What Is Job Satisfaction?

If you are wondering “what is job satisfaction,” you may want to check out the rest of the article. The clue is in the moniker. If you are satisfied with your current job and workplace responsibilities – then that’s job satisfaction. 

Moreover, if you are deciding between various job offers, “job satisfaction” is one criterion that can help you choose the right offer!

The concerned job should have favorable working conditions, a good salary, sizable health insurance, and other perks. All of these should well answer the query, “what is job satisfaction?” 

Being satisfied with your current job makes it less likely, that you will consider a new job offer. Just check out some of the main points listed below, and you should get a better idea of job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is often one of the dominant factors that most job applicants use to decide among various job offers. They are also the main reason why some applicants opt to resign from their current jobs right away. 

Essentially, it has to do with the psychology of the individual employee – whether he is satisfied with his current job or not. It could be anything from his current workplace atmosphere, responsibilities, corporate culture, pay packet, health insurance plans, etc.


When it comes to determining your overall job satisfaction and figuring out just how satisfied you are with your current job – you are likely to consider current compensation and working conditions. 

Compensation is essential to job satisfaction – your current satisfaction may no longer feel adequate, given your current responsibilities or working conditions. For example, your working hours may have increased from six to over ten PM daily. 

You may no longer get Saturdays off and fewer holidays. All these can force you to evaluate your current compensation and working conditions and determine if it’s worth it.

 Work-life balance:

Work-life balance in one’s life is often another reason for most applicants to leave/ resign from their current post. The work-life balance is about handling a specific responsibility satisfactorily and being able to spend quality time with one’s family. 

As an employee, you may find that striking the right balance between one’s life and work often gets tricky. It can cause you to evaluate your current job’s pros and cons and even contemplate resigning from your current post!


One of the reasons that you may no longer feel satisfied with your current job is likely to be because it is no longer challenging. Some professionals often resign from their current jobs for the same reason – it is no longer a challenge. 

Granted, it could well be that they can complete their tasks well ahead of schedule or the current tasks are mind-numbingly dull. Either way, since they are no longer challenging or mentally stimulating, they cannot commit themselves to the tasks. Given this, they often deem it necessary to resign from their current post!


When it comes to a large workplace, incidents of friction are bound to happen, and they often do, in large companies. Employees often cite a lack of respect or acceptance as one of the key reasons they no longer feel satisfied with their current posts. 

They can often use this excuse to request other job posts or even to resign from the company altogether. It must be pointed out that each worker must feel like their opinion is valued and respected. And a lack of adequate respect or acceptance could lead a person to quit his post.

Career growth:

Employees often cite “career growth” as one of the key reasons they opt to resign from their current posts. Nearly every employee likes to have strong career growth and not something that remains stagnant over the years. 

After all, would you not want to work at the same job with the same responsibilities for over a decade? And that’s where the “job satisfaction” comes in and why you feel the need to evaluate your current working conditions.

And this is what job satisfaction is all about. And it’s also why there had been a great wave of resignations during this post-pandemic period. Good luck!