C Nested if Statement
C Conditional Program
C Conditional Program
C Switch Rules Tutorial
C Switch Program
C Nested Switch Basics
C Nested Switch Program
C Switch Another Example Program
C break statement
Even Or Odd Number Program
Armstrong Number Program
Fibonacci Program
Sum of N Numbers
Palindrome Program
Celsius To Farenhiet
Loop Concepts With Program
C Array Basics Tutorial
C Array Basics
How To Declare Array in C?
How To Initialize Array in C?
C Single Array Program
What is Multi-Dimensional Array in C?
How To Initialize Multi-Dimensional Array in C?
2D Array Program
2D Array Program [Other Program]
3D Array
C Pointers Basic Program
C Pointers Expression Program
Introduction To C Pointers Array
C Pointers Selection Sort
C Pointers Multi Dimensional Array Program
What is Function in C? | Function Declaration | Function Definition
C Function Prototypes
Call By Value & Call By Reference Program
How to pass arrays as functions?
Introduction To C String
C String Manipulation Program
C Math Library
C Type Library
C Recursion Program
Linear Search Theory
Linear Search Implementation in C
Binary Search Theory
Binary Search Implementation in C
Enum Theory & Program in C
C Storage Class Use | Auto | Register
C Storage Class | Static | Extern
What is Structure? | Syntax | Rules | Usage | Rules
Difference Between Union & Structure?
C Structure Pointers Example
How is memory optimized using bits?
What is typeDef in C?
How to create custom header file and include it?
How to type cast in C?
Single Macro | Macro Functions | Use of Macros
How to handle File read and write operations in C?
What is C++?
Why To Use C++?
C++ Uses
C++ History
C VS C++
C++ Features
C++ Variables
C++ Input & Output
C++ Operators Basics
C++ Conditional Operators
C++ Arithmetic Operators
C++ Unary Operators
C++ Assignment Operators
C++ Relational Operators
C++ Logical Operators
C++ If Statements
C++ If Else Statements
C++ If Else If Ladder
C++ Switch Statement
C++ while and do while loop
C++ for loop
C++ break statement
C++ String
C++ Function Tutorial
C++ Function Recursion
C++ Arrays
C++ Pointers
C++ Class & Object Introduction
How To Implement Class in C++?
Constructors Theory Part – 1
Constructors Theory Part – 2
Constructors Implementation
Destructors Theory Part – 1
Destructors Theory Part – 2
Destructors Implementation
Access Specifiers & Uses
this Operator Theory & Program
Introduction To Inheritance
Inheritance & its Types
Inheritance Implementation
Multiple Inheritance
Final Keyword Theory
Final Keyword Implementation
static keyword introduction
static Implementation
Introduction To Function Overloading
Function Overloading Implementation
Introduction To Operator Overloading
Operator Overloading Implementation
Operator Overloading Implementation Part – 2
Introduction To Inline Function
Inline Function Implementation
String Operators Part – 1
String Operators Part – 2
String Operators Implementation
String Operators Implementation Part – 2
Introduction To Java in Tamil
What is Java? [Class – 2]
Java History [Class – 3]
How Java got its name? [Class – 4]
Where is Java used? [Class – 5]
Java Application Types | Java Applications in Real World [Class – 6]
Java Features | Java Features with Examples [Class -7]
How Java works internally? [Class – 8]
Why is Java platform independent? [Class – 9]
JVM vs JRE vs JDK [Class – 10]
Java OOPs concepts [Class – 11]
Java Class vs Object [Class – 12]
Java Class Structure [Class – 13]
Structure of Java program | Anatomy of Java class [Class – 14]
Java Runtime Class [Class – 15]
Java Runtime Operations [Class – 16]
How to create Java project in NetBeans? [Class – 17]
Java Naming Conventions [Class – 18]
What is Variable in Java? [Class – 19]
How to declare variable in Java | Java Variable Declaration [Class – 20]
Java Variable Naming Convention | Java Variable Naming Rules [Class – 21]
Java Memory Creation and Allocation [Class – 22]
Hello World Java Program [Class – 23]
Java Primitive Data Types [Class – 24]
Java byte DataType Program [Class – 25]
Java Operators Full (Java Course)
What are Java Operators? [Class – 27]
Java Logical Operators [Class – 28]
Java Arithmetic Operators [Class – 29]
Java Relational Operators [Class – 30]
Java Logical And Operator [Class – 31]
Java Logical Or Operator [Class – 32]
Java Conditional Statement Basics (Java Course)
Java if statement (Java Course)
Java if else statement [Class – 35]
Java if else if statement [Class – 36]
Java nested if statement [Class – 37]
Java Ternary Operator [Class – 38]
Java Switch Statement [Class – 39]
Java Break Statement [Class – 40]
Java comments [Class – 41]
Java Constructors [Class – 42]
What are Java Keywords? [Class – 43]
Java Loop Control Statements (Java Course)
What are Loop Control Statements? (Java Course)
Java for Loop [Class – 46]
Java while Loop [Class – 47]
Java do while Loop [Class – 48]
Java Operators with Examples in Telugu (Java Course)
How To Write A Sample Program In Java? ( Java Course)
Java import Statements [Class – 51]
Java Pass by Reference or Pass by Value [Class – 52]
