How to Write Educational Qualification in Resume for Freshers?

Are you searching for how to write education on a resume? Look no further; we will discuss all relevant aspects of this article to help you resume making effectively.

Educational qualification is the most important section of the resume if you are a fresh graduate or wanted to write a resume for the first job. As a fresher, candidates generally don’t have work experience, so it is essential to include all the educational and skills information in the resume, which will be relevant for the job you are applying for.

Here some of the tips will be helpful to understand how to write education on a resume. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

Complete details of the institute

To identify your school or college, you must write your full name in the education section. Abbreviations and short names are not recommended because these are difficult to identify and not professional.

Mention location details along with the name of the institute.

Example: Jadavpur University, Kolkata, WB

Degrees and mark sheet

After the institute name and location, write your degrees. Your degrees and certifications should be the same as per original documents. It is vital because the company will match your educational details on the resume and the documents submitted.

There should not be any mismatch; if it happens, it could lead to rejection of the candidature. So, be careful what you write.

Write the exact percentage of marks obtained. But in case your marks are not too impressive, write grades only. But in several instances, companies ask for a percentage; in that case, you have to furnish exact details; otherwise, your candidature might get canceled.

If you are in the final year, you can mention “pursuing” or “anticipated,” etc.

Certifications and awards

Certificates and awards complement your fresher resume perfectly. You should include all the relevant certifications in the education section. Use bullets to highlight these achievements.

If you are active in sports and have received awards and rewards during college, mention them here in the education section. These are very effective if your skills are useful for the company.

If you are good at team sports such as cricket, football, etc., employers consider this a good indication that you will be good for teamwork and leadership roles.

Course and project details

If you are wondering how to write education on a resume to make it appealing and better than other candidates, focus on the course and project details.

If your subject, project, or assignment is directly relevant to the job you are applying for. Mention all the details of the project or assignment in the education section. Use bullets to highlight the sections and major points.

Choose a heading for the education section

A catchy heading will stand you apart from the rest of the candidates. Select a relevant, effective, and unique title such as education and work-relevant skills, education and professional growth, etc.


Keep the same font throughout the resume, including the education section and other sections. Make it bold, use bullets, and keep standard font size 12 for the education section.

To make you better understand, kindly go through how to write educational qualifications in a resume example on the web.

Review and conclude

All content in the resume should be finalized after proper review. Use an online grammar checker and correct all the mistakes. To make the resume for freshers more effective, write extra-curricular activities, including community work, volunteer work, etc., along with the education section. The purpose of the education section should be to convey your gained skills and abilities during your studies and how you will employ them during your job at the workplace.