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Best Online Learning Platform - Skillshare

learning sampleConsidering the widespread of knowledge and opportunity that is in the internet, one needs to stay updated and grab these opportunities, we can learn basic things that will fetch us money online, yes this is true we can find explicit things to do online, but how can we learn of these things without the necessary skills ?.

Moving forward the majority of us are skilful in one thing or the other, most of us are skilful in business, fashion, photography, writing, teaching, driving, football, racing, entrepreneurship, playing golf and in other spheres of influence. We cannot be good at what we are skilful at without the needed training, imagine Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t train for a full 2 months, what do you think? Will He be the best footballer? NO, he will find it difficult playing on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo has to train and eat the needed diet daily to be effective and flexible on the field. Now that is sharpening your skill.

We rarely cannot keep our skill effective and in high demand, if we don’t sharpen it like me am a research writer I write contents all the time that means I have to be my very best when it comes to writing. Writing is a skill, if you don’t write frequently your writing muscles will drop low. You find it difficult to go for more lengthy and interesting contents if you have a skill it is good to sharpen it.

Today we are learning about an online platform that you acquire skills from, this platform helps in developing and strengthening your skills, this training platform is called Skillshare. Skillshare is an online training and mentoring centre which inspires and equips you for greater measures. Skillshare can otherwise be defined as a school that engages and equips you on your desired sphere of influence, with Skillshare you can learn your desired skill, take up and have access to more than 27,000 classes, with Skillshare you can learn the things you desire.

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Importance of online learning platforms:

Learning online does you good: 

  • I cannot put it in proper words the essence of taking online courses, I’ll share you a brief story of one guy I know about, this guy was being put under $42 monthly as a university undergraduate by his parents, $42 was never enough to sustain him so he was challenged by his situation as he does not want to stress his helping parents, he saved up for online courses and was able to pay to learn SEO (search engine optimization) he still acquired knowledge for writing graphics design. He further took more online courses, these online courses were not free, he moved on to doing things with the knowledge he had gotten from these online mentoring sites. I can proudly and boldly tell you that this guy has been able to buy his mom a car on her birthday and also a car for himself, his name is Abdul and he is 21 years old. Learning online is very rewarding later on.

Learning online brings you and connect you to people and valuable mentors: 

  • This is true because when you are aiming for online training you will need mentors who would brace you up for future mistakes, these mentors majority of the time are not free, you will have to pay for a session with them. But mainly these mentors are needed and valuable.

Learning from online enlarges your landscape:

  • Yes it does enlarge your landscape, when going for online courses you get to learn from multinational sources who are not in your country, with the internet we can connect to people who are not in our country, this opens us up to opportunities that we can’t find in our immediate community.

Learning through online platforms is more conducive: 

  • It is more stress-free because you don’t go to any centre to learn it, all you need do is just learn through your laptop or phone while in bed. You don’t need to worry about spending any money to go to a centre to acquire a skill.

What is Skillshare?

  • Skillshare is an online learning platform which has thousands of courses.
  • Some of the courses are free and others are premium.
  • It includes many courses categories like design, business, tech, and more.
  • Skillshare has nearly 4 million students.
  • Nearly 5 Million dollars paid to teachers regularly.
  • Skillshare has nearly 20,000 courses as of now. The number is increasing each minute.

How Skillshare stands out?

Skillshare is a dynamic built website which allows you to have access to courses that you need, with Skillshare you can learn how to use a camera, with Skillshare you can learn how to design, illustrate, do business, learn how to write, become an entrepreneur and achieve other skill needed to achieve other pursuits. Skillshare is a more like a school that gives you assignments, these assignment goes farther to bracing you up in the skill you are learning this is because Skillshare believes that the best way to learn is by putting your skill to practice, every Skillshare class has a project that allows you practise and get feedback. 

Skillshare lets you collaborate and share with over 7 million creators, you can create projects that you are proud to share, with the Skillshare app you can learn from your home and it is simple and easy.

Skillshare is totally amazing I would say again that Skillshare is a school that gives the best.

