What is Group Discussion and its Importance?

Group Discussion is one of the crucial parts of the selection process by companies. By definition Group Discussion is a number of people analyzing a topic with their views and perspectives to reach an all-agreed conclusion.

If a person is preparing for the interview or thinking about a job switch or career change, it is essential to know what is group discussion? and its importance for job and career.

The whole concept of Group Discussion is about sharing ideas on a given topic and concluding with the most relevant solution. This helps in bringing different people on the same platform and share their thoughts and perspectives.

Companies conduct Group Discussion to check required soft skills and personality features suitable for their job role. Given its importance, it has become an essential part of today’s recruitment process.

Candidates and employees have to prepare themselves for group discussions to get the target job. 

As a candidate who wants to qualify, group discussion should know what companies observe through the process.

Let’s see the company’s objective through some pointers:

  • Effective communication
  • Clear and understandable language
  • Concentration and listening skills when another group member talking
  • Attitude while handling counter questions, disagreement on topic, etc
  • Team managing skills, initiative-taking skills

There are two types of group discussion mainly: Topic-Based Group Discussion and Case-Based Group Discussion

Group Discussion has several benefits for job seekers and employees who want to change careers or switch jobs.

After understanding what is group discussion?, let’s go through why it is essential for employees and job seekers.

Boost of confidence level

In a group discussion, everybody presents his or her perspective on a topic. This gives confidence in expressing one’s own viewpoint in front of others. This boosts confidence and improves communication skills with others.


Companies take teamwork capability very seriously while selecting candidates for their company. An employee should develop a teamwork attitude to land the dream job. Group discussion is the best way to improve teamwork skills.

Candidates need to discuss one topic and reach a common conclusion with analysis among the members. To reach a consensus, everyone has to participate and reach a conclusion.


Group discussion should be seen as a preparation for future senior positions in the respective career. The person learns to lead the topic, helps others to reach a consensus, and comes to the outcome.

Team managing abilities develop through group discussion.

Overall improvement in communication skill

Group discussion involves active participation of each member; they talk about their viewpoints, which sharpens communication skills among the members.

Respect and Art of listening

Through group discussion, members also learn to respect other member’s viewpoints. They develop Art of listening for better response