How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude?

Your search for how to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT ends here; stay through the passage to know various ways to prepare for quantitative aptitude and bell the CAT.

Quantitative aptitude test is a vital part of the majority of competitive exams, including CAT for business school admission, Government jobs, etc. It assesses overall problem-solving skills, logical and analytical skills. Some of the most common types for questions come from area, average, banker’s discount, chain, boats & stream, calendar, chain rule, etc.

Students aspiring for admission in leading business schools need to clear a Common Entrance Test, commonly known as CAT. To clear the entrance, you must understand how to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT.

Though CAT is one of the toughest exams for every aspirant, students from non-technical backgrounds feel more stressed by the quantitative aptitude test in the exam. With the right information, strategy, and dedication, you can clear the entrance.

Let’s go through a couple of tips for preparing for quantitative aptitude.

Practice tricks of mathematics

Quantitative aptitude is not about mugging information. It is how you apply tricks and tips of mathematics to solve complicated math problems. If you can gain control over your mathematics, CAT will be much easier to crack.

To do so, you need to develop an innovative and logical approach for situations in a very short span of time.

Time management

One of the primary reasons for being the most difficult entrance exam is, each question in the quantitative aptitude section has only ninety seconds to solve. Complex aptitude and reasoning questions in only ninety seconds require a lot of practice on time management.

Around ninety-nine percent of CAT aspirants find this section most difficult to go through.

Make a strong foundation

CAT entrance requires a strong understanding of the concepts and terms. It does not happen in one night; you need regular and consistent practice. Castle can not be made on a weak foundation.

Build a strong foundation in quantitative aptitude; if you can make a grip on quant, clearing entrance would not be an issue.

Strategy and planning

A thought-out proper planning is vital for every entrance and competitive examination. Refer tutorials on YouTube, read blogs and articles, clarify all points about how to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT, then make a strategy for preparation.

After making a strategy, follow it religiously.


Preparation for CAT starts years before the final exam. It needs dedication, consistency, and a never say die attitude. You make a plan, have a strong foundation, but you need to keep doing it again and again because there might be some reason you would not crack it on the first try.

The point is to be positive, keep practicing, and have a consistent approach towards preparation.

Shortcuts and technique

The quantitative aptitude section requires shortcut tricks for a quick answer. You can learn it by practicing, watching free online tutorials, or join some renowned coaching institute and follow their practice method.

It is highly recommended to use coaching centers because they know exam trends and will teach you the latest tricks and techniques to crack the CAT.

Other Tips

Some of the other tips include learning to make tables and charts of the concepts, try different approaches and formulas for solving the problem, and most important do not stop revising & practicing.

Concluding remarks

The key to understanding how to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT is practicing and revising consistently with full dedication. Make your concepts clear, avoid guesswork, and be confident.