Best Book For Learning Selenium

The importance of learning Selenium has increased in the previous years, and most people prefer to have a book and understand the concepts in detail. Read the below passage to learn more about the concepts of Selenium and what are the best book option available in the market.

Selenium is a framework that can be used for performing tests. Usually, for performing the analysis, people write codes using the testing language called Selenium IDE. But with the help of Selenium software, the testers can use the previously designed framework to test. This software is most commonly used in most of the software industries, especially that involves developing and testing software and Android applications. This concept is used for writing test codes for various programming languages like Java, C, C++, PHP and Python.

Along with some of the other programming languages, based codes can also be written using these codes. This Selenium software can be run on Windows, Mac OS and LINUX operating system. Since it is open-source software, it can be used by everyone. Even though learning the software requires proper guidance, you can also learn it through books or use the books for refreshing your memory from time to time. But when it comes to the books, there are multiple options available in the market, and it is better to choose the best option that will be your Money’s worth. Here we have listed some of the best books available in the market that will be easy to understand and learn by yourself. 

'Test automation using Selenium web driver with Java' by Navneesh Garg

The users mostly prefer this book because it is well suitable for people who are learning the software for the first time and have not been exposed to coding parts before. This book explains in detail how to to create test automation using selenium software for Java programming language. The author has explained the 2.0 version of the programming language and how to use it in detail. The author has written various other books related to testing, including about unified functional testing, which is also so simple to understand and easy to learn. The author Navneesh Garg is an ethical hacker and even one of the famous automatic architects in the country. This book explains in detail how to install the Selenium software. It uses the 2.0 version and how to configure it. It also tells about various frameworks and also how to use them from the libraries to test the coding. The book also provides a suitable example for the practical problems that are encountered by the testers regularly. The issues and the concepts in this book are designed for functional purposes. So what you learn here can be used for practical applications. This book could be used by anyone, and even if you have no programming background, you can still purchase this book to learn about Selenium software right from scratch. 

This book also explains in detail about the Selenium web driver integration with other components like Java. It teaches about Cross-browser testing, Selenium IDE, and Selenium grid. It also explains in detail about using the continuous integration tool for running the testing software all over the night. So purchasing this book will be valuable as it teaches you with everything you need to know about Selenium web Driver. 

'Mastering Selenium Web driver' by Mark Collin

This book also explains in detail the basic concepts of Selenium 3.0. This book is used by most of the new level learners and students. Mark Collins wrote this book. He has been working in the software industry ever since 2001. He had been expanding his horizons in various fields of software ever since then. The author has perfect knowledge in the areas of automation testing and performance testing. He also played a significant role in the creation of JMeter based Maven plugin. The book explains the basic concepts of Selenium 3.0 and the coding with examples. Initially, it tells the necessary codes and how to execute them for running extensive tests. It explains detail on how to develop your own framework within Maven and also how to overcome the problems that you will be presented with when you start using Selenium. After reading this book, you can design your Selenium framework using the Maven. Later the book moves towards some of the practical problems that you will face when working in a company environment and how to modify the existing frameworks according to the codes presented to you. While using the Selenium software, you will face a particular exceptional situation, and this book explains how to identify and solve them. This book explains all the solutions with step by step instructions along with the screenshots taken from the real codes. The result that appears after executing these codes is also provided as images. It also teaches in detail the advanced user interactions like APIs. 


If you are a software tester looking forward to improving your position in the company by learning more about the concepts of testing, then this book is much suitable for you. Also, if you are looking forward to getting a job in the software industry or open your own company, it is necessary to learn about the concepts of Selenium and other testing software to gain knowledge. This book is suitable for all level of learners, and the codes presented in the book can be executed in real-time situations. You can also perform these codes in your system after reading the concepts. So this book allows you to gain knowledge in both the theoretical and practical setups. 

'Selenium WebDriver Practical guide' by Satya Avasarala

The next book is the Selenium web driver practical guide by Satya Avasarala. The author has previous experience in writing Java codes and automation testing. After earning an engineering degree in computer science he pursued his career in the software field as a developer, and now he has been creating automation frameworks. He has worked in many multinational companies like Oracle and Yahoo. This book is shared among the Indian because of its popularity and simplicity. Most of the concepts in the book are explained merely right from the basic concepts. This book can be read by users who have not experienced programming languages before reading this book. This book is a practical guide for users who wants to learn about Selenium WebDriver software and how to use frameworks by altering them. Like every other book, this book also initially teaches you about the Selenium software and how to install it for future usage.

Selenium is open-source software. So the libraries are flooded with vast possibilities of templates and frameworks that can be used for current scenarios with slight modifications. This books teaches about how to create your framework and also how to alter them. All the situations that you might face while developing a practical application are researched beforehand, and the solutions are provided. It also explains the various APIs of the driver and how to use them for automation tests. It teaches you about the source code files and HTML files and how to use them using the Jquery software. 

By reading this book, you will, 

  • Understand the designs of the Selenium web driver and how to overcome the limitations of the previous codes. It also teaches you about the Selenium grid in detail. 
  • It teaches you about the option and functions in the software like drag and drop, right-click, double click and left clicks. It also shows you how to work with the cookies and take screenshots. 
  • It explains in detail on how you can run different web driver implementations like Firefox driver and chrome drivers. 
  • It also teaches about the modern web drivers and how to use them in detail. Learning from this book will allow you to learn about the different function and its mechanisms in detail. 

All the concepts are explained with suitable images and examples. These examples can be practically implemented for gaining practical knowledge of the idea. So learning about Selenium web driver from this book will be more comfortable and quicker than attending a class. Also, if you purchase a book, you can refresh your memory now and then and will be useful in the future as a guide. 


Although there are so many books in the market, these three books are best in terms of content and simple learning. The concepts are explained in detail so that even a novice can understand it. So purchasing any one of these three books or all the three books can be an added advantage to your career. Purchase these books for your future reference. Learning from books can be a bit difficult, but once you master the basic concepts, then everything will be more comfortable. So either purchase these books through an online portal or from a book store. Also, while buying this book, make sure to buy the latest edition to learn the updated concepts.