How to Write Projects in Resume?

Wondering how to write description in a resume? If yes, please stay through the passage to know the step by step process to write a project description for reference.

Projects during job or college showcase practical experience. Employers observe projects to analyze relevant skills used in the project for the workplace. The way the candidate can explain his role in projects, how he/she can deploy those skills at the workplace decides the selection or rejection of the candidate.

To learn how to write project description in a resume, let’s break into steps the complete process.

Project Highlights

  • First, you need to write project highlights. It is similar to a resume summary, where you write about major points of the project, skills learned, and application at the workplace.
  • Project highlights are about your achievements in the project.
  • The employer makes up his/her mind about your skill-set after going through project highlights.
  • It showcases technical skills and soft skills used in the project. It also explains leadership skills if you have led the team.
  • If you have earned some special recognition or reward in the projects, it can count as a success in the resume.

Tips for writing projects in resume

Specify the goal of the project

To learn how to write project description in a resume, you need to know the importance of the project section’s goal. Mention the goal of the projects and describe every aspect of it.

Include all the important information such as start date, end date, key performance indicators, team strength, your role in the projects, etc. You also need to mention the hierarchy for the project.

If a company has made an ad-hoc team, who is in charge, your reporting boss, if you are leading, how many people were there in the team, how you use to boost teamwork behavior, etc. are a couple of important pieces of information you need to share in the project description.

Skills and Achievements

Projects speak about your practical application of skills which results in achievements and rewards.

Employers will find it interesting to see how you have used soft and hard skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, computer skills, etc. If you have handled a team, learned new skills, and managed team responsibilities, the hiring manager will think you are the perfect fit for the job role.

Example: Organized a launch event for a Cab Aggregator company within three days. Used the latest inventory and technology for the launch event such as Zoom launch, real-time feeding of data into company’s system, workforce management, etc. We were a 5-member team, and I was spearheading the project.

Write accomplishments from the project

Though it is essential to describe key points of the project and skills employed during execution, the most important point to write is accomplishments. The employer is more interested in knowing how you performed and what you got from the project.

Mention any recognition, award, or reward which you have received for the project and highlight it.

Example: Got awarded for the best event manager for the quarter, three times in a row. I brought two high ticket clients with two crores worth of monthly business from each.

This is all about how to write project description in a resume and impress the future employer.

Review and conclude

The project’s description proves to be an added advantage for fresher candidates or mid-career changes. Review the content for grammatical and punctuation errors and rectify them before moving ahead with other sections of the resume.