Selenium Course in Tamil

Selenium is one of the most basic testing software used in most of the multinational companies. Our course offers you Selenium tutorial videos in Tamil.

தமிழில் Selenium Framework கற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்

The necessity of the programming language is increasing day by day and more people have been using these programming languages to create websites, gaming applications, internet pathways, creating other software applications for mobiles and windows, etc….. Websites and web pages are also created by using HTML programming languages combined with other programming languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc… Even though these programming languages can be used for creating different types of websites and web pages it is essential to test them regularly. Selenium is a portable automatic testing software that can be used in various operating systems including Linux and Mac OS. The template used for one particular testing can be modified and reused again and again depending upon the requirements. They are also combined with multiple other software for continuous testing without any intervals. They can test millions of pages within a short span of time. 

This course offers free Selenium video tutorials that explain all the concepts in a video format and it is accompanied by a detailed description in Tamil Language allowing you to understand the concept completely. To make it much easier for you the course also offers free basic level videos that allow you to understand how the tutorials will look like. The videos are designed in such a way that you can apply the concepts practically and test the web pages during the tutorial side by side. After viewing the basic level videos you can subscribe for the intermediate and high-level videos for learning the concept completely during your free time without any interruption.

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What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

This course provides you with a detailed knowledge of Selenium software and various types of string techniques involved. At the end of this course, you will have enough knowledge to run the test by creating your own framework. This course allows you to learn in detail about various types of testing techniques involved in the testing process of a website application. This course allows you to learn the entire concept of selenium in the form of multiple videos that lasts for nearly 8 hours. These video tutorials teach you the entire testing process in a step by step manner. So learning this course will be beneficial and useful. 

What will you learn in this course?

This course Selenium is a simple course and can be used for testing website applications. This course initially provides some of the basic features of Selenium in detail that is available as a free course. Later the course gradually expands and progresses into various techniques of testing. They include text box testing, checkbox testing, radio buttons testing, and various other parts of the website application that can be tested and it’s technicalities in detail. While the basic initial course is available as a free version of the remaining classes or video tutorials can be accessed after subscription. 

What you get in this course?

  • 8+ Hours Selenium Course Videos in Tamil.
  • Lifetime Access to the course.
  • No advertisement.
  • One time payment.

Course Content

  • Software Testing Basics Lecture – 1
    Selenium Basics Lecture – 2
    System Requirements For Selenium Lecture – 3
    Installation of Firefox And Add-ons for Selenium Lecture -4
    How To Open A Website In Selenium? Lecture – 5
    Selenium WebDriver Methods Lecture – 6
    Locators In Selenium WebDriver Lecture – 7
    How To Test Text Box Using Selenium? Lecture – 8
    How To Test CheckBox Using Selenium? Lecture – 9
    How To Test Radio Button Using Selenium? Lecture – 10
    How To Test Drop Down Using Selenium? Lecture – 11
    How To Test Form Using Selenium? Lecture – 12
    Validation Program in Selenium WebDriver Lecture -13
    How To Validate Alert Box and Confirm Box Using Selenium? Lecture – 14
    How To Validate Prompt Box and Message Alert Using Selenium? Lecture – 15
    How To Write XPATH In Selenium WebDriver? Lecture – 16
    Handling Mouseover & Screenshot in Selenium Lecture – 17
    Synchronization in Selenium WebDriver Lecture 18
    Iframe in Selenium WebDriver Lecture 19
    Robot API In Selenium WebDriver – Lecture 20
    Best Books For Learning Selenium
  • JXL in Selenium WebDriver Lecture – 21
  • JUnit in Selenium WebDriver Lecture – 22
  • JUnit in selenium Webdriver – Part B (Lecture – 23)
  • JUnit in selenium Webdriver – Part 3 (Lecture – 24)
  • Introduction to TestNG Framework and Annotations (Lecture – 25)
  • Embedding selenium Script in TestNG Framework Lecture – 26
  • DataProvider in TestNG Framework (Lecture – 27)
  • Creating and Writing Data Using Apache POI in Selenium Webdriver (Selenium Advanced Course) – Lecture 28
  • Reading Data using Apache POI and Data-driven Test (Lecture – 29)
  • TestNG Framework Parallel and Cross-Browser Testing Lecture – 30
  • Group Testing Using TestNG Framework Lecture – 31
  • What is Apache Ant? (Selenium Advanced Course) Lecture – 32
  • Embedding Selenium Webdriver Script in Apache Ant Lecture – 33
  • What is Apache Maven? (Selenium Advanced Course) Lecture – 34
  • Embedding Selenium Webdriver Script in Apache Maven Lecture – 35

What are available in the Free course?

The course is divided into three levels: the basic, intermediate, and high levels. The basic level of the course contains some video tutorials on the history and introduction of selenium and Selenese. By listening to these basic level videos you can understand the type of teaching provided to you in the upcoming videos that are under the subscription. Listening to this free course will also allow you to know about the importance of Selenium in the practical world and how learning this particular course will change your future career path. The free course is in the Tamil language so you can easily understand the video tutorial that explains the basic concepts of selenium. If you want to learn more about Selenium like the types of tests and their techniques then you can subscribe.  

Our Basic Selenium Course (3 Hours) in Tamil is Free on YouTube

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How will this course help you to get a job?

Selenium-based testing is one of the most common job opportunities available in the country and the requirement has been increasing rather than decreasing. With the increase in the number of websites, there has been a huge demand for Selenium-based testing. Most of the high tech companies like Oracle and Microsoft have been regularly hiring Selenium-based testers for testing website based applications. This course provides detailed knowledge of Selenium and also explains how to create a Framework using Selenese. The course also offers video tutorials on Selenium-based testing techniques that can be used for any type of programming language including Java even though English is one of the most commonly used languages in our country people still believe that learning in the mother tongue will be much easier to understand rather than other languages. so to facilitate your requirement our course offers video tutorials in Tamil that allow you to become an expert in Selenium and get placed immediately in most of the multinational companies.

What Job roles can you apply after completing the course?

In India normally people with knowledge on Selenium are either placed as a Selenium automation engineer or quality assurance engineer. Both of these jobs are highly paid and offer a minimum of 4 lakh to 8 lakh rupees per annum. Some of the cream level companies like Oracle, Cognizant, HP, and Accenture have been constantly hiring Selenium-based testers regularly every year for their usage.  Some of the common job opportunities after learning Oracle involves, 

Selenium automation engineer – The job involves designing a test framework and testing web applications. The job requires proper Selenium knowledge. The salary ranges from 4 lakh to 5 lakh per annum.

Quality assurance engineer – This also shows similar to the job of the automation engineer but it also involves proper testing of the website applications continuously to ensure that the quality is maintained. This Job also offers a moment of nearly 6 lakh to 8 lakh per annum. 


Once you have completed learning Selenium you can always get a job as a tester or a quality tester in most of the companies mentioned above. With proper knowledge of Selenium, you can slowly grow and become one of the best testers available in the companies. The only requirement for this type of testing is the proper knowledge of Selenium and its ability to build suitable frameworks for each and every single testing. 


Why should I enroll in the paid version?

Selenium is one of the most commonly used website application testers. Learning Selenium can be an added advantage to your professional career. Even though there are video tutorials for the basic features of Selenium in the form of the free version they will not be enough for your future career. If you are looking forward to building a career in the field of Selenium-based testing then learning all the features of the software including the testing techniques is necessary. To work in a reputed software company you have to understand all the concepts thoroughly without any mistakes. This can be achieved only by enrolling in a paid version rather than just attending the free version.

So rather than just attending the free version subscribe immediately for the paid version so that you can learn the Selenium course at leisure from your home during your free time whenever possible. The videos can be replayed again and again which allows you to refresh the forgotten concepts. So stop thinking and subscribe immediately. 

Where can I get this paid course?

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