How To Upload Resume on LinkedIn?

Wondering how to upload resume on LinkedIn, stay through the passage to know the steps and process to upload the resume on LinkedIn for reference and job purposes.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest communication and networking platform for professionals and businesses. It is a great way to improve and increase network, which could help career growth and find new opportunities.

The job section of LinkedIn allows users to apply directly from the Application. It is now a widely accepted platform for posting new vacancies and applying for jobs by job applicants.

It is vital to know how to upload resume on LinkedIn if you want to excel in the modern job market.

Let’s go through the steps and benefits of uploading a resume on LinkedIn.

Steps to upload resume

You can upload resumes in two ways. One is uploading your resume on the profile. The second one is attaching a resume directly from the system when applying for the job. We will explain the steps for both in the following paragraphs

Option 1- Resume Upload on the profile

Log in to your LinkedIn account. You must have an account in this hyperconnected world.

Click the name section on the profile page and go to the features section. Hit the “media” option there.

Here you will see upload options. This is where you need to upload your updated resume.

After uploading, go to the apply section and click the save option.

That’s how to upload resume on LinkedIn in simple steps. The resume will be featured on the profile.

Option 2- Upload and apply directly on LinkedIn

You can also search for the job on the app and attach your resume directly for the Application.

Search for the job

LinkedIn is an advanced application that uses modern technologies for making job searches easy and specific. If you search for a job on LinkedIn, the app will show relevant jobs in the future based on your account’s activities.

Search with specific keywords in the job section by name and preferred location. Select a job as per your skills and preferences. Once the selection is made, click “easy apply” and move ahead with the further process.

Upload the resume

After selection, click “Upload” and attach your updated resume from the saved file on the device. With the interactive and user-friendly mobile app, you can upload and apply directly from the smartphone too.

Resume can be either in pdf or word format.

Check and submit the Application

This is how to upload resume on LinkedIn and apply directly for the job. Review the Application, check every detail on the resume, update if required, and hit the submit or apply button.


LinkedIn can be utilized to upload a resume and apply for a job from all digital devices. LinkedIn can be handy and easy to apply for the job with a good and organized profile. Use relevant keywords to optimize the profile. Explore and enjoy amazing options of the best networking platform for professionals.