HTML Course in Tamil

HTML is one of the versatile languages that can be combined with various other markup languages during coding. Learning HTML in Tamil can be beneficial.

Recently the requirement for Digital medium has been increasing considerably. Most of the people have been shifting their companies from physical form to a digital form in the form of websites and social media. Because of this reason, there has been an increased requirement for web developers and designers. So many people are trying to enter this field of web designing and development by learning the markup languages that are necessary to perform this task. One such markup language is HTML or hypertext markup language. HTML is a markup language that is mainly used for creating the basic structure of the web pages and also for maintaining the web pages along with various other syntaxes and tags. HTML is a simple basic language and it can be easily learned. But mastering the language of HTML requires more knowledge on coding and in-depth knowledge of the basic features of HTML.

So to understand the concept of HTML in detail people can subscribe to our course which provides a detailed tutorial on HTML markup language. The tutorial course is available in Tamil and hence the users can easily learn the markup language even if they are not well versed in English. Also, the video tutorials are described in such a way that the users can work along with the teaching allowing them to have practical experience. 

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What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

This course provides you with in-depth knowledge of HTML markup language including its basics, features tags, and coding techniques. This course will allow you to understand the concept of coding and by the end of the course, you will be ready to create your own web page without the help of any software. This course will also so help you to understand the basic markup language which will be the stepping stone for you to understand the other markup languages. Learning HTML markup language, along with JavaScript will allow you to create an interactive web page. Learning HTML will also allow you to customize your web page with interesting templates and designs. 

What will you learn in this course?

This course will allow you to understand HTML. Also, the tutorials are available throughout the day and not at a particular time. So anyone can learn this course easily. This course includes the learning of basic syntaxes, types of tags, and how they can be used in different places, and also about the structural tags used like meta tags and comment tags. Learning these in detail will allow you to understand the concept of HTML in detail and also will support you in your future work. 

What you get in this course?

  • 15+ Hours HTML Course Videos in Tamil.
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  • One time payment.

Course Content

  • HTML Comment Tag Part – 1 [Class – 27]
  • HTML Comment Tag Part – 2 [Class – 28]
  • HTML Entity URL Encode Part-1 [Class – 29]
  • HTML Entity URL Encode Part-2 [Class – 30]
  • HTML XHTML CharSet [Class – 29]
  • HTML Code Elements [Class – 30]
  • HTML ID & Class Tutorial in Tamil Part-1 [Class – 31]
  • HTML ID & Class Tutorial in Tamil Part-2 [Class – 32]
  • HTML List Part-1 [Class – 33]
  • HTML List – Ordered List Part-2 [Class – 34]
  • HTML List – Unordered List Part-3 [Class – 35]
  • HTML List – Ordered & Unordered List Part-4 [Class – 36]
  • HTML List – Description List in Tamil Part-5 [Class – 37]
  • HTML Table Tag Tutorial [Class – 38]
    HTML Table Tag Part – 2 Tutorial [Class – 39]
  • HTML Table Tag Part – 3 Tutorial [Class – 40]
  • HTML Table Tag Part – 4 Tutorial [Class – 41]
  • HTML Table Tag Part – 5 Tutorial [Class – 42]
  • HTML Forms Basics Tutorial [Class – 43]
  • HTML Forms Input Tag Tutorial [Class – 44]
  • HTML Forms Part – 3 Tutorial [Class – 45]
  • HTML Forms Part – 4 Tutorial [Class – 46]
  • HTML Forms Part – 5 Tutorial [Class – 47]
  • HTML Forms Part – 6 Tutorial [Class – 48]
  • HTML Forms Part – 7 Tutorial [Class – 49]
  • HTML Forms Part – 8 Tutorial [Class – 50]
  • HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 1 Tutorial [Class – 51]
  • HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 2 Tutorial [Class – 52]
  • HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 3 Tutorial [Class – 53]
  • HTML Frame & IFrame Part – 4 Tutorial [Class – 54]
  • HTML Navigation Bar Part – 1 Tutorial [Class – 55]
  • HTML Navigation Bar Part – 2 Tutorial [Class – 56]
  • HTML Layout Part – 1 Tutorial [Class – 57]
  • HTML Layout Part – 2 Tutorial [Class – 58]
  • HTML Layout Part – 3 Tutorial [Class – 59]

What are available in the Free course?