Java Reference Variable | Java Object Creation [Class – 53]
Java Garbage collection [Class – 54]
Java Garbage Collection Sample Program [Class – 55]
Java Encapsulation [Class – 56]
How To Execute Java Program In Terminal? (Java Course)
Java Inheritance concepts [Class – 58]
Java Single Inheritance [Class – 59]
Java Multilevel Inheritance [Class – 60]
Java Hierarchical Inheritance [Class – 61]
Why Java doesn’t support Multiple Inheritance? [Class – 62]
Java Method Overloading [Class – 63]
Java Access Modifiers [Class – 64]
Java Method Overriding [Class – 65]
Abstract class in Java [Class – 66]
Java Interface [Class – 67]
Java Object class [Class – 68]
Java static keyword | Java static methods [Class – 69]
What is String in Java? [Class – 70]
Java String Literal VS String Object [Class – 71]
Java String Program [Class – 72]
What is Regex in Java? [Class – 73]
Java Regex Pattern Class [Class – 74]
Java Program To Check Whether A Character is Alphabet Or Not [Class – 75]
Java Program To Check Whether Year Is Leap Or Not [Class – 76]
Java Program To Check Whether A Number Is Armstrong or Not [Class – 77]
Java Program To Check Whether A Number is Prime Or Not [Class – 78]
Java Program To Convert Inch To Cms [Class – 79]
Java program to check whether a number is ODD or EVEN [Class – 80]
Factorial Program in Java [Class – 81]
Linear Search Program in Java [Class – 82]
Java Variable Arguments [Class – 83]
Java Final Keyword [Class – 84]
Java Enum Keyword [Class – 85]
Java instanceof Operator [Class – 86]
Java Marker Interface [Class – 87]
Unicode in Java [Class – 88]
Java Unicode Program [Class – 89]
Java Exception Handling in Telugu | జావా (Java in Telugu)
What is Java Exception? [Class – 91]
Java Exception methods [Class – 92]
try catch block in Java [Class – 93]
Multiple catch block in Java [Class – 94]
finally block in Java [Class – 95]
What is Java Collections? [Class – 96]
Java Collections Framework Benefits [Class – 97]
Java Collections Framework Hierarchy [Class – 98]
Java Collections Interface Methods [Class – 99]
Java Iterator Interface [Class – 100]
What is List Abstract Data Type? [Class – 101]
List Interface in Java [Class – 102]
Java List Interface Methods [Class – 103]
What is ArrayList in Java? [Class – 104]
Java ArrayList Constructors [Class – 105]
Java ArrayList Program [Class – 106]
When to use ArrayList in Java? [Class – 107]
What is LinkedList in Java? [Class – 108]
Java LinkedList Constructors [Class – 109]
Java LinkedList Features [Class – 110]
Java LinkedList Methods [Class – 111]
When to use LinkedList in Java? [Class – 112]
Java LinkedList Program [Class – 113]
ArrayList VS LinkedList in Java [Class – 114]
ArrayList VS LinkedList in Java [Class – 114]
Java Set Interface Methods [Class – 116]
What is HashSet in Java? [Class – 117]
Java HashSet Program [Class – 118]
Java HashSet Constructors [Class – 119]
What is LinkedHashSet in Java [Class – 120]
Java LinkedHashSet constructors [Class – 121]
Java LinkedHashSet capacity and load factor [Class – 122]
LinkedHashSet Program in Java [Class – 123]
What is TreeSet in Java? [Class – 124]
Java TreeSet Constructors [Class – 125]
Java TreeSet Program [Class – 126]
Compare HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet [Class – 127]
What is Map in Java? [Class – 128]
What is Map Interface in Java? [Class – 129]
Map Interface methods in Java [Class – 130]
What is Java HashMap [Class – 131]
Java HashMap Constructors [Class – 132]
Java HashMap Program in Java [Class – 133]
What is LinkedHashMap in Java? [Class – 134]
Java LinkedHashMap Program [Class – 135]
What is TreeMap in Java? [Class – 136]
TreeMap Java program [Class – 137]
HashMap vs LinkedHashMap vs TreeMap in Java [Class – 138]
What is HashTable in Java? [Class – 139]
HashMap vs HashTable in Java [Class – 140]
Stack in Java [Class – 141]
Priority Queue in Java [Class – 142]
Vector in Java [Class – 143]
Java Multithreading Tutorial in Telugu | జావా (All concepts in Single Video)
What is Multitasking? [Class – 145]
What is Multithreading in Java? [Class – 146]
Java Thread Methods [Class – 147]
Java Thread Life Cycle | Thread Life Cycle in Java [Class – 148]
Multitasking Method [Class – 149]
How to create a thread in Java? [Class – 150]
Java Method Synchronization [Class – 151]
Java Threadgroup [Class – 152]
Java Deadlock [Class – 153]
Java Thread Join Method [Class – 154]
Java Thread Sleep [Class – 155]
Java IO Introduction [Class – 156]
Java FileOutputStream [Class – 157]
Java FileInputStream [Class – 158]
Java BufferedOutputStream [Class – 159]
Java BufferedInputStream [Class – 160]
Java SequenceInputStream [Class – 161]
Java FileWriter [Class – 162]
Java DataStream [Class – 163]
Java ByteArrayOutputStream [Class – 164]
Java InputStream vs Reader [Class – 165]
Java FileReader vs FileInputStream [Class – 166]
Java FileReader [Class – 167]
Java BufferedWriter [Class – 168]
Java Socket Programming [Class – 169]
Java Chat Application [Class – 170]
Java Object Class Importance & Uses
How to convert String to Integer/int?
