How To Create A Resume In Word?

Wondering how to create a resume in word? Stay through the passage to know the step-by-step process to make an impressive resume on word.

Writing a resume in MS Word is the most common method among job aspirants. People who change their jobs mid-career also use the word for resume making. Generally, people make resumes either for job portals profile completion or directly applying for the job through email. These days several recruiters prefer WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.

You must be wondering how to create a resume in word, including all the relevant information on the concerned job application. To help you out, there is a complete guide about writing a resume step by step in the following pointers.

Steps to form resume on the word

  • Choose a template from the word library
  • Choosing a suitable template is vital because it reflects on your candidature. There are thousands of templates available in MS word. Explore and select a professional-looking template.
  • MS word-File-New-More Templates-Resume and cover letter-select and hit create
  • You can edit your unique content here after clicking on the ‘create’ option.

Write an appealing resume header

The resume header should contain your full name, current job title, address, contact information, links to the page, channel, and social media platforms.

Career Objective

After writing the header, write a short and to-the-point career objective. It should contain your goals in the short term and long term, your expectations from the target organization, and how you will use your skills in the job applying for.

Career objective and resume header should be bold and preferably of larger font size than the rest of the resume.

Work Experience

Write work experience in a reverse-chronological manner. The latest or current job should be on the top and followed by second, third and so on. If you have experience in multiple companies, write the last three most relevant jobs.

If you are fresher and unsure how to create a resume in word and include experience, write about projects, an internship with complete details, and your job role.

Educational qualification

The educational experience is vital for freshers or someone who is shifting the industry because for freshers, you don’t have the experience to show, whereas if you are shifting the industry, your experience is irrelevant for the target company.

Write complete details, including dates, years, major subjects, percentage, grade, etc. Mention exact decimals and numbers in the marks section. All details should be correct and double-checked because HR will verify all details from the original document, and any mismatch will affect your joining process.

Other sections

You can add a skill section. Make two columns and write hard and soft skills relevant to the job role mentioned in the job description.

The optional section including hobbies, interest, certificates, etc. also add value to your resume. If you have some commendable extra-curricular experience, write that too. This is how to create a resume in word.

Review and conclude

Review all the sections for grammar and punctuation, use online software for confirmation, and finalize the resume on word.