Resume Tips

Do you want to know resume writing tips for an impressive resume? If yes, stay through the passage to know relevant tips for reference and make an interesting resume.

A resume is the first introduction in front of the hiring manager and future employer. It should be properly written with major highlights of the career and education. Your every section should be relevant as per the job description given by the company in the advertisement. If we go through website job descriptions and online materials, certain specific resume tips can be deciphered from the sources.

These tips can be useful to understand how to write a resume and create a stunning first impression. A good resume helps you to land the interview and chance to get the dream job or first job of your career.

We have shortlisted major tips for an impressive resume. Refer them in the following paragraphs and apply them to your resume for selection in the personal interview round.

Major resume writing tips to consider

Contact information

Contact information on the top section of the resume is a vital part of the job application. Check everything, including contact number, email id, address, and full name. Spelling should be correct, and phone numbers should be active & reachable.

If you are from a creative field such as photographer, writer, etc., add a portfolio or website link. Also, attach a link to social media accounts.

Resume introduction and objective

One of the most common writing practices is to copy-paste the resume objective and introduction from the web. Tweak it a little and insert it in the resume. Don’t do this if you want to stand apart from the crowd.

Write a concise introduction and objective. Communication should be clear about your current status, expectation from a future employer, and future goals in the career.

Contact information, introduction, and resume objectives, in the beginning, encourage the hiring manager to move ahead with the resume. If it is lengthy, irrelevant, they will skip it for another candidate.

Achievement-oriented experience section

The most important section in the resume if you are an experienced candidate. If you wonder how to make an attractive resume, you must excel in the art of writing experience section smartly.

For freshers, this section contains internships, projects, and a thesis.

Write in reverse-chronological order. The current company or immediate ex-company should be on the top, followed by other companies. Write three or four company’s experience if you have working experience of more than ten years.

In the job role description, write your value addition to the company. There should be proper details about the project; skills applied for problem solution and operation. Mention how your efforts have improved the revenue or performance of the company or team.

Use exact details in qualification

The education section is crucial for freshers. Job aspirants should insert exact numbers, including decimals in marks and dates. Course duration should have correct dates as per original documents.

Any mismatch in record and resume can be troublesome at the time of joining and further the onboarding process.

Focus on skill section

The skill section should be relevant as per the job description given by the HR department. You should do proper research and develop a better understanding of skills to know how to make a resume.

There are a couple of ways to research the required skills for the job applied for.

  • Go to job portals such as,, etc., type keywords in the job search box. Go to any vacancy and see job responsibilities given by the respective company.
  • Read the job description given by the company you have applied to.
  • Search on google and websites with tools for job search & analysis.

Listing of skills

After searching for the relevant skills required for the job, make a list of your skills into hard and soft skills categories. Hard skills are technical and soft skills are communication methods. Compare your skills with required skills and make a final skill list.

Insert the final list into the skill section and improve the quality of the application.

Certificates, rewards, and hobbies

Though these are optional sections of the resume, they add value to the resume. Certificates in relevant skills and study areas will help at the workplace. Rewards in previous jobs show your abilities and professionalism.

Write hobbies and interests with a proper understanding of the job requirement. Do some online research about the target company and top management, preferably on LinkedIn. This will make you aware of their interest, and you can write relevant hobbies & interests in the resume.

You must write certificates, rewards, and hobbies correctly and be ready to justify in front of the interviewer.

Formatting tips

  • Freshers should keep their resumes within one page. This could be extending up to two pages with experience and other achievements over the career.
  • Write your version by taking inspiration from samples on the web. Do not copy any section.
  • Each job category demands a different format and structure. Decide on a format and write accordingly. One of the most used and renowned formats is the reverse-chronological method.
  • Font size should be 12, and make headings bold. Keep general and easily readable font types such as Times New Roman, Ariel, etc.
  • Arrange color patterns as per the industry.

Review and conclusion

A resume is different from a CV, and you must maintain the difference to understand how to prepare a resume. A resume should contain major highlights of the career and educational phase, and it should be professional, short, effective, and relevant as per the job role.

After writing all the sections as per the tips, it’s time to review the content. Use online apps and software to check grammatical errors and plagiarism. After verifying all the data and details, conclude the resume.

A resume is your first introduction before hiring manager, so make it appealing and relevant.