How to Write Profile Summary in Resume?

Wondering how to write a profile summary in a resume? Be with us; we will explain the step-by-step process to write an effective profile summary for your reference.

Profile summary talks about you and your value addition skills for the job to the employer. It speaks about you before the hiring manager. Given its importance, structure, and content, both are vital for an engaging and effective resume. Profile summary provides an overview of the entire resume, so it needs to be organized, relevant, and properly written.

Job aspirants often feel confused about how to write a profile summary in a resume and making the candidature appealing for the employer.

Tips for writing profile summary

To-the-point content

Profile summary needs to be short and concise. Include key points of the resume in summary. It is your introduction to the employer to encourage him to read your complete resume.

Writing long passages for profile summary is not advisable because your motive should be to attract the recruiter to read further, not giving all the information in summary. So, keep it short, include relevant keywords and significant points.

Always write a profile summary with an indication of further elaboration in the respective section of the resume.

Avoid Factual Errors

Profile Summary is the section to showcase your skills, achievement, and awards. When you mention achievements, rewards, etc., double-check facts, including organizer details, date of the event, and everything related to the achievement and award.

You need to know how to write a profile summary in a resume with correct information because hiring managers will observe the profile summary before other sections of the resume. If found any mismatch between information shared and official information, your candidature will be rejected.

Do not generalize facts and information. Employers want to see job relevant skills in the profile summary, so write relevant and specific information that enhances your selection probability.

Be optimistic in content

You must seem positive and optimistic in the profile summary to get hired. Your tone should sound positive for the employer. Employers hire those people who always see solutions to the problems, not cringing about problems and difficulties.

It shows essential skills such as pressure handling, decision-making, etc., for the workplace.

Compile Information

To write a well-structured profile summary, you need to do some research and preparation. Make a list of skills, achievements, and work experience, including internships, jobs, etc., and compare them with the required skills mentioned in the job description.

After compiling and comparing, start writing a profile summary with unique qualities, skills, etc.

Formatting and writing style

Profile summary should be on the top of the resume. Keep standard font size 12, make the content bold, and acceptable font styles such as Ariel, Time New Roman, etc.

About content, active voice and verbs should be used. It shows confidence in your writing about qualifications, strength, skills, and experience.

Let’s go through an example of a profile summary for a better understanding of how to write a profile summary in a resume.’

Example: Profile summary for Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketer with five years of relevant work experience in managing SEO, SMM, PPC campaigns. Oversaw a campaign worth 20 crores in the last company.

Review and conclude

Take the help of an online grammar checker and rectify all the errors of grammar, punctuation, etc. Correctness and organized profile summary look more professional and impressive. Employers will see this as your eye for details and will help in projects at the workplace. Make a final copy after considering all the mentioned steps and tips to impress a future employer.