How to convert int/Integer to String?
Java LocalDate Class
Java LocalTime Class
Java LocalDateTime Class
Java Date Class
Java Calendar Class
Java TimeZone Handling
How to install MySQL?
What is JDBC?
Java – JDBC Driver Diagram
Why should we use JDBC?
Java Database Connection Steps Theory
Java Database Connection Steps Sample Program
How to create Database via Java Code?
How to create Table via Java Code?
How to insert values into table via Java Code?
How to drop table via Java Code?
How to update table records via Java Code?
How to delete record via Java Code?
Introduction To Java Reflection
Java Class Methods Uses For Reflection
How To Create A Class Instance Using Java Relection?
How To Access Class Private Members?
Java Generic Method Program
Java Generic Bound Function Program
Java Generic Class
Introduction To Java Serialization
How To Serialize Object in Java?
How To De-Serialize Object in Java?
What is Python?
Python Environment
Python IDE for Windows
Python Hello World Program
Python DataTypes
Python Comments
Python If Else
Python If Else Program
Python for loop
Python for loop program
Python for increment program
Python String
Python String Program
Python List Theory
Python List Program
Python Tuples Theory
Python Tuples Program
Python Dictionary Theory
Python Dictionary Program
Python Set Theory
Python Set Program
Python Comparison
Python Functions Theory
Python Functions Program
Python Exception Theory
Python Exception Program
Python Custom Exceptions
Python Import
Python Class Basics
Python Constructors
Python Static Method
What is inheritance in Python?
Python Inheritance Program Part -1
Python Inheritance Program Part – 2
How to access private members in Python?
Python File Operations
Python File Operation Program Part – 1
Python File Operation Program Part – 2
Python Database Theory
Python Database Practical Part – 1
Python SQLite Database Practical Part – 2
Python SQLite Database Practical Part – 3
Python Abstract Class
Python Abstract Class Program
Python MySQL Database Practical
Python Date & Time
Python Regex Theory
Python Regex Practical Program
Python Iterator
Python Decorator
Python Decorator Program
Python Map & Zip Theory
Python Map & Zip Program
Python Job Opportunities
What are Software Design Patterns?
What are Creational Design Patterns?
Model View Controller (MVC)
What is Singleton Design Pattern?
Singleton Design Pattern Implementation in Java
What is Factory Design Pattern?
Factory Design Pattern implementation in Java
What is Abstract Factory Design Pattern?
Abstract Factory Design Pattern Java program
What is Prototype Design Pattern?
Prototype Design Pattern Program in Java
What is Object Pool Design Pattern?
What is Builder Design Pattern?
What is Adapter Design Pattern?
Adapter Design Pattern Java program
Bridge Design Pattern real-time examples
Bridge Design Pattern Java Implementation
What is Composite Design Pattern?
Composite Design Pattern Java Implementation
Decorator Design Pattern
Decorator Design Pattern Java Program
Facade Design Pattern
Facade Design Pattern in Java
Flyweight Design Pattern [Class – 24]
Flyweight Design Pattern in Java
Proxy Design Pattern
Proxy Design Pattern in Java
Visitor Design Pattern
Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
Iterator Design Pattern
Mediator Design Pattern in Java
Memento Design Pattern
Null Object Design Pattern
Observer Design Pattern
State Design Pattern
Strategy Design Pattern
Template Method Design Pattern
Introduction To HTML
HTML Development Tools
HTML Formatting Text Part-1
HTML Formatting Text Part-2
HTML Links
HTML File Paths
HTML Image Tag – Part 1
HTML Image Tag – Part 2
HTML Style & Color Tags
HTML Style & Color Tags Part – 2
HTML Marquee Tag
HTML Marquee Tag Attributes
HTML Div Tag Part 1
HTML Div Tag Part 2
HTML Span Tag
What Should We Learn In HTML?
