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The C programming language is one of the essential requirements in the field of software. Subscribe to our course to learn in Tamil.

programming lineThe C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages that has been existing in the software world for more than four decades surpassing all the other programming languages in both usage and efficiency. Learning this language is one of the most required qualifications during the interviews in software-related jobs. The C programming language is a vast subject, and learning it requires proper tutoring and time. With proper guidance, anyone can master the language. Most of the students have been facing great difficulty in mastering the language just by listening to the lecture during their college. Since most of the college-based subject learnings are a bit vague and not at a suitable place for some students, mastering these languages with that education is not possible. So to gain more knowledge on the subject, most of the students try to attend some outside classes, which require a lot of time and energy. 

To make it easier for the students and also other people who are willing to learn C programming language we have created a course that is highly e efficient with a simple explanation of the concepts involved in C programming language. Our nearly 16 hours of video tutorials that explain the concepts of the C programming language in detail. The video tutorials can be played again and again, and the students can learn slowly depending upon their requirements. With proper step by step guidance through the video tutorials, the C programming language can be mastered easily within a short period. But sometimes it might be difficult for you to subscribe to the course immediately without any knowledge of the type of videos present. So to facilitate your issues, we offer some free basic video tutorials. If you are satisfied with the basic video tutorials, you can always apply for the entire course in Tamil. So learning this course will be much easier, especially if it is in your mother tongue. 

What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

This entire course of C programming language is in the form of video tutorials and learning it through the video tutorials is completely easy and practical. This course teaches you about the entire concept of C programming language in detail, including some basic concepts like its history, structure, and features. These basic concepts are usually covered in the introductory videos. In contrast, the upcoming videos contain concepts like simple coding, operations that can be inserted within the coding, and also about some of the complicated coding. This course teaches you how to create a website page and design applications using C programming language and learning HTML along with this course will make you a website developer who has a separate job base for itself.

What will you learn in this course?

This course covers the entire C programming language from top to bottom. During this course, you will learn thoroughly about the process of coding and various forms of coding involved in the C programming language. One of the basic requirements while learning the C programming language is mastering the coding part because it is an essential requirement in software-based jobs. This course provides a step by step tutorial on C programming language coding in the form of videos allowing you to work outside by the side. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to learn more about coding and other details related to coding. 

What you get in this course?

  • 20+ Hours C Course Videos in Tamil.
  • Lifetime Access to the course.
  • No advertisement.
  • One time payment.

What are available in the Free course?

The entire course material is divided into basic intermediate and high-level programming videos. The basic level videos describe the features of the C programming language and its uses. These basic level videos are available for free, and you can watch these videos before subscription. If you are satisfied with the basic level video tutorials, then you can subscribe to the other video tutorials. 

How will this course help you to get a job?

This course will make you an expert in C programming language and its coding concepts. Mastering the entire concept of C programming language will allow you to get placed in any software related jobs easily due to its requirement and efficiency. This course will make you entirely ready for facing any kind of situation and questions related to the C programming language, which is one of the essential requirements while searching for a job. Every job interview related to the software industry will have questions about the C programming language. So learning this language in detail will allow you to get a job quickly. You can also start your own company with your knowledge. Learning the C language pretty much covers all the basics you need to know in the software world. The other languages are similar to it and mastering them can be easy once you have learned this language. 

What Job roles can you apply after completing the course?

After completing this course, you will be completely eligible for working in any of the software-related jobs. So after completion, you can work in the field of, 

Gaming developer – The gaming industry has some of the most paying jobs in the industry. Working as a gaming developer, you can create cool games that can be sold for lakhs to millions. So either you can become a freelance gaming developer or work in a company. 

Software applications – Most of the software created nowadays uses the C programming language as the core language along with Java. So learning C programming language will allow you to work as a software developer and tester. You can earn nearly 6 to 12 lakhs per year easily through this job. 

Website designing – Even though HTML is one of the essential requirements while designing a website, it also uses C programming language for customizing it, building up the structure, and adding features. HTML, C programming language, and JavaScript are the most essential requirements while developing a website and webpage. 

Quality tester – It is essential to test the software applications and website based applications from time to time for their quality and also before handing the application to the clients. Working as a quality testing officer in the software industry can be beneficial for you since it offers you a salary of nearly 8 to 12 lacs per year. 


Why should I enrol in the paid version?

Even though there are certain videos available as a free course to master the entire C programming language, you need to learn the course, ultimately including the subscribed version. The subscribed version provides you complete details about the coding part of the C programming language. So by enrolling yourself for the paid version, you will be taking a step towards mastering the C programming language. 


This course is suitable for all types of people including housewives who are looking forward to spending their free time usefully for their future, a student who is waiting for their placements and also for employees who are looking for promotion in their current jobs. Since the entire course is available in Tamil, anyone can learn despite the knowledge in English also, if you have no experience or expertise in programming languages before it does not matter. This course can teach you everything about C language. If you are looking for a job in the software industry or looking for a promotion, stop thinking immediately and subscribe for our course immediately. 

Where can I get this paid course?

I recommend you to buy the “Complete Course Bundle in Tamil” because it has various courses in a single bundle (OOPs, C, C++, Java, Python, Android, Software Design Patterns, MySQL, Selenium, JavaScript and HTML) for 490Rs. 

If you need only one course instead of the bundle that too possible. Please check this article for more details. If you are not convinced to buy the “Complete Course bundle” no issues, you can buy “C Course in Tamil” alone but Intermediate and Advanced Course in in progress. I will update C paid Course soon.

C Course in Tamil

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