PHP Course in Tamil

Are you looking to learn PHP Course in Tamil? Read this complete article to get complete access to the PHP course in Tamil.

Learn PHP in Tamil For Just INR 99 Only

PHP is a scripting language course that is commonly used in the web service. Using this particular scripting language, you can create easy and straightforward interactive websites and web pages that can be established worldwide. This specific software allows the website users to request proper files from the servers and send the data to the servers that can be stored. Usually, it might seem like a simple concept. Still, technically, learning does essentially combine them with web page designing to offer your clients a complete website development package from your side. When you are a website designer, you cannot work alone, and you will be forced to work under a person who can run and maintain the server regularly. So in order to design and develop the website completely by yourself without another person’s help, this particular concept will be of significant benefit. 

This particular course is available in the form of video tutorials that explain the concept in basic Tamil language to relate properly with the concept. The entire course is uploaded on the website, and a few video tutorials are available for free. You can initially log in and start watching these tutorials, which explain the basic concepts of the PHP. If you are satisfied with the tutorials, you can always learn the advanced concepts by paying the subscription. This particular course is useful for many real-life applications, especially if you are working on a website designing company. This course will allow you to gain promotions quickly and get a job after completing this course. The concepts are explained along with examples that can be executed for a practical experience. The project covered in this particular course will allow you to understand the concept by practically working on it. You can also use the project you have developed at the end of your interviews to get the job quickly.

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What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

PHP scripting language is popularly used as a replacement for certain other languages like ASP. This particular scripting language is usually combined with the HTML programming language to provide proper interaction of the web pages with the server. They allow the user to access the information from the server easily. The basic level video tutorials are completely free, and there explain in detail the basic concepts, including the introduction. After learning them, you can subscribe to the advanced level video tutorials that are available and the examples. Now you can work practically and understand the concept at a better rate. 

What will you learn in this course?

This entire course is available in Tamil, and it explains in detail all the concepts of the PHP Scripting language. The basic introduction to the advanced date and time fixation and everything related to the web page’s interaction with the server is explained in detail. All the operators and array details are explained along with example and definition. The examples of suitable for practical implementation. From the basic installation to the final project completion, everything in this course is concentrated on practical knowledge so that after learning, you can directly start working without any training. 

What you get in this course?

  • 10+ Hours Android Course Videos in Tamil.
  • Lifetime Access to the course.
  • No advertisement.
  • One time payment.

Course Content

  • Introduction To PHP
  • PHP Prerequisites
  • What Are The Topics Covered In This Course
  • How To Install PHP On Windows?
  • Basic Syntax Of PHP
  • Is PHP A Case Sensitive Language?
  • How To Comment In PHP?
  • PHP Echo & Print Statements
  • How To Declare Variable In PHP?
  • What Are PHP DataTypes?
  • PHP String & Numbers
  • What Are Constants in PHP?
  • If | If Else | Switch in PHP
  • What Are PHP Match Functions?
  • Loops In PHP
  • PHP Arithmetic Operators Theory & Program
  • PHP Comparison Operators Theory & Program
  • PHP Logical Operators Theory & Program
  • PHP Assignment Operators Theory & Program
  • PHP Increment & Decrement Operator
    PHP String Operations
  • PHP Conditional | Ternary Operator
  • PHP Super Globals
  • PHP Functions Theory & Code
  • PHP Arrays Theory & Code
  • PHP Regex Theory & Code
  • PHP Include & Require Theory & Code
  • PHP Cookies & Sessions
  • PHP Date & Time
  • PHP Form Handling
  • PHP OOPs concepts in Detail

What are available in the Free course?

The entire course is divided into three different levels like basic, medium, and high-level video tutorials. The basic level video tutorials are available as a free version so that anyone interested in learning this concept can access them without thinking about the money paid. If you are satisfied with the free video tutorials, you can go for the advanced levels by paying for them. 

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How will this course help you to get a job?

Getting a job nowadays can be a hectic process, but learning this course will allow you to understand all the PHP scripting language concepts combined with the HTML embedding process. This course will enable you to get a job quickly in some of the multinational companies. These companies are now involved in creating websites for their clients. The market is now increased with job opportunities for website designers. Learning this concept and the other programming languages like HTML and graphic designing will allow you to become an expert in website designing and start your own business on this concept. 

What job roles you can apply for after completing the course?

After completing this course, you can join some of the multinational companies as a website developer, programming manager, server manager, and a person who works in the back-end. You can also start your own business that involves website designing and database maintenance. Website designers’ job opportunities are in abundance, and hence you can work as a freelancer where you can take a project and complete them. Show the job opportunities for this particular course is available at a higher rate, and hence after subscribing, you have and have access to the video tutorials for a lifetime. Even if you have any doubts while working, you can refer to these tutorials in the middle

Why should I enroll in the paid version?

As mentioned above, once you are completed with the easy-level video tutorials, you can then go for the course’s paid version, which contains the intermediate and higher-level video tutorials. These advanced level tutorials have some of the advanced concepts, including the codes and other concepts responsible for creating a responsive web page by embedding the code within the HTML. 

The entire course is explained in the Tamil language, and hence it is easier for you to understand. All the video tutorials can be accessed anytime once you have subscribed to the course. The project will allow you to understand the concept on a practical level and implement them when required. To subscribe to this course and get a promotion or a job in the best companies in the world. 

Where can I get this paid course?