How To Add Certification To A Resume?

If you want to know how to add certification to a resume? Stay through the passage, and we will discuss major tips to add certification to your resume for your reference.

A relevant certificate mentioned in the resume improves your chances of selection multi-fold. It adds skills to your resume and makes it more appealing if you have done a certification and apply for a job.

Before moving ahead with steps for how to add certification to a resume, you must know the importance of a certificate for the job, business, and many more.

Certificates tell about your specialization in the particular area or subject

It shows your dedication towards your industry, and want to improve your skills in the respective domain

It improves your suitability for the job applied for. Hiring managers prefer to go ahead with profiles having certification relevant to the job role.

Tips for including certification in the resume

Check relevancy of the certificate/s

Not all certificates are relevant to be included in the resume. You should go through the job description, read it carefully, and shortlist a relevant certificate to the job role & responsibilities.

There is no meaning in including a long list of certificates that do not relate to the requirement as per the job advertisement. Please make a list of certificates and mention them in a good line-up. A resume should have only relevant details specific to the job.

The recruiter sees such details during evaluation. Including certificates with exact details shows your organization and eye for detail.

Distinguish between certificates and rewards

To stand apart from the competition and understand better how to add certification to a resume, look for little details because these details will make the difference. Rewards and certification are different, and you should specifically mention that difference.

For any confusion, you can always refer to job details in your email.

Difference section for certification/s

Suppose you have a couple of certifications and honors to mention in the resume; insert a separate column. Write all the certificates, honors, etc., in a section titled certificates and honors.

Write all the relevant details about your concluded certifications. This should include the date, type of certificate, issuing body or organization, etc.

Position of certification section/details

You can make a separate section for certifications or place it with other relevant sections such as if the certificate is related to education, write in the education section if it is related to work experience, mention certificates in the work experience section, etc.

It should be part of the resume, not something you think after making a resume and adding afterward.

These are a couple of tips for learning how to add certification to a resume. In making the resume, you can explore online resources such as video tutorials; sample resumes, etc. This will update you with trends in writing a resume with a certification section.

Some of the examples of writing certifications on a resume are:

Event management certificate, B.C. College, Kolkata, West Bengal (India)

Content specialist certification, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal (India)