HTML Overflow, Float, Inline & Block
HTML Overflow, Float, Inline & Block Part-2
HTML Meta Tag Part 1
HTML Meta Tag Part 2
HTML Audio Tag Part – 1
HTML Audio Tag Part – 2
HTML Audio Tag Part – 3
HTML Video Tag Part – 1
HTML Video Tag Part – 2
HTML Video Tag Part – 3
HTML Comment Tag Part – 1
HTML Comment Tag Part – 2
HTML Entity URL Encode Part-1
HTML Code Elements
HTML ID & Class Tutorial in Tamil Part-1
HTML ID & Class Tutorial in Tamil Part-2
HTML List in Tamil Part-1
HTML List – Ordered List in Tamil Part-2
HTML List – Unordered List in Tamil Part-3
HTML List – Ordered & Unordered List Part-4
HTML List – Description List Part-5
HTML Table Tag Tutorial
HTML Table Tag Part – 2 Tutorial
HTML Table Tag Part – 3 Tutorial
HTML Table Tag Part – 4 Tutorial
HTML Table Tag Part – 5 Tutorial
HTML Forms Basics Tutorial
HTML Forms Input Tag Tutorial
HTML Forms Part – 3 Tutorial
HTML Forms Part – 4 Tutorial
HTML Forms Part – 5 Tutorial
HTML Forms Part – 6 Tutorial
HTML Forms Part – 7 Tutorial
HTML Forms Part – 8 Tutorial
HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 1 Tutorial
HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 2 Tutorial
HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 3 Tutorial
HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 4 Tutorial
HTML Navigation Bar Part – 1 Tutorial
HTML Navigation Bar Part – 2 Tutorial
HTML Layout Part – 1 Tutorial
HTML Layout Part – 2 Tutorial
HTML Layout Part – 3 Tutorial
Introduction To CSS
CSS Selectors
CSS Combinator Selectors
CSS Pseudo Selectors
CSS Attribute Selectors
CSS Insertion Selectors
CSS Comments
CSS Colors
CSS Background
CSS Border
CSS Margin
CSS Padding
CSS Widght & Height
CSS Box Model
CSS Outline
CSS Text
CSS Font
CSS Font Size
CSS Links
CSS List
CSS List Menu
CSS Table
CSS Table – Part 2
CSS Display
CSS Visibility
CSS Max Width
CSS Position Part – 1
CSS Position Part – 2
CSS Zindex
CSS Login
CSS Overflow
CSS Float Part – 1
CSS Float Layout Part – 2
CSS Text Wrapping
CSS Box Sizing
CSS Opacity
CSS Align
CSS Shadow
CSS Multi Column
CSS Navigation
CSS Horizontal Navigation Bar
CSS Dropdown
CSS Counters
CSS Form Styling
CSS Layout Part – 1
CSS Layout Part – 2
CSS Gradient
CSS Texteffect
CSS Multi Background
CSS Advanced Background Part – 1
CSS Advanced Background Part – 2
CSS Bordering
CSS Tool Tip
CSS Flexbox
CSS Flexdesign
CSS Flex Item
CSS Grid Part – 1
CSS Grid Part – 2
Introduction to Java Script
JavaScript Syntax
JavaScript Placements
JavaScript Comments | JS Single Line Comment | JS Multi Line Comments
JavaScript Variables | JS Variable Rules
JavaScript DataTypes | JS Primitive & Non Primitive DataTypes
JavaScript Type Conversion | JS Implicit Explicit Type Conversion
JavaScript Operators Basics
JavaScript Arithmetic Operators
JavaScript Comparison Operators
JavaScript Assignment Operators
JavaScript Logical Operators
JavaScript Bitwise Operators
JavaScript Ternary Operator
JavaScript Interactions Basics
JavaScript Alert Box
JavaScript Confirm Box
JavaScript Prompt Box
JavaScript Conditional Statement Basics
JavaScript If Statement
JavaScript If else Statement
JavaScript Switch Statement
JavaScript Loop Basics
JavaScript For Loop
JavaScript While Loop
JavaScript Do While Loop
JavaScript Multiplication Program Using For Loop
JavaScript Loop Control Statemens
JavaScript Break Control Statement
JavaScript Continue Control Statement
JavaScript Object
JavaScript Object Part – 2
JavaScript Object Advanced Concepts Part – 3
JavaScript String
JavaScript String Methods
JavaScript Arrays Part – 1in Tamil
JavaScript Arrays Manipulation Methods Part – 2
JavaScript Arrays Manipulation Methods Part – 3
JavaScript Numbers Part – 1
JavaScript Numbers Part – 2
JavaScript Math Object & Functions
JavaScript Date Object & Functions
JavaScript Strict Mode
JavaScript Const and Let Keywords
JavaScript this Keyword
JavaScript Regular Expression
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Functions Parameters
JavaScript Functions Parameters
JavaScript Browser Object Model (BOM)
JavaScript History Object
JavaScript Windows Navigator
JavaScript Document Object Model
JavaScript Document Object Model Part-2
JavaScript Document Object Model Tag Part-3
JavaScript Doucment Object Model Methods Part-4
JavaScript DOM Property Inner HTML
JavaScript DOM Property Inner Text
JavaScript DOM Query Selector
JavaScript DOM Query Selector All
JavaScript DOM Manipulation Methods Part-1
JavaScript DOM Manipulation Methods Part-2
JavaScript DOM Manipulation Attributes Part-3
JavaScript Form Validation
JavaScript Email Validation
JavaScript Form Examples
JavaScript Form Validation
JavaScript Mouse Events
JavaScript Form Events
JavaScript Window Keyboard Events
JavaScript Event Listner
JavaScript Cookie Introduction
JavaScript Cookie Manipulation
JavaScript Cookies, Session, Local Storage
JavaScript Storage Methods
Introduction Part -1
Introduction Part -2
