Kotlin Course in Tamil

Are you ready to invest your time in learning new programming language? Kotlin will be the trending programming language in few years from now.

தமிழில் Kotlin Programming Language கற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்

programming lineKotlin is a valuable course that has been introduced during recent years. During 2011 the  companies like JetBrain decided to develop a new programming language that can reduce the disadvantages of the other programming languages. This discussion was held for more than a year, and finally, the Kotlin programming language was introduced in the market. It was introduced during the year 2016. This particular programming language has less compiler time than the Scala programming language. After the introduction of this specific programming language, people all over the world started to learn them and apply them practically for developing other software. This programming language is officially used for developing Android-based programs. They are also used for inter-operating within the Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Companies like Google strongly support the usage of Kotlin language for Android. 

Because of their uses and multiple applications, learning it has become a necessity. But since this concept was introduced recently, most of the people who are already working in software companies and people are studying in colleges do not have enough exposure to the software. Most of the computer courses in the private sector do not have this course due to the lack of teachers. In our online class, we offer the kotlin course in Tamil. This course is best suitable for all types of people with no regards to their prior knowledge of software programming. This course can be learnt during their free time, and anyone can become an expert in kotlin programming language. Getting a job after learning this programming language is easy. So once learnt you could start working on your own as a freelancer or land a job in IT software companies. If you are already working in a company, then you can expect a promotion for a bright future. 

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Table of Contents

What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

This course is entirely about the Kotlin programming languages and its applications. This course is recorded in the form of video tutorials, and it explains in detail the concepts of kotlin in three different stages. The first and the basic level videos explain about basic concepts of the programming language and also describes how to install it. The basic idea also includes the structure and features of Kotlin programming language. This basic course is available for free, and you can listen to them before subscribing for the other video tutorials.  

The intermediate level videos explain in detail the concepts of the classes, subclass and arrays. The basic definition of these concepts is already given in the basic level video tutorial. Here in the intermediate level, you learn how to use this concept and construct various codes that will allow you to work side by side along, in your computer. 

The advanced level teaches you about the functions and applications of the Kotlin software in detail. After this course was completed, you will have a good knowledge of all the concepts, including creating your android application. This course is the best option available in the market. You can learn the theory at your own pace through the video tutorials. 

What will you learn in this course?

This course explains in detail about the concepts involved in Kotlin programming language. Learning this course through the video tutorials will act as a guide through each step. This course will allow you to learn about the Kotlin programming language. After completing this course, you will know how to create your Android application using the kotlin software. Kotlin is also used in a variety of other applications and to make sure that you are aware the course also explains in detail about the applications and how to operate them. Even if you are a person without any prior knowledge of the basic features of this course will make sure that you understand it clearly through the basic level videos. 

How will this course help you to get a job?

Learning this course will allow you to learn about the concepts of the Kotlin programming language. The Kotlin programming language has been under existence during the last four years with the introduction of new versions. So they have not yet been introduced in colleges and other syllabuses. The only options available is learning the concept through the book, one class or a private academy. Learning through the book might not be a suitable option since it is a new concept, and no other person has the same understanding as to the others. But this course is a pre-recorded video tutorial that allows you to learn the ideas in your free time according to your capacity. 

So learning this course will allow you to master the concept of Kotlin programming language. After learning, you can always start to work as a particular software or android developer. You can also get a job as a developer and manager in most of the multinational software companies. The job opportunities for this new language is higher than the other, so earning this will be good for your future. 

What Job roles can you apply after completing the course?

At the end of this course, you can apply for multiple job roles, including as a software developer and software tester. People with the proper knowledge of this course are rare, and hence learning this course will allow you to understand the concepts in detail. With thorough learning of the idea, you can work in almost any company as an Android developer or as a software engineer. 

If you are not interested in working for another person, then you can always choose to start your own company since many job opportunities are available for Android developers. If you are a college student waiting for a campus interview, then learning this course will make you beat your classmates and get a placement. The course is designed in such a way that both the amateur and the experts understand them completely. 

Course Content

  • Introduction to Kotlin [Class -1]
  • How to install Kotlin in Windows? [Class -2]
  • Kotlin Basics, DataTypes, Variables & Operators [Class -3]
  • Kotlin Conditions & Booleans [Class -4]
  • Kotlin List Array [Class – 5]
  • Kotlin Loops [Class – 6]
  • Kotlin Functions [Class – 7]
  • Kotlin Functions Part – 2 [Class – 8]
  • Kotlin Default Values [Class – 9]
  • Kotlin Lamba [Class – 10]
  • Kotlin Object Properties [Class – 11]
  • Kotlin Constructors [Class – 12]
  • Kotlin Sub Class [Class – 13]
  • Kotlin Interface Abstract [Class – 14]
  • Kotlin Data Class [Class – 15]
  • Kotlin Pairs Triples [Class – 16]
  • Kotlin Collections [Class – 17]
  • and many more videos to be recorded soon

Our Basic Kotlin Course (3 Hours) in Tamil is Free on YouTube

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What are available in the Free course?

Among the three levels are available in this course the basic level is made as a free version. So if you have any doubt about the video tutorials and you are hesitant about paying, then you can watch these basic level videos. These video tutorials explain the basic features of the course in detail. The main reason for offering this free course is to make the users understand about coaching and its quality before subscribing. So go to the website and register, and then you can start watching the free video tutorials. 

Why should I enrol in the paid version?

This is one of the latest software introduced in the market. Learning this software will allow you to get a job quickly. The course is in Tamil, and they are pre-recorded video tutorials. So after subscribing, you can listen to the video tutorial during your free time and play them back when you have any doubts. This course is the best option available on the market. So basically the free version would be an added advantage to your future. 

This course will be the reason you will get a placement, get a promotion or the idea that you will start your own company. So stop thinking and subscribe for this course immediately.

Where can I get this paid course?

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Kotlin Course in Tamil

தமிழில் Kotlin கற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்
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