How to Download A Resume from Zety for free?

Wondering how to download a resume from Zety for free, stay with the passage; we will explain every detail about Zety and how it can be used for free resume download.

How to Download a Resume from Zety for free? Resume creation becomes a simple process with the help of Zety . In this blog, we have explained the steps to download the Resume. Before proceeding with that you might question whether Zety is Free? No, it’s not completely free.

A resume is a vital document for job application and selection for the interview process. To ease the process, Zety provides the best-in-class resume building services. You can utilize their services for making stunning and impressive resumes to outshine the competition.

If you are looking for an impressive resume and want to know how to download a resume from Zety for free, this passage will solve all your queries about Zety and process to download a resume for free.

Zety is a company providing services related to resume building and cover letter making. Job aspirants can access more than twenty customizable templates and design the most appropriate resume with guidelines, tips and prompts. Zety also offers informative guides, examples of resume and cover letter, and useful articles.

All three types of resume formats: chronological, functional, and hybrid, are available on the Zety. You can create a perfect resume with the help of the software and tools in a couple of minutes. Job aspirants can easily navigate and access tips, advice, and instructions.

In terms of popularity, 2.5 million people are using Zety for making a resume and cover letter.

Given its easy navigation, extensive resources for study resume and cover letter making, resume templates, and instructions, job aspirants want to explore options for how to download a resume from Zety for free.

The process to download resume from Zety

Though there is no option to download directly from Zety for free, there is an option to create a link and download a resume from that link at the place of your choice. Make a resume through Zety, select Online Resume from the header section, generate a link, and copy paste in the browser.

After pasting on the address bar, all you need to do is save the file on the system or mobile device.

Major highlights of Zety as a resume builder

  • Using the website is free, along with all the tools and options. Visitors can create an excellent resume with the help of templates, tools, and innovative options.
  • Zety provides guidelines and instructions in real-time for making an interesting and effective cover letter and resume.
  • Wide range of templates for resume writing. You can choose as per your preference, job role, and any other reasons.
  • User-friendly software for building an impressive and well-curated resume.
  • Though Zety is one of the leading resume builder companies in the market, they also have some shortcomings.
  • Some hiring managers find coloring, designing etc., as unprofessional. If you are using icons to decorate the resume, the applicant tracking system might not recognize your application.
  • Using the website is free, but you will have to pay the price if you want to download the created resume. Though this is paid, we can tell you how to download a resume from Zety for free. Simply make a link to the final draft, open it in the browser’s address bar, and that’s all; you need to save the file and use it as required.


Fats, efficient, and customer-friendly Zety is rated very impressively on several customer polls online. Most job aspirants using Zety for resume making are satisfied with its template options, color varieties, and affordable subscription packages. If you don’t want to pay for resume making, make a link, open it in the browser, and save the file on the system.