What Weakness Should be Mentioned in Resume?

What weakness should be mentioned in the resume to make it strong? Read the passage to know-how; we will explain all relevant details for your reference.

Mentioning weakness in the resume is not a good idea because the very purpose of the resume is to impress the employer. But if in case you want to add weakness in your resume, mention it in such a way that it improves your prospects at the job interview and productivity at the workplace.

It is a tricky matter, and you need to research to decide what weakness should be mentioned in resume. Proper consideration is vital because if you write weakness without its positive fallout, it will affect your candidature very negatively.

Weaknesses in the resume should be beneficial for the company. You need to convert negative features to positive features.

Some of the suggestions of weaknesses to be mentioned in the resume:

  • Too much involved in the workplace
  • Obsession with the project completed within the timeline
  • Focusing on the details a lot and pushing team members to finish work with minute details.
  • Thinking too much about innovative ways to do projects and handle clients
  • Do not care about taking appreciation

You can mention weaknesses with some trick but do it with planning and understanding of the interview process and target company. To understand, it is advisable to do some background check about the company, hiring manager, and key people in the organization.

Consideration before mentioning weaknesses in the resume

Don’t be too obvious

As a job aspirant, you need to know that you are among hundreds of applicants appearing for the interview. So, while writing weakness in the resume, don’t write obvious or overused keywords. These overused keywords would create an impression that you are unsure about yourself or casual about job application etc.

Honesty is not the best policy

Though honesty is good for the resume and the interview, it is not a good option for weaknesses in the resume. Don’t write keywords such as I don’t like pressure situations, I don’t like being judged etc. This is crucial to understand what weakness should be mentioned in a resume.

Though you are honest about your weaknesses, it will be a very bad impression before hiring managers. They will think you are not fit for the job because all workplaces need someone who can handle pressure and confident to deal with all kinds of people.

Be clear in content and meaning

Don’t try to play mind games by writing archaic words, the improper structure of sentences etc. Weakness or strength whatever you are writing, keep it clear and readable. Your every point in the resume will be questioned during the interview.

It is essential to give proper thought before writing weakness in the resume. Its meaning should be clear.

Presence of mind

Every point mentioned in the resume will be asked in the interview. If you are mentioning weakness in the resume, be prepared for questions that might surprise you. In such situations, presence of mind will help.

So, artificially create such questions and prepare yourself for the big day.

Relevant weakness and don’t fake it

Weakness should be relevant as per the job role. Unrelated weakness does not serve your purpose of getting the interview call. For example, For a sales job, weakness should not be “like to be alone” or introvert.

Do not write fake weaknesses and if you write, make yourself prepared for follow up questions at the time of the interview.


The mention of weakness in the resume to prove yourself productive for the organization is tricky. With the above-given situations, conditions, and tips, it must be clear what weakness should be mentioned in a resume to make it more impressive.