What To Write In Skill In A Resume?

Wondering what to write in skill in a resume? If yes, stay through the passage, and we will explain all the relevant aspects for your reference.

The skills section is vital to evaluate your candidature with respect to the required skill set for the job role applied. Hiring managers observe the skills section to determine whether the candidate could fit in the workplace and designation. Given its importance, job aspirants should be informed about what to write in skill in a resume.

Steps and tips for writing skills section in the resume

Review job description

Human resource department draft job description with specific details of the job roles and responsibilities. As a job aspirant, you must go through the job description given in the mail by HR or job post in job portals. Review the description and make a list of your hard and soft skills.

Your list of hard and soft skills should be relevant to the job role. Along with making a list of relevant skills for the target company, do some research about the company such as work culture, major decision-makers through LinkedIn.


A job description for an Event Manager may need proficiency in vendor management, client servicing, etc. JD might also have a requirement for a team player, energetic, and capable of increasing business.

In this case, you should mention the following skills to clarify what to write in skill in a resume.

Skills for Event Manager resume

  • Event Planning with great at making PowerPoint presentations
  • Event Management
  • Client Servicing
  • Vendor Management
  • Venue Management
  • Billing and payment

Research on company

Search on the internet about senior management in the company, preferably LinkedIn. There is a high probability of getting the company a professional network. Read about the company on Glassdoor and other sites for reviews and experience.

A place to write skills in resume

The place of the skill section in a resume is another thing to consider while making a resume. It varies as per experience and qualifications.

Skills section on the functional resume

A functional resume is suitable for people with no experience or shifting careers.

Separate section for skills

People with years of experience can include a separate section of skills to highlight their skills. Mentioning separately will help recruiters relate the skills to the projects/assignments handled at their previous companies.

Significant skills to write in the resume

Let’s go through some of the most in-demand skills to understand better what to write in a resume skills.

  1. Active listening
  2. Computer knowledge
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Problem-solving approach
  6. Time Management
  7. Transferable skills
  8. Communication skills


Your resume should have the most relevant job-specific skills to make an impressive resume and an excellent first impression. Companies expect the right amount of hard and soft skills in the candidate for moving ahead with the application. Along with technical know-how, soft skills are vital mention in the skill section for better prospects of selection for the interview round.