Python Course in Tamil

Python is one of the new programming languages that has been ruling the market with its advantages over C and other programming languages. Read the passage below to know more about Python and to learn it through our tutorial.

தமிழில் Python Programming Language கற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்

programming lineThe usage of programming languages has been increasing recently with the development of digital applications and website applications. Initially, people used just a simple computer but nowadays there are multiple numbers of devices like computer tablets and mobile phones that contain multiple software and applications for assisting you in your work. It is essential to develop applications from time to time depending upon people’s requirements. One of the most common programming languages that are being used all over the world is the C programming language. But along with it nowadays people also learn other programming languages like Java and python which are much more advanced when compared to the C programming language. Python is one such programming language that is much easier than C language and has features that are more or less equal to the Java and C programming language. Python is an open-source programming language that contains libraries with a huge collection of various templates and frameworks which can be modified and used depending upon your requirement. This programming language can be installed easily by using simple steps and they are easy to maintain. They are not just a simple open-source library but they also can act as support for other types of programming concepts kike structured programming, Object-oriented programming, and functional programming. So learning Python is essential if you are trying to get a job in today’s software field. 

This programming language is not popularly taught in colleges but it is an essential requirement in your requirement. Also, there are people working in the software industry who had been working even before Python came into existence and gained popularity. So both the students and workers can learn Python through our special video course during your free time. The entire course is covered using video tutorials. So learning Python will be much easier and you can also work out the coding on the side during the class. The course is created in such a way that it will provide you with enough practice suitable for joining a company and working there. The entire course is divided into three parts as basic intermediate and high-level video tutorials. For the sake of your convenience, we offer the basic video tutorials for free while the intermediate and high-level video tutorials should be subscribed. If you are satisfied with our basic level video tutorials then you can subscribe for the entire course and enjoy learning whenever you are free.

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What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course?

This Python course is designed in such a way that it can be learned easily through video tutorials. Right from the basic concepts to the advanced coding part, every single detail is covered in this entire course. Learning this course will make you eligible for attending the job interviews and work in the software industries as a Python expert. This course explains in detail the basic structure and history of Python along with the steps involved in installing the software. After installing the software, the course explains the concepts of Python and various coding techniques, including If else, loop, string program, List, Tuples program, various functions, etc. It also teaches you how to use the software during various requirements like application development, software testing, in scripting and automation, and also in Data science.

What will you learn in this course?

This course is not just about the basic concept of Python, but it also teaches you how to use the software in work-related situations. The entire course is designed in such a way that it is based upon practical applications rather than just learning the theory. So after learning the whole concept of Python, you will be able to work in some of the most popular software-based companies in the world like Accenture, Oracle, and Cognizant. Learning the basics is none the most important requirement as they form the entire fundamental basis for the software. Our course offers free basic video tutorials so that you can understand the fundamental concepts clearly and then subscribe to learn the other coding concepts. 

What you get in this course?

  • 5+ Hours Python Course Videos in Tamil.
  • Lifetime Access to the course.
  • No advertisement.
  • One time payment.

Course Content

  • What is Python? [Class – 1]
  • Python Environment in Tamil | Python Development Setup in Tamil [Class – 2]
  • Python IDE for Windows [Class – 3]
  • Python Hello World Program [Class – 4]
  • Python DataTypes [Class – 5]
  • Python Comments [Class – 6]
  • Python If Else [Class – 7]
  • Python If Else Program [Class – 8]
  • Python for loop [Class – 9]
  • Python for loop program [Class – 10]
  • Python for increment program [Class – 11]
  • Python String Tutorial [Class – 12]
  • Python String Program Part – 1 [Class – 13]
  • Python List Theory [Class – 14]
  • Python List Program Part – 1 [Class – 15]
  • Python Tuples Theory [Class – 16]
  • Python Tuples Program [Class – 17]
  • Python Dictionary Theory [Class – 18]
  • Python Dictionary Program Part – 1 [Class – 19
  • Python Set Theory [Class – 20]
  • Python Set Program [Class – 21]
  • Python Comparison [Class – 22]
  • Python Functions Theory [Class – 23]
  • Python Functions Program [Class – 24]
  • Python Exception Theory [Class – 25]
  • Python Exception Program [Class – 26]
  • Python Custom Exceptions [Class – 27]

