What to Write in Hobbies in Resume?

Do you know what to write in hobbies in a resume? If yes, stay through the passage and know all about hobbies in the resume for your reference.

Hobbies is an optional part of the resume, which supports the educational and work experience section. This is vital for profiles with little or no professional experience. This section depends upon background and personal achievements that might be relevant for the workplace.

So, the question is what to write in hobbies in resume, to make the resume impressive and relevant for the recruiter.

Before starting what to write in hobbies, let’s see the difference between hobbies and interests.

Hobbies are activities in which you are involved regularly or at regular intervals. Interest is a passive idea that you desire to do and might have very little or no experience. For example, your hobby is travelling, which you do regularly. In contrast, your interest is travelling to different places you might not have experienced yet but open to doing if the job requires.

What to write in hobbies in a resume?

You need to consider the following points to write about your hobbies in your resume.

  • First and foremost, the thing to consider is the information you want to communicate through the hobbies section. Hobbies speak a lot about your personality, behavior etc., decide a hobby as per job role. You are applying.
  • Hobbies should be relevant as per job role. Don’t write about unrelated hobbies; it will create a bad impression on the employer.
  • The employer analyzes the candidate based on hobbies and interests. They compare with job requirements and how the candidate will fit the workplace.
  • Hobbies should complement your professional experience and skill-set. Your hobbies and interests play a crucial role in case of not having experience.
  • Employers get an idea about the candidate’s pastime, new interests, mindset, and approach towards life.

Consider all these pointers before writing hobbies in the resume. Purpose and your comfort are deciding factors for writing hobbies. Purpose because hobbies should be relevant as per job description and comfort because employers will ask you questions based on hobbies.

And to confidently answer the interview questions, you need to have a grip over the mentioned hobbies.

Reasons for including hobbies

  • You can decide what hobbies to write in a resume based on the pointers mentioned above. Now go through when to use hobbies in the resume.
  • You should include hobbies if you have no working experience or limited educational background.
  • Lack of suitable work skill requires us to focus on the hobbies section.
  • Several employers ask to write about hobbies and interest in the job description. In that case, you should include the hobbies section.
  • Another situation when you need to include hobbies is the job role in the job description, and your hobbies are related to that job role.

Before moving ahead with writing hobbies, you should also run some background checks on the company and recruiter. Your research should include company portfolio, hiring manager’s profile, interest, liked & shared a post on the social network etc.

The motive of research is to find a company’s key people’s interest and hobbies. You can mention hobbies similar to their hobbies. It will create an interest in your profile among the recruiters.


Candidates need to be strategic while formulating the hobbies section. Some of the examples of hobbies are community service, cooking, outdoor sports, artistic work etc. The hobbies section comes at the bottom area of the resume and adds value to the profile. Write your hobbies which complement your resume.