Address Audio Tag
Video Example
New Table
Table Example
Table Tag Example
Ruby Tag
S Tag
S Tag Time Tag
Progress Tag
Color Code Builder Part – 1
Color Code Builder Part – 2
Color Names
Font Reference
Colgroup Tag
Cite Tag
dfn Tag
nobr Tag
wbr Tag New
Embed Tag New
Noembed Tag
optgroup Tag
Meter Tag
Base Tag Part -1
Base Tag Part -2
Base Tag Part -3
Object Tag
Label Tag
Q Tag
BlockQuote Tag
Attributes Tag
Map Tag Part – 1
Map Tag Part – 2
Map Tag Part – 3
SVG Tag Part -1
SVG Tag Part -2
Outline Tag New
Syntax Part -1
Syntax Part -2
Syntax Part -3
MathMl Part -1
MathMl Part -2
Google Maps
Events Part -1
Events Part -2
Canvas Part -1
Canvas Part -2
Introduction To Django in Tamil [Class – 1]
How Web Application Works In Tamil [Class -3]
What is Request & Response in Tamil [Class – 4]
What is Status Code? in tamil [Class – 5]
What is Virtual Environment? in Tamil [Class – 7]
What is Model View Controller (MVC)? in Tamil [Class – 8]
Django Environment Setup in Tamil [Class – 9]
How To Create Django Project in Tamil [Class – 10]
How To Work With Created Django Project in Tamil [Class – 11]
Basic Set of Django Project in Tamil [Class – 12]
How To Create Model in Tamil [Class – 13]
How To Migrate in Tamil [Class – 14]
How To Use Django Shell in Tamil [Class – 15]
How To Use View in Django in Tamil [Class – 16]
App Routing in Django in Tamil [Class – 17]
Django Template Basics [Class – 18]
Django Template Engine [Class – 19]
Django Include [Class – 20]
Django for Loop [Class – 22]
Django if Condition [Class – 23]
Django DB Value [Class – 24]
Django Context Object [Class – 25]
Django CSRF Token [Class – 26]
Django Form Model [Class – 27]
How To Do Validation? [Class – 28]
Software Testing Basics
Selenium Basics
System Requirements For Selenium
Installation of Firefox And Add-ons for Selenium
How To Open A Website In Selenium?
Selenium WebDriver Methods
Locators In Selenium WebDriver
How To Test Text Box Using Selenium?
How To Test CheckBox Using Selenium?
How To Test Radio Button Using Selenium?
How To Test Drop Down Using Selenium?
How To Test Form Using Selenium?
Validation Program in Selenium WebDriver
How To Validate Alert Box and Confirm Box Using Selenium?
How To Validate Prompt Box and Message Alert Using Selenium?
How To Write XPATH In Selenium WebDriver?
Handling Mouseover & Screenshot in Selenium
Synchronization in Selenium WebDriver
Iframe in Selenium WebDriver
Robot API In Selenium WebDriver
Best Books For Learning Selenium
JXL in Selenium WebDriver
JUnit in Selenium WebDriver
JUnit in selenium Webdriver – Part B
JUnit in selenium Webdriver – Part 3
Introduction to TestNG Framework and Annotations
Embedding selenium Script in TestNG Framework
DataProvider in TestNG Framework
Creating and Writing Data Using Apache POI in Selenium Webdriver
Reading Data using Apache POI and Data-driven Test
TestNG Framework Parallel and Cross-Browser Testing
Group Testing Using TestNG Framework
What is Apache Ant?
Embedding Selenium Webdriver Script in Apache Ant
What is Apache Maven?
Embedding Selenium Webdriver Script in Apache Maven
What is Data?
What is Database?
What is DBMS?
Evolution of Database
What Are The Uses Of Database?
What is File System?
File Directories
File System VS DBMS
Characterstics of DBMS
Where Is DBMS Used?
Advantages & Disadvantages of DBMS
Components of DBMS
DBMS Types
Architecture of DBMS
Relational Data Model
Entity Relationship Diagram (ER Diagram)
DBMS Languages
What is MySQL?
MySQL Datatypes
How To Install MySQL in Windows?
How To Create Database in MySQL?
How To Alter Table, Rename Column and Modify Column in MySQL?
How to Truncate Tables in MySQL?
MySQL View in Detail
How To Insert Values in Table in MySQL?
MySQL Select
How To Update Values in Table in MySQL?
How To Delete Values in Table in MySQL?
WHERE Clause in MySQL
ORDER BY Clause in MySQL
GROUP BY Clause in MySQL
HAVING Clause in MySQL
LIKE Clause in MySQL
IN Condition in MySQL
NULL Condition in MySQL
BETWEEN Condition in MySQL
MySQL Date Data Type
Date & Time Data Type in MySQL
MySQL Joins
What is Normalization? | Normalization Types
First Normal Form in DBMS
First Normal Form in DBMS
Second Normal Form in DBMS
Third Normal Form in DBMS
Best Books For Learning DBMS
Best Books For Learning MySQL
How to connect MySQL with Java code?
JDBC Driver Types
How To Write Java Program To Connect With MySQL Database?
How To Execute SQL Queries in Java Code
Introduction To Game Development [Class – 1]
How do Game Engine Work? [Class – 2]
Unity Platform Explorer [Class – 3]
Coin Collector 2D Game Development Using Unity Part – 1
How To Add Coin To Screen [Class – 5]
How To Create Winning Statement?
How To Generate Multiple Coins?
How To Implement 2D Game For Mobile?
How To Create Character & Write Script?
How To Do Game Over?
How To Add Dust Particles To The Game?
How To Handle Player Collision?
How To Create Game Panel & Menu Navigation?
