Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Reasons for leaving a previous position can vary – from monetary remuneration, pay packet, working conditions, or the fact that the current job offers little or no career prospects. It may seem trivial, but the reality is that most job applicants often leave their respective positions for the reasons mentioned earlier.

More often than not, the question, “why did you leave your last job,” is often asked by a recruitment agency or an employer in the middle of the interview. And that’s reason enough to put some effort into formatting a satisfactory reply.

And that usually means it is better to be candid about the perennial question of “why did you leave your last job.” Of course, no one is asking you to be too candid if the query involves telling everyone about the last time you hit your boss.

No employer, irrespective of how open-minded they claim to be during the interview, often turns out to be for real. And smacking your ex-employer one is one for the books, better to be shared at a much later date, and not now. Just review them, and learn what to look for when selecting a job offer.

● Job responsibility:

A recent HR study discovered that “job responsibility” often became one of the main reasons behind so many resignations. And from a personal perspective, I can agree regarding the same. For starters, the company that had employed me offered little or no space for career growth.

Moreover, to label my job as ‘humdrum’ would not be an exaggeration either. The last job offered little by way of responsibilities. And the ones that came with the position were often menial and something that a high school dropout could accomplish on one of his off days. So if you were to ask me, I would factor in “job responsibility” as one of the top reasons why many employees often find the need to resign these days.

● Low pay scale:

Imagine having to report nearly daily for a menial job with little or no responsibilities. Now imagine being offered a downright insulting remuneration package on top of this. And what took the cake was that my ex-company had expected me to work 10 hours and nearly every day of the week.

That’s enough to make you think, right? Now, you can imagine how I felt under these inhuman conditions. A tedious job without much responsibility was bad enough to go with it. But to get paid in dollars and cents, with a pay scale that’s probably tagged as “competitive” in Ethiopia, is enough to give one the blues. And that’s why I started hunting for new job opportunities, with more responsibilities, a better pay scale, and one sure to prove challenging.

● Unhealthy working conditions:

Given how the Coronavirus is still ravaging the world, it should not be a surprise that Health and health insurance are some of the main concerns for employees everywhere. Frankly, it did not matter much to me, at least not until Coronavirus hit the shores. And that’s how I ended up working under pandemic-ridden conditions.

Better yet, I could see why working at a company that provides adequate healthcare insurance and a detailed healthcare plan for all its employees made sense. And the last company offered little to no healthcare insurance, nor did they bother to institute any healthcare protocol in place. Naturally, to say that I was concerned would be an understatement and hence the reason why I felt the need to resign from my post with immediate effect.

These are some reasons I had to leave my last job. You may even want to check them out, as you are liable to have experienced the same recently.