How To Apply For Air Hostess Job After 12th

One of the reasons that an air hostess/flight steward position ranks quite high when compared to other careers is on account of the high remuneration, pay grade, and lucrative opportunities. And the good news is that you do not have to be highly qualified to apply for this position since all you would require is a 10th / 12th graduation or even a diploma from a reputed institute.

The Eligibility Criteria:

If you have ever wondered as to how to apply for a hostess job after the 12th, then do read on to learn more about the process, and the procedure that you would have to follow. But before that, you may want to go over the eligibility criteria to see that you meet the same.

  • You would need to be fluent in English, not just written but spoken English as well
  • You would have to be between 19-27 years of age
  • You must have a 10, 12th pass as well as have cleared a hospitality diploma, from one of the reputed institutions.
  • You must also meet the minimum weight and height requirements; the height requirements, in general, are 5 meters and 10 inches.
  • You need to have an Indian passport and must be medically fit before you can apply for an air hostess job
  • You need to have a pleasing personality as well as a fair complexion

If you meet the requirements listed above, then just review “how to apply for a hostess job after 12th” and follow due process. You must attach supporting documents, as required with your application. 

A good idea would be to enroll yourself in an air hostess course that should provide you with in-depth information on what an air hostess / in-flight steward’s job is all about and you can prepare for the same accordingly.

While the various institutes would be able to provide you with adequate training and prepare you for an air hostess job, it all comes down to deft handling and being able to handle any emergency that should arise. 

An air hostess can handle most emergencies while calming the passengers down. And primarily, an air hostess job comes down to the same, being able to set the other’s mind at ease.

While it might seem a tad superficial, an air hostess must always present a clean and pleasant appearance. And that means that you would be required to groom yourself to perfection, from head to your toes. 

Do keep in mind that some airlines have strict dress codes in place, for their air hostess and others alike and this may vary from one to the other. But this dress code has seen some changes over the past few decades and is likewise, subject to changes in due course.

Key Benefits:

Here are some benefits that you can look forward to, as an air hostess/flight steward.

  • You get to visit several nations, intermingle with various cultures
  • You can look forward to favorable remuneration packages.
  • Job satisfaction
  • Key benefits including medical
  • Paid leave and fewer working days
  • Key career opportunities

These are some of the essential benefits that you can look forward to, as an air hostess.

Check and Confirm about the Institution and Your offer:

While there are more than a few air hostess institutions that offer air hostess courses, along with practical training – only a few rank well enough. So, if you are planning to enroll in an air hostess/flight steward course, you may first want to do a background check on the institution and confirm if they are indeed reputable. You might also want to confirm that they offer placement services to their graduates as well. This is the basic information as to how you apply for an air hostess/ flight steward job after the 12th graduation.