How To Send Resume In Email?

If you are wondering what to write in an email for sending a resume effectively, stay through the passage. We will explain the step by step process to send an impressive resume in email.

The resume is the first interaction between you and the hiring team of the company. It should be interesting enough to call for the interview process. Make sure to make your email appealing and informative about yourself.

To know what to write in an email for sending a resume, you should also know about subject line writing and email body content. All three parts of the email should be well structured, professional, correct in content, and relevant to the job opening.

The objective of writing an effective email and sending a resume is to ensure the opening of the mail by HR.

Let’s go through some of the tips to know what to write in an email for sending a resume.

Format of the resume for attachment

In most of the job descriptions, the HR team mentions the format for sending resumes. The usual resume format for job applications is PDF and DOCX. If the company has mentioned a specific format, send the resume in that form only; if there is no fixed format in the job description, you can use either docx or pdf.

Pros and Cons of PDF format


  • Resume format remains safe and preserved
  • The file size is smaller, and it’s easy to open and review by the HR team
  • It is not possible to alter or change PDF file accidentally


  • Sometimes not able to change instantly proves disadvantageous
  • Filters to track job applications by the HR team might not be able to track PDF file

Pros and Cons of DOCX


  • Anybody can access the doc file
  • Easy to read and edit
  • Applicant Tracking System can identify the word format


  • PDF format’s main advantage is protection against accidental changes or alteration in the resume. DOCX does not have such a feature; there are chances of accidental alteration, changes or deletion of some portions.
  • If the sender and recipient’s installed fonts are different, the document could be messed up.

Mention and review attachment

Search the hiring manager’s name and address him/her in the mail body. Mention “please find the attached resume” in the mail body. Gmail, Yahoo and others have notification features.

In case you wrote an attachment and skipped attaching any document. There will be pop-ups to remind you to attach your resume.

This is a pretty supportive feature. Don’t try to forget attachment, and it leaves a very bad impression on HR. It shows casual and unorganized behavior, which are not desirable for any job aspirant. You need to know what to write in an email for sending a resume to avoid such mistakes.

Review and conclude

Before hitting the send button, review the content, edit wherever required. Take the help of an online grammar and spell checker to send a correct and impressive resume in email for a successful call for the interview.