The entire course is divided into basic, intermediate, and high levels. While the basic level course is available for free the other two are under subscription. Sometimes it might be difficult for you to make a decision regarding the course and choosing to might be a bit difficult as you might be worried about the quality of the course. So in order to make a good choice and analyze the quality of the tutorials provided by us, we offer free basic courses that can be accessed just by logging in. Listen to these free courses and then decide when you want to have the advanced level courses or not.  

These advanced level courses are much more detailed and better than the free courses offered. So listen to these free basic courses and choose to subscribe to the advanced courses for a better future. 

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How will this course help you to get a job?

Learning HTML will allow you to specialize in the area of website designing, website maintenance, and game development. Due to the fast development of digital technology, there has been a huge rise in the people who require various types of web pages and customized web designs. Many of the website designing companies have been recently hiring HTML experts to meet up with their constant requirements. Most of the HTML experts have been earning nearly 50000 to 60000 as their monthly salary. So learning HTML will allow you to get placed in one of the big companies easily without any issues. But simple overlapping learning will not be enough for these companies. They need candidates with more experience and proper knowledge. So subscribing to our course will be beneficial for you in many ways including getting placed immediately. 

What Job roles can you apply after completing the course?

Completing HTML will allow you to apply for jobs in many areas of website and gaming development. You go can apply for various jobs including, 

Website developer – Developing a website or web pages using the HTML markup language that forms the basic structure and important features of a website. 

Content manager – When every content is posted on a website it is essential to change the settings of the computer in such a way that the website and the Google search will identify the keywords of the content and show the meta description to others. So being in the post of the content manager will be responsible for maintaining the header body and footer of the webpage including comments by assigning appropriate tags for the keywords and meta description. 

Website producer – HTML is a front end development tool and every webpage present on the internet is designed by using the HTML markup language. So learning the HTML markup language will allow you to work as a website developer, website producer, and website manager.  A website manager is responsible for maintaining the quality of the website and also responsible for maintaining the quality of the website and its internet path along with security. 

Gaming developer – Most of the internet based games use HTML coding along with other forms of markup languages like JavaScript and graphical user interface. So learning HTML will allow you to work as a gaming developer. The gaming industry is a wide area so getting a job can be quite easy with this extra knowledge. 

Quality assurance – One of the major requirements in becoming a quality assurance officer especially in the field of website designing is understanding the basic concept of website designing which includes HTML markup language. Our course provides a detailed description of HTML coding that allows you to be qualified enough to maintain and check the quality of the websites. HTML is also used for creating a protective layer around the website that prevents it from the attack of certain malware. This includes the creation of the SSL layer which is encrypted with HTML coding. So learning HTML markup language will allow you to gain a job as a quality assurance person in some of the leading web-based industries. 

Also, you can work as a freelancer by providing the services of website creation and maintenance on a constant basis.  Most of the companies hire HTML experts for this particular purpose where they complete project after project of website designing since the market for these projects is extensive. 

Why should I enroll in the paid version?

The paid version of this course is much more beneficial as it contains the advanced level of tutorials and they are much beneficial when compared to the other ones. These paid version tutorials are specially designed for advanced level learners and learning them will allow you to work anywhere in the software industry. So subscribing to this course will be the most profitable one for you. Learning this course will not go to waste as it is one of the most trending markup languages in the world of website creation. 

So stop thinking and subscribe to this course immediately for developing your knowledge and also to reroute your career in a better path. 

Where can I get this paid course?

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