Introduction To Android
Android Versions
Android Internals
Android Architecture
Android Studio Download & Installation
Android Life Cycle
How To Use Button In Android
How To Use Edit Text In Android
How To Use Text View In Android
Moving To Next Activity In Android
How To Use CheckBox In Android
How To Use Radio Button In Android
How To Use Switch In Android
How To Use Toggle Button In Android
How To Use Floating Action Button In Android
Android Rating Bar Tutorial
Android Progress Bar Tutorial
Android SeekBar Tutorial
Android Spinner Tutorial
Android ListView Tutorial
Android WebView Tutorial
Android Recycler View Part-1 Tutorial
Android Recycler View Part-2 Tutorial
Android Alert Dialog Box Tutorial
Android Option Menu Tutorial
Android Context Menu Tutorial
Android Popup Menu Tutorial
Android BroadCast Receiver
Android Services
Android Aalrm Manager
Android SQLite Database Tutorial
Android SQLite Database with SQLiteOpenHelper Tutorial
Android Location Manager Tutorial
Android SMS App Tutorial Part – 1
Android SMS App Tutorial Part – 2
Android Call Intent Tutorial
Android Audio Manager Tutorial
Android Auto Complete Text Tutorial
Android Bluetooth Tutorial
Android Media Player App Tutorial
Android Clipboard Manager Tutorial
Android Bottom Navigation Tutorial
Android Navigation View Tutorial
Android Text Input Tutorial
Android Shared Preferences Tutorial
Android Text Switcher Tutorial
Android Image Switcher Tutorial
Android Adaptive View Filter Tutorial
Android Simple Notification Tutorial
Android Big Text Style Notification Tutorial
Android Picture Text Style Notification Tutorial
Android Inbox Style Notification Tutorial
Android Bottom Sheet Behaviour Tutorial
Android Snack Bar Tutorial
Android Tab Layout Tutorial
Introduction to Google Firebase
How To Connect Android APP To Google Firebase?
How To Authenticate Using Email? Part – 1
How To Authenticate Using Email? Signup Functionality Part – 2
How To Authenticate Using Email? Login Functionality Part – 3
How To Authenticate Using Email? Part – 4
How To Authenticate Using Email? Part – 5
Phone Number OTP Authentication using Firebase Part – 1
Phone Number OTP Authentication using Firebase Part – 2
Phone Number OTP Authentication using Firebase Part – 3
Google Firebase Realtime Database – Intro
Simple write in Realtime database
Real Time DataBase Reference Listner
Real Time DataBase Child Reference
Real Time DataBase Push Function
Real Time DataBase Write Map
Real Time DataBase Read Map
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 1
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 2
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 3
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 4
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 5
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 6
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 7
Real Time DataBase Simple Use Case Part – 8
Introduction to FireStore
Simple Write Operation Using Map
Simple Read Operation Using Map
Simple Data Write Using User Defined Class
Simple Data Read Using User Defined Class
Firebase Firestore Simple Use Case – Part 1
Firebase Firestore Simple Use Case – Part 2
Firebase Firestore Simple Use Case – Part 3
Firebase Firestore Simple Use Case – Part 4
Firebase Firestore Simple Use Case – Part 5
Firebase Firestore Write Array
Firebase Firestore Read Array
Firebase Firestore Add New Element To Existing Array
Firebase Firestore Delete Element From Existing Array
Adding Map To Firestore
Reading and Updaing Map in Firestore
Queries Intro
Queries Recycler – Getting Ready For Queries
Simple Queries
Complex Queries
Android Firebase Storage Intro
Android Firebase Storage Loading Image From Memory
Android Firebase Storage Uploding Image To Storage
Adding Image Link And Name To Firebase Firestore database
Retrieving Images From Storage And Display In Recycler View
Android Fragment Part – 1
Android Fragment Part – 2
Android Fragment Part – 3
Android Fragment Part – 4
Android Fragment Part – 5
Android Machine Learning Introduction
How To Recognize Text From Image
How To Recognize Text From Image
Bar Code Scanner Using Android App Part -1
Bar Code Scanner Using Android App Part -2
Face Detection Part – 1
Face Detection Part – 2
Image Labelling
Detection and Tracking Objects
Language Detection
Smart Reply
Creating Web View [Class – 1]
Loading Static Content [Class – 2]
Customizing Web View [Class – 3]
Horizontal Progress With Web Chrome [Class – 4]
Error Handling [Class – 5]
Firebase Notification [Class – 6]
Firebase Notification From Console [Class – 7]
How To Send Notifications From Cusom Admin Android App?
Exploring Google Play Console [Class – 9]
How To Upload On PlayStore? [Class – 10]
Introduction To Reach JS
How To Setup? | Project Structure | ReactJs setup
Introduction to JSX concepts
Introduction to JSX Elements
Introduction to Components
What is state in ReactJs and how to use it
How to handle events in ReactJs
Rendering components based on conditions
Conditional Rendering in React JS
Working with form elements in ReactJs
Working with list in ReactJs
React JS General Practices
How To Apply Style in Reach JS?
Introduction To SCSS
Introduction To Hooks
How to use State Hooks?
