How To Write A Resume For The Internship?

Wondering how to write a resume for the internship? If yes, stay through the passage to know the steps to create a stunning impression for an internship.

The internship is practical experience in a company after theoretical study at a fraction of salary or free at some places. It is a real-life application of all that you have read. Getting into a good internship program in a well-renowned company can get you excellent career prospects. So don’t settle for an average internship; make an impressive resume for an internship, try for the best companies, and get relevant experience from specific industry leaders.

Learn and research how to write a resume for an internship that will take you to the best companies in the particular industry. Resume writing should not be very complicated, and following the required steps should be done comfortably.

Tips and process to write a resume for the internship

Design or download resume template

The first considerable thing in your resume is a template. You can make it by designing skills, free software on the web, or downloading it from the web. Several companies offer free sample downloadable files of templates for the resume.

Contact Details

After making your template for the resume for the internship, the first thing on the resume should be contact details. Then, it should be in detail with alternate ways to reach you.


Jaya Prakash

Email: Mobile: 9080706050 Address: 143  JP Estate, Delhi 110078

Social channel links: LinkedIn/Facebook

Blog/website link

The objective of the Internship Resume

Write here your goals and objectives and what you want to achieve by doing the internship. How you are going to leverage your skills and relevance for the work at a firm or company. The internship is nothing short of a full-time job, and the employer will expect optimum utilization of your skills.

The objective should be short and concise. Your message should be clear and understandable.

Educational qualification

If you want to know how to write a resume for an internship to stay ahead on the curve, this section is of utmost importance. First, write education qualification with all the relevant details including start and pass out date, marks in exact numbers, major subjects, college/university name, etc.

Skills and Projects

Projects are your work experience to show for an internship job. Mention complete details about the project handled or was part of it. Employers much prefer people who have led to the project and handled a team.

So, if you have experience in managing a team, mention that in the resume for the internship. In addition, you should include skills used in the planning and execution of your role. Skills such as decision-making, communication, leadership, people skills, etc., are deciding factors when evaluating your internship application.

Review and conclude 

After including all the major sections mentioned above, it’s time to review and finalize the draft copy for sending through email. Another major point is including the referral and achievement section. Referral can increase your chances for selection because of the trust factor on the referrer by the company.

This is how to write a resume for an internship and bag the job smartly.