How to Mention An Internship In A Resume?

Want to know how to mention an internship in a resume? Look no further; refer to this passage for all the relevant information for the purpose.

An internship gives you practical experience, mostly at a real company and workplace. It is a vital experience for a new job or career change. It deserves to be placed with work experience. Never mention internship at the bottom of the resume.

If you have done an internship relevant to the job role, it will keep you ahead on the curve. The internship is mostly the most important proof of work for fresh graduates or someone who does not have much relevant work experience.

So, to reap the maximum benefit of an internship, it is essential to know how to mention an internship in a resume.

The internship is nothing less than a job. An intern does everything which an office staff does or even more. You should mention the internship as any job information on the resume.

Steps to include an internship in the resume

Start with the joining date and end date, the organization name, and address. Several internships happen season-wise, like summer internship, winter internship etc. If you have done an internship like this, mention accordingly in the section.

Your internship title. Don’t just write intern. Ask your manager or immediate senior, your position such as sales intern, Marketing intern etc., and write your designation name.

After the title, joining dates, and company details, it’s time to mention your roles and responsibilities. Write your work details in bullet points. Mention major work achievement or project details on which you have assisted.

How to write roles and responsibilities

Your job roles and responsibilities should be relevant as per the job description. For example, if you are writing a resume for content writing, mention your projects related to articles, blogs, SEO content etc. Don’t mention other tasks that do not relate to content jobs, such as meeting clients, managing the office, etc.

Still, if you cannot decide which role and responsibilities to mention, make a list of all tasks you were doing as an intern. Go to job responsibilities given by the target company, write down all matching skills in your list and the company’s job description.

Make another list of all matched roles and responsibilities. Include this list in the resume and apply.

Another method to know how to mention an internship in a resume is to ask your ex-manager for help. He/she will tell you the most relevant job responsibilities for the application. For this, you must have a good track record and rapport during the internship period.

Place to include internship on the resume

As mentioned earlier, an internship is just like any other job. It should be placed in the work experience section. Mention your internship experience as a job along with other job experiences.

If you have attended more than one internship in your career, make a separate section for internships. If you are changing career and internships are more relevant to the job description of the target company, put it on the top of the resume above work history.


This is how to mention an internship in a resume to make your profile impressive. Internship is a real-life experience, handling work pressure, solving real problems, handling clients etc. It should be given equal weightage as any full-time job.