How to Write Achievements in a Resume?

How to write achievement in a resume to make it more appealing? Stay with us to know tips and steps to inserting achievements in your resume and their significance.

There is a big difference between duties and achievements if we dig deeper. If you want to excel in a job interview or the workplace, focus on achievements, not on duties. HR searches for a candidate who can add value to the organization, who has practically done something in a previous stunt.

So, to make a first and effective impression through a resume, you need to know how to write achievements in a resume and improve the chances of selection for the interview.

Before moving ahead with how to write achievements in a resume, we must understand what achievement is and how it is different from duties or responsibilities.

What is achievement?

Achievement is work done by using the best of the skill, knowledge, and capacity. It creates a long-lasting impact on the company’s performance. It might be some crucial project execution, revenue improvement with some budgetary solutions, etc. In your resume, your achievement should show your value addition in your previous companies.

What are duties and responsibilities?

Duties and responsibilities are your work. It does not indicate how well you did it and your importance to the company.

Tips and steps to write achievements in a resume

Writing the achievement part in the resume is pretty tough. It needs a proper understanding of the term and how it is different from similar words as mentioned above. An achievement consists of three elements: skills, activity, and measurable outcome.

It is the application of the relevant skills to execute a particular job or project. The outcome of the effort should be measurable by organizational metrics. The benefit for the company should be clear and long-lasting.

For making a draft of the achievement section, ask yourself a few questions and write down the answers. It is a crucial part of the resume, so write multiple copies and select the best one.

Your questions should be what I did and how it will benefit the company.

Let’s go through one example to clarify the above questions for writing the achievement section in the resume.

What did I do?

Implemented new MIS method

How did my work benefit the company?

It will store the client’s data in real-time. It saved time and minimized error chances while typing manually. Improved the client’s experience and gave more business.

After writing down multiple copies and practicing how to write achievements in a resume, you can go ahead and insert them in the resume.

A couple of examples of achievements sentences for the resume

Organized launch campaign of a cab aggregator company with 30 percent profit on the total budget.

Wrote a content project of 60000 words in a month for a Europe-based client.

Review and conclude

Check the content for any grammatical and punctuation errors; rectify if found any. Revise, include and move ahead to write other sections of the resume. Keep in mind a well-written achievement section can land you the best job you desired.