Effect Hook
Hool Rules
Creating Custom Hooks
Introduction To Contextual API
useContext Hook
useReducer Hook
Additional Hook
Introduction to Redux
Redux Important Terms
Redux Data Flow
Redux Complete Flow
How To Make API Call Using axios? Part – 1
How To Make API Call Using axios? Part – 2
Redux Thunk Theory & Program
Redux Saga Part – 1
Redux Saga Part – 2
ReactJS Router Part – 1
ReactJS Router Part – 2
ReactJS Prototypes
Redux Forms
Calculator Project Part – 1
Calculator Project Part – 2
Calculator Project Part – 3
Introduction To Node JS
How Node JS Works?
How To Create Server?
Basics Of REPL
URL & FS Modules
Basics Of NPM
How To Create A New Module?
Callback & Events
Introduction To Express
Body Parser Middleware
Path Module
Static Middleware
Environment Variables Part-1
Environment Variables Part-2
Introduction To Postman
How To Connect Node JS With Mongo DB?
Node JS Mongo DB Part – 1
Node JS Mongo DB Part – 2
Mangoose Node JS Part – 1
Mangoose Node JS Part – 2
Mangoose Node JS Part – 3
Mangoose Node JS Part – 4
Mangoose Node JS Promises Part – 1
Mangoose Node JS Promises Part – 2
Mangoose Node JS Promises Part – 3
Async Wait Part – 1
Async Wait Or Promises
Wrapping Up Node JS
Introduction To Ruby
How To Install Ruby?
Game Development Part – 1
Game Development Part – 2
Introduction To Methods
Ruby Class In Detail
Ruby Encapsulation Theory & Program
Ruby Inheritance Part – 1
Ruby Inheritance Part – 2
Initialize Method & Formatting
Class Methods
Ruby Block Part – 1
Ruby Block Part – 2
Ruby Block Part – 3
Ruby Block Part – 4
Ruby File Handling Theory & Program
Hash Part -1 Theory & Program
Hash Part – 2 Theory & Program
Hash Default Object Part – 3 Theory & Program
Introduction To Ruby On Rails
Introduction To Ruby On Rails
Scaffolding in Rail
Exploring Rail Part – 1
Exploring Rail Part – 2 Update and Delete
Exploring Rail Part – 3
Exploring Rail Part – 4
Exploring Rail Part – 5 Insertion
Exploring Rail Part – 6 Update & Delete
Exploring Rail Part – 7 Search
Exploring Rail Part – 8 Validation
Exploring Rail Part – 9 Partials
Exploring Rail Part – 10 Ajax
Wrapping up Rail
File Upload Handling In PHP
PHP OOPs concepts in Detail
PHP DataBase
Introduction To PHP
PHP Prerequisites
What Are The Topics Covered In This Course?
How To Install PHP On Windows?
Basic Syntax Of PHP
Is PHP A Case Sensitive Language?
How To Comment In PHP?
PHP Echo & Print Statements
How To Declare Variable In PHP?
What Are PHP DataTypes?
PHP String & Numbers
What Are Constants in PHP?
If | If Else | Switch in PHP
What Are PHP Match Functions?
Loops In PHP
PHP Arithmetic Operators Theory & Program
PHP Comparison Operators Theory & Program
PHP Logical Operators Theory & Program
PHP Assignment Operators Theory & Program
PHP Increment & Decrement Operator
PHP String Operations
PHP Conditional | Ternary Operator
PHP Super Globals
PHP Functions Theory & Code
PHP Arrays Theory & Code
PHP Regex Theory & Code
PHP Include & Require Theory & Code
PHP Cookies & Sessions
PHP Date & Time
PHP Form Handling
How To Handle Files In PHP?
File Upload Handling In PHP
PHP OOPs concepts in Detail
PHP DataBase
Introduction To Mongo DB
Mongo DB Basic Operations Part – 1
Mongo DB Basic Operations Part – 2
Introduction to React Native
Environmental Setup
Running App in Android
React Basics
Styles, Components & Props
Text Input
Touchable Opacity
Section List
Todo App Part – 1
Todo App Part – 2
Todo App Part – 3
Touchables & Pressables
Alert & Toast
Custom Alert
Image & Background Image
FlexBox Intro
FlexBox – Part -2
FlexBox And Icons
Calculator Part -1
Calculator Part -2
Calculator Part -3
Calculator Part -4
Calculator Wrap Up
Stack Navigator
Tab Navigator Bottom Navigation
Material Bottom Navigator
Material Top Navigator
Drawer Navigation
Introduction to Formik
Formik Part 2
Formik Part 3
Yup Part – 1
Yup Part – 2
Introduction To Redux
Introduction To Redux Part – 2
React Redux Part – 1
React Redux Part – 2
React Redux Part – 3
Redux Saga Introduction
Redux Saga Part – 1
Redux Saga Part – 2
Redux Saga Part – 3
Recycler List View Intro
Recycler List View Fake Server
Recycler List View – Flat List Issue
Recycler List View – Part 1
Recycler List View – Part 2
Recycler List View – Part 3
Axios Part – 1
Axios Part – 2
Async Storage Introduction
Async Storage Notes App Part – 1
Async Storage Notes App Part – 2
Async Storage Notes App Part – 3
Async Storage Notes App Part – 4
Async Storage Notes App Part – 5
Async Storage Notes App Part – 6
Firebase Introduction
Firebase Setup
Firebase Setup Part – 2