Python Import Tutorial [Class – 28]
Python Class Basics Tutorial [Class – 29]
Python Constructors Tutorial [Class – 30]
Python Static Method Tutorial [Class – 31]
What is inheritance in Python? [Class – 32]
Python Inheritance Program Part -1 [Class – 33]
Python Inheritance Program Part – 2 [Class – 34]
How to access private members in Python? [Class – 35]
Python File Operations [Class – 36]
Python File Operation Program Part – 1 [Class – 37]
Python File Operation Program Part – 2 [Class – 38]
Python Database Theory [Class – 39]
Python Database Practical Part – 1 [Class – 40]
Python SQLite Database Practical Part – 2 [Class – 41]
Python SQLite Database Practical Part – 3 [Class – 42]
Python Abstract Class [Class – 43]
Python Abstract Class Program [Class – 44]
Python MySQL Database Practical [Class – 45]
Python Date & Time [Class – 46]
Python Regex Theory [Class – 47]
Python Regex Practical Program [Class – 48]
Python Iterator [Class – 49]
Python Decorator [Class – 50]
Python Decorator Program [Class – 51]
Python Map & Zip Theory [Class – 52]
Python Map & Zip Program [Class – 53]
Python Job Opportunities [Class – 54]

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How will this course help you to get a job?

Learning python can provide you with a large number of job opportunities in the software field either as a developer or a tester. Working in the software company either as a tester or developer is one of the most obvious working choices for most people while other options can be considered for work. They include data analyst, python programmer, financial analyzer, and educator. Even if you are not interested in moving your career in the direction of a hectic career like being a Python developer for a software developer using Python in the software company you can always choose to become an educator of the Python language. This entire course is designed specifically to meet up with these job opportunities regardless of their importance. 

What Job roles can you apply after completing the course?

After competing for this course, you can apply for a large number of jobs. Some of the common job opportunities available for Python in the market include, 

Data journalist – Python is mainly used for sorting out and analyzing data. If you have good skills in writing, then you can become a data journalist where you can sort, analyze, and visualize the data. This is mainly because of the availability of a large number of open-source libraries present within the Python software. 

Financial advisors – If you have good financial knowledge, then you can become a financial advisor by using the python language to analyze the financial data. Python has some large libraries with a collection of many templates and frameworks that can be used for analyzing the data. 

Software developer – Becoming a software developer is one of the most obvious job choices for people learning Python. You can also get a job as a software tester and move your job positions further up in the company with your knowledge in Python. 

Educator – While there are a lot of people who learn Python and become developers and testers, there is also a requirement for people who can teach Python and create numerous developers and testers. 

Data analyst – This is a job that involves a constant analysis of data. This analysis can be done easily by using the Python programming language with the help of its libraries. 

Along with this, there are various other Job roles related to Python programming language. Learning Python will be beneficial for you in terms of getting placed and getting a salary between 4 lakhs to 19 lakhs per year. 

What are available in the Free course?

Sometimes it might be difficult for people to subscribe for a course, especially the online ones without looking into it. People might have a fear of the quality and efficiency of the course. So to make it easier for you, we offer free tutorials in the course. The basic video tutorials are available for free, and you can easily understand the basic concepts and the quality of our tutorial. Later you can subscribe to the entire tutorial.

Why should I enrol in the paid version?

Enrolling for the entire paid version will be a perfect choice for your future career and prospects. The free tutorials teach you the basic concepts only. But to learn the advanced concepts and become an expert in Python you have to subscribe to the complete version. The entire video tutorials are available in Tamil, making it easier for you to learn the concepts in detail. To enrol for the paid version to understand the concepts and then get placed in a multinational company.

Where can I get this paid course?

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