What is Resume Headline?

If you are wondering what is resume headline? Look no further; we will explain in detail the resume headline and all the relevant aspects in the passage for your reference.

Resume Headline is your summarized introduction on the top of the resume. It shows skills, experience, and why you are suitable for the job. It is an important part of the resume because it is the first thing the recruiter notices in the resume. HR decides to move ahead with the other sections of the resume after reading the resume headline.

Freshers and Experienced both need to know what is resume headline and its importance for showcasing your skills and experience in the resume.

The ideal place for a resume headline is after your contact information. It should be short, concise, and clear enough for the recruiter to understand your value addition qualities for the organization.

Benefits of Adding Resume Headline

Experienced candidates can show their work exposure in a few words to generate interest instantly.

Fresher candidates can write education and skill in their resume title to get the attention of the recruiter. If the recruiter has posted a vacancy for a fresher, he is looking for skills and education, so don’t hesitate to write a resume title without experience.

An impressive and organized Resume Headline is a necessary part of the resume in the highly competitive job market. If your headline contains vital skills and experience in rightly chosen words, your resume will stand apart from the crowd.

Hiring managers spend only about five to six seconds to decide whether to move ahead with the resume or skip to the next resume, your headline makes the difference. Write a short and impressive headline to increase chances for the further interview process.

The resume headline gives an overview of the candidature in a nutshell.

How to write an impressive resume headline?

The resume headline should be after contact information on the resume. It is vital to put it on the top for the recruiter to see it within a few seconds and decide upon moving ahead with the candidature.

Write all characters in capital letters. It will increase visibility and show importance on the resume. The hiring manager can find it instantly, and the headline will be distinguishable from other content.

Write in capitals, increase the size, and bold the characters to show their importance compared to other content on the resume. This is crucial because you want the employer to see the headline first.

If you have understood what is resume headline, you must write a relevant and correct headline because it is the deciding factor for the job you have applied for.

When to write a resume headline?

The headline should be encouraging for recruiters to dig further into the resume. If you have experience and relevant skills for the job, mention them in the resume headline with relevant keywords.

If your skills are relevant for the job, the headline will set your resume apart from other applicants.

In the case of freshers, mention major educational qualification and skill-set for the job in the headline. It will boost the chances of shortlisting for the interview process.

Difference between Resume Headline and Resume Profile

People often get confused between what is resume headline and what is a resume profile. But there is a slight difference between them if you are writing a resume for the job.

A resume headline is mostly a sentence with keywords about the experience, education, and skills. At the same time, Resume Profile is a couple of sentences describing in detail.


A resume headline is a crucial differentiator for the resume among hundreds of resumes. Understand the purpose and tips to write a stunning resume title for the resume and improve chances of selection for the job.