Best Book For Learning Database

DBMS is a familiar concept used in most of the areas of the software industry. To learn it there are many books available in the market. But to learn clearly, you have to purchase a useful book. Read below to learn about some of the famous books available in the market.

The database management system is a concept that is commonly used in all the major companies and also by website users, especially in the case of e-commerce websites and social media-based applications.  The data entered by the client and users are registered in the form of the database, and they are managed using the special DBMS software or database management system software. The commands used for receiving and modifying these data are written using the MySQL, programming language used for DBMS. Most of the queries made in the database management system software are done by using the MySQL programming language. Learning this concept will allow you to work on the database and also to perform data mining and data warehousing within the software.

This concept is employed in most of the software companies and also used in several individual companies. Most of the e-commerce websites and other websites that collect the data from the users manage their data in the servers using the concept of the database management system. Getting a job after learning this concept will be quite straightforward. But there are several books in the market about the same idea. So it is essential to choose the perfect book that will allow you to learn the concept in detail right from the basics. 

Introduction to Database Systems, CJ Date, Pearson

C.J.Date is one of the famous personalities in the area of database management systems. He has researched in detail the concept of the database management system. He also has been working as a lecturer in the same field. He worked as one of the developers in IBM for creating SQL/DS and DB2. This book, written by the author, is written in simple language and has sold over half a million copies. In his book, the author has explained all the technical concepts of the database management system right from the basics. This book is suitable for all types of readers despite their knowledge of the idea of the database management system. You can be a beginning level reader, or you can be an expert in database management system it doesn’t matter. This book explains all the concepts right from the basics to the most advanced coding from the SQL part. 


The first chapter called the preliminaries explains in detail about the various basic concepts of database management systems, including its definitions, architecture, the idea of relational database and about SQL in particular. Learning the fundamental concepts is essential as it will allow you to understand the upcoming concepts in detail. The next chapter explains in detail about the relational models and their functions. The others are about the design of a database management system, including normalisation. 


The remaining topics explain in detail about the concept of performance management and security. Also provide proper information about objects, XML, and relations in particular. Learning about database management systems from this book will allow you to understand all the fundamental concepts in detail before it teaches you about the advanced concepts. The main aim of the author is to make you an expert in database management systems just by learning these concepts from the book. This book can be used for both teaching the concepts and also as a guide for consulting. The command and the codes that are given in this book can be executed in your computer. You can verify the results and learn in the future. Every single concept is explained in detail with a short example and codes. Mastering this concept will allow you to work in some of the best companies in the world as a database manager, developer and controller. 

Database management systems, by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke, Tata McGraw Hill, Third Edition.

The database management system is a simple concept, and learning it is quite easy. To find this concept, it is necessary to either attend a course or learn them through a book by yourself.  After understanding the importance of this concept, the education system has included it in the syllabus of all the software related courses, including engineering. So learning DBMS is essential if you are looking forward to working on a job in the future. This book is written by two different authors Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke. 

The author Raghu Ramakrishnan is a prominent personality in the area of the database management system.  He works as a researcher in DBMS and has conducted several types of research in the area. He also has been working as a Vice President and research fellow for yahoo. Initially, he was working as a professor at the University of Wisconsin for nearly 22 years and then worked as a technical fellow in Microsoft. The other author Johannes Gehrke is a German computer scientist and has been working as a technical fellow at Microsoft.  The author has an in-depth knowledge of DBMS, distributed systems, and data mining. Because of these two authors, this book is widely preferred by people all over the world. It is considered as one of the essential books for learning the concept of the database management system. This book is also used by most of the universities as their subject book. Solar running from this book will be useful for understanding the concept right from the primary and also learning the advance to ideas. This book offers practical solutions to most of the commonly occurring issues while operating on a database management system software. 

This book explains in detail the concept of the database management system and also about data warehousing and data mining. The books initially start with the basic concepts of database management systems and its definitions and then continues to explain the idea of the relational database and various other types of the database available in the market. It also describes how to alter the database by issuing multiple commands using the MySQL software. Every single concept explained in this book is given along with the example so that it would be easier for the users to understand and execute. These commands can be completed online, and hence this book is both theoretical and practical. It teaches you how to write the queries and how to make changes in a table. It also shows how to alter the database and perform activities on it. Learning from this book will increase your knowledge and allow you to work with a multinational company or as a freelancer by managing databases from various institutions. Even if you have learnt about the concept of database management system previously in your college or as a separate course, this book will allow you to refresh your memory from time to time and use it as a guide when you have any doubts while working. 

Database systems designs, implementation, and management, Peter Rob and Carlos Coronal 7th edition

The database management system is a simple concept that can be learnt even by yourself. So just by having a book, you can learn the idea within a few months. Two different experienced authors write the book. Peter Rob has been working on the field of the database management system as a researcher, technical analyst and teacher for more than 50 years. The other author Carlos Coronal is currently working as a lab director and has nearly 27 years of experience in the field of the database management system. Both of these authors have worked together to create a book. This book can be used as an essential guide for DBMS. 

This book initially explains the concept of a database management system along with its basic definitions. Every single example given in this book has been tested and perfected according to the current practical applications and requirements.  So learning the concept from this book will be more efficient both theoretically and practically. The book also includes some of the advanced concepts like database connectivity, database tuning, and query optimisation. It also offers a variety of SQL based queries and practice sections that you can perfect for your future jobs. This book includes multiple colour diagrams and examples with screenshots of the actual execution in detail.  Every single concept in this book is explained clearly, and even a person who does not have any knowledge about the software and database can learn about DBMS in detail. 

All the three books mentioned above have been used widely by the people in the market. They are simple and suitable for all types of readers.  So learning about the concept of DBMS using this book will allow you to understand the idea and become an expert within a short period. All these three books are available online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. They can also be purchased from other sources like the shops and the publications. Learn the concept using this book and also try to practically implement the examples given on the side for understanding it in detail.