How to Make Resume for Bank Job Fresher?

Do you want to make an appealing fresher resume for a bank job? Stay through the passage to know all about how to make resume for bank job fresher and more.

Resume writing is the first step towards a professional career. It should be well structured and include all the relevant information for hiring managers. As a fresher, resume making becomes a tough job because you don’t have experience in resume writing, and moreover, you don’t have any banking experience to include.

So, the question is how to make resume for bank job fresher with no experience in work and resume writing.

Tips and Steps for Building a fresher resume for bank jobs

Skills for banking job

Hiring managers know that you are fresher, so they will focus on the skill column of the resume at first. For experienced candidates, work experience is the most important column for HR but for freshers, they will go through the skill-set you will bring with you if selected.

If you are going to prepare a resume for a banking job and do not have the experience to show, write a skill column smartly, mentioning how your skills will help in a job at the bank. Search about keywords relevant to the banking industry through the web and sample resumes on the internet.

Use relevant keywords which matches the job role requirements of the hiring manager. They will appreciate your efforts in searching and including banking terminology in your resume.

Good with detailing

Banking jobs are all about accuracy and carefully handling numbers, facts, and data. A little diversion can cause a severe impact on your job and loss for the bank, and this attention is part of the job daily throughout your career.

Bank expects its employees to be attentive, smart, and highly organized for minute details at their job role.

At the time of making a resume, fresher candidates should show their accuracy and correctness. Write content without any grammatical errors such as punctuation, comma, spelling etc. Any little mistake will be considered as lack of attention which is not good for your candidature. You can use any grammar checker software to ensure correctness.

Review resume for numeric and decimals such as date of birth, the percentage in educational qualifications, relevant dates of internship and projects etc.

Expert with computers

From exams to work, everything is benign done on computers in current times in the Banking industry. Computer skills are crucial to know how to make resume for bank job fresher because from researching resume writing, drafting the copy to sending it via mail, the complete process has to be on computers.

From manual job to completely computerized banking system, banks have transitioned a lot over the years. Hiring managers prefer someone with relevant computer skills including typing speed, Advanced excel etc.

If you are not good with computers, enroll into a good computer coaching institute and use their certificate in your resume.

So, you must include computer skills in the respective column with certification details such as MS-Office, Computer Languages etc.

Achievements and accolades

If you have participated in any event or competition for which you have applied accounting knowledge, communication skills and people skills, you must include that in the respective column. This will make your resume stand apart from the competition and hundreds of other resumes.

There should be proper details of the event, including your role, responsibilities carried out, team size, accounting skills used, and technical skills applied.

The mention of details will help recruiters to decide your practical ability to apply knowledge at work. It is very important because you need to communicate with hundreds of customers during peak times which requires communication skills, technical skills and accounting skills, all at the same time.

Any mistake is not allowed because you will deal with real people in real situations, so practical experience is highly recommended.

Relevant and Value Addition

Any organization and industry need people who can add value to their organization. Similarly, the banking industry also needs bankers who enhance customer’s experience, improve business etc.

Bank does need your stories unrelated to the job requirements. Hiring managers view such candidates as non-serious people and will reject your candidature. So, be relevant by showing how you will value addition to the organization.

A fresher candidate needs to understand job role responsibilities, his/her skills, how the skills will perform on job role metrics, and write the resume accordingly.

Honest and Dedicated to the work

Banking is one of the high-risk businesses because of dealing with cash, valuable commodities, and documents. Any misplacement, theft or any mishappening can cause damage to the client-bank relationship and risk your career.

Show your honesty and dedication, mention some college project or initiative for social work or handling accounts at college etc. These activities show your ability to handle the situation with responsibilities and dedication.

Educational Qualifications

Though communication skills, technical skills, and practical exposure are vital points to know how to make resume for bank job freshers, your resume can not be complete without educational details.

Educational qualifications are the very base of your candidature. Write marks and percentage and without any deviation from original supporting documents. If the recruiter has not specified, and your marks are not impressive, you can mention only division and move on with other sections of the resume.


Resume for freshers should be appealing and interesting. It needs to have some research about banking job related keywords, go through sample resumes on the web and make smart content and attractive layout for the first banking job.

Even your hobbies and interests should be relevant to banking job requirements. Prepare for a few questions about your given hobbies. Keep all these pointers in mind while drafting a resume for the first time, and you are all good to crack the banking job on the first attempt.