Firebase Authentication Part – 1
Firebase Authentication Part – 2
Firebase Authentication Part – 3
Firestore Part – 1
Firestore Part – 2
Firestore Part – 3
Firestore Part – 4
Firebase Storage Part – 1
Firebase Storage Part – 2
Firebase Storage Part – 3
Wrapping Up
Introduction to Quantitative Aptitude [Class -1]
Introduction to Number Systems Part – 1[Class – 2]
Types of Numbers [Class – 3]
Whole Numbers [Class – 4]
Prime Vs Composite Number [Class – 5]
Divisibility Test [Class – 6]
Divisibility Test Part-2 (11-19 Numbers) [Class – 7]
Cyclicity [Class – 8]
Number System Problems [Class – 9]
Simplification Part – 1
Simplification Part – 2
Simplification Part – 3
Simplification Part – 4
Average Problems [Class – 1]
Introduction To HCF & LCM [Class – 1]
HCF Problems [Class – 2]
LCM Problems [Class – 3]
HCF LCM Fraction Decimals [Class – 4]
HCF LCM Product [Class – 5]
HCF LCM Ratio [Class – 6]
Co Prime [Class – 7]
HCF LCM Final Part [Class – 8]
Introduction To Square & Cube Roots [Class – 1]
Square Root Problems [Class – 2]
Cube Root Problems [Class – 3]
Introduction To Time Speed Distance [Class – 1]
Formula and Unit Conversion [Class – 2]
Time & Speed Basic Problems [Class – 3]
Average Speed Problems [Class – 4]
Relative Speed Problems [Class – 5]
Introduction To Boat & Train Problems [Class – 6]
Train Problems [Class – 7]
Boat Stream Problems [Class – 8]
Introduction To Percentage [Class – 1]
Express as Fraction [Class – 2]
Evaluation [Class – 3]
Evaluation in big word problems [Class – 4]
Consumption , Population, Depreciation problems [Class – 5]
Venn Diagram [Class – 6]
Introduction To Clocks [Class – 1]
Problems on Clocks [Chapter – 2]
Introduction To Calendar [Class – 1]
Finding the Day of a Date Problems [Class – 2]
Peculiar Problems from Calendars [Class – 3]
Introduction To Age Problems [Class – 1]
Basic Age Problems [Class – 2]
Ratio Clubbed with Problems on Ages [Class – 3]
Introduction to Time & Work [Class – 1]
Type 1 problems -Time and work [Class – 2]
Type 2 problems- Time and work [Class – 3]
Type 3 problems – Time and work [Class – 4]
Type 3 problems Part – 2 – Time and work [Class – 5]
Introduction to Permutation & Combination [Chapter – 1]
Premutation Problems [Chapter – 2]
Combination Problems [Chapter – 3]
Introduction to Probability [Class – 1]
Coin Problems [Class – 2]
Dice Problems [Class – 3]
Card and Ball Problems [Class – 4]
Introduction to Height & Distances [Class – 1]
Problems on Height & Distances [Class – 2]
Introduction To Simple Interest [Class – 1]
Simple Interest Problems [Class – 2]
Introduction To Compound Interest [Class – 3]
Compound Interest Problems [Class – 4]
Compound Interest Problems Part – 2 [Class – 5]
Introduction to shapes [Class – 1]
Rectangles [Class – 2]
Squares [Class – 3]
Triangle [Class – 4]
Parrellogram [Class – 5]
Circle [Class – 6]
Introduction and formulas of Profit and Loss [Class – 1]
Profit & Loss Basic Problems [Class – 2]
Profit & Loss – Word Problems [Class 3]
Profit & Loss – Discount Problems [Class – 4]
Introduction to Volume & Surface [Class – 1]
Introduction to Cuboid [Class – 2]
Cube Problems [Class – 3]
Cylinder Problems [Class – 4]
Cone Problems [Class – 5]
Sphere Problems [Class – 6]
Hemisphere Problems [Class – 7]
Introduction and formulas [Class – 1]
Basic problems dealt with 4th,3rd and mean proportional [Class – 2]
Ratio and proportion Problems [Class – 3]
Introduction to Pipes & Cisterins
Problems on pipes and cisterns
Introduction to Mixtures [Class – 1]
Problems based on Alligation Rule [Class – 2]
Replacement of Liquid Problems [Class – 3]
Learning English Grammar Introduction
Parts Of Sentence
Sentence Types | Simple Compound Complex Sentence Types
Past Present Future Tense
Article Part – 1
Article Part – 2
Article Excercise
Noun in Tamil | Noun Parts of Speech in Tamil
Verb in Tamil | Verb Parts of Speech in Tami
Linking Finite & Non-Finite Verb
Auxillary Verbs Part – 1
Do Auxillary Verb in Tamil
Modal Verb
Pronoun part -1
Pronoun Part – 2
Noun and Verb
Conjuctions – Assessment
Degrees Of Comparison
Adverb Assessment
Phrases & Clauses – Part 1
Clauses Part – 2
Phrases & Clauses Assessment
Preposition Assessment
Subject Verb Aggrement
Tenses Part – 1
Active VS Passive Voice
Basic Rules To Convert Active To Passive Voice
Convert To Passive Voice Assessment
Question Tags
Question Tags Assessment
Direct & Indirect Speech
Interrogative Speech
Rules For Imperative Sentences In Indirect Speech
Speech Assessment
If – Conditional Clause
Conditional Clause Classification