Learn from Skillshare from anywhere you are via the Skillshare app. Skillshare is a very useful platform for learning, with Skillshare projects you can design such wonderful sketches and kinds of stuff. Skillshare is just a wonderful place to sharpen and discover your hidden talents.

Do you know that you can teach on Skillshare ?, Skillshare gives room for top-notch professionals to reach and share their knowledge and passion with millions of students around the world, do you know that Skillshare top-notch teachers of Skillshare earn $100,000 annually? Skillshare is a great way to earn money as a teacher, teaching on Skillshare provides massive incomes.

Who can teach on Skillshare?

Anyone is qualified to teach as long as you follow through Skillshare guidelines, there’s no cost to publish a class on Skillshare, Skillshare classes are for creators who have passion, you can teach on Graphics design, web designing, marketing, illustration, entrepreneurship, photography and others. 

Courses available on Skillshare:

Web Development and Programming:

  • There are courses for learning programming like Java, Software Design Patterns, Machine Learning, and etc. from scratch. You can become a legend in programming and web development once you start taking those courses.

Fundamentals of social media marketing: 

  • This course on Skillshare enables business owners learn how to grow their business in social media,  teaches you on how to make people share your content, crafting your presence on social media, teaches you how to build and engage your Instagram community, how to get started with Twitter for business, introduction to social media marketing. Learn to use the latest industry technology to grow your business. 

Leadership course

  • We all need leadership in a company to boost the company forward not just leadership but good leadership, in these courses you get to learn from a top influencer in entrepreneurship and in business, learn classes for building great team, leadership today, the vision of leadership, modern leadership and other interest classes.

Writing course

  • If you are a writer you would need to sharpen your writing skills, in this course you will get to learn from experienced tutors, if you are writing for the first time taking this course is a go-getter, you get to learn creative writing, creative nonfiction, the creative art of pitching stories, steps to successfully writing habits, crafting personal essays, writing for online engagement and so on. 

Graphics design: 

  • In this course, you will learn how to become a top-notch graphics designer, do you aspire to learn and be good in graphics? Skillshare graphics course is your best bet.
  • Learn logo design essentials, designing logos that evolve, watercolours designing and other varieties of graphic design. 


  • Learn the steps from media marketing that covers strategy to execution. Learn all you need to know about media marketing on this course.

Web designing

  • Learn a profound lesson on how to develop a web page, learn how to be a website builder, create awesome exclusive web pages that brings results. Explore UI and UX.


  • While this is a course for all lovers of food cooking, this course will open you to amazing culinary training, with this Skillshare course you can learn how to make sweet drinks, cook awesome foods, design your food like a pro and other lessons which have to do with culinary are available. 

DSLR Camera essentials

  • With this course you can learn how to operate a DSLR Camera, Learn the fundamentals of DSLR Camera, learn to edit, learn and understand lenses, learn how to capture inspiring shoots, learn all you need to know and how to use a DSLR Camera.

These are just a few courses available on Skillshare, Skillshare has a lot of valuable courses, all you need do is just join and explore. 


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Learn on the Go:

Skillshare has a mobile app for both Android and iOS. You can learn and enhance your skills anywhere and at any time. 

Skillshare has gone a long way to impact and help people who are now reaping the rewards, we can only see the essence of a thing when it has been used, we can see the usefulness and reliability of a product by the customers review, Skillshare has been used by millions of students around the world, their ratings have skyrocket, there are good reviews and ratings from students and teachers alike.

How to get Premium plan plan for 2 months?

You can simply click on this link. You will get  Premium plan free for 2 months. After that you can either retain your premium plan or you can downgrade to Free plan.


Skillshare is a great place for learning, it is a good place to sharpen and discover your hidden talents,  it gives you access to top-notch mentors that are needed, we can do almost everything with our smartphones these days and it is really interesting and good, no need to carry laptops to everywhere, just download Skillshare app and start learning, we can only find a few or more online training platforms like Skillshare, Skillshare is just the best bet.