How to Write Teaching Experience in A Resume?

Want to know how to write teaching experience in a resume? Stay through the passage to know all the tips and processes for writing an impressive teacher’s resume.

The education sector is very diverse, and people involved in teaching should be extra careful before inserting their teaching experience and skill sets for the job applied for. Students come from different geographies and cultural backgrounds; teachers need great soft skills to communicate with them.

You need to write a resume in a structured manner with a focus on teaching experience. Teaching as a profession is based on communication. Employers prefer to hire a person with relevant exposure in the profession so that the candidate can effectively interact with students, parents, and professionals.

Job aspirants need to know how to write teaching experience in a resume to better position themselves for the job.

A well-experienced teacher should include the following sections in his/her resume:

Educational Qualification

Teaching Experience

Teaching Skills


Certification and Awards

Teaching Experience


Teaching experience should be above educational experience. In candidates with years of experience, experience matters more than education. In a resume for a teacher job, education always matters because you need a stunning academic grade consistently to get a teacher’s job in a particular subject.


Write the latest experience on the top of the resume. It is followed by other experiences chronologically. Write all the details including subject, number of students handling, joining and leaving dates with reason, etc.

Font and layout

Keep font size at 12 and make the text bold. The layout should be professional in look and don’t try extra colors and design. Use active voice to show activeness and readiness to work.

Things to consider for inserting teaching experience

Review sample resumes

There are hundreds of sample resumes available online; refer to them for your teaching experience section of the resume. Review different content styles, structure, tonality, etc., and make your version.

Making your version does not mean copying anything; your content should be unique. You can take ideas from the web.

Reviewing and researching multiple resumes will give an idea about trending types of resume formats and how to write teaching experience in a resume in a most acceptable way as per the current preference of hiring managers.


Relevancy needs to be maintained in the teaching experience section. There are dozens of subjects and fields for which teachers apply for the job. Your teaching experience should be specific and exact as per job details are given in the mail by the HR or job portals.

Teaching experience should be in the same domain and subject. Otherwise, your experience would be irrelevant for the job. If your experience is in Math teaching and you are applying for Physics teacher, the recruiter will reject your candidature.

Again, relevancy should be there in category and level of teaching. If you have teaching experience of private tuition or coaching, you need to apply in private institutes; if you have teaching certificates, you can try schools, respectively, for colleges and universities, etc.

Review the content

After researching samples about a resume for a teacher job, the idea for inserting teaching experience in the resume, and relevant experience as per job, review your content.

A correct and verified content is the deciding factor of your candidature. All the experience, including institute name, duration of the job, subject handles, etc., should be correct. Any mismatch can lead to rejection.

Check grammar, punctuation of the content and correct any mistakes if found.


Consider these conditions to understand how to write teaching experience in a resume and make a complete resume that conveys your message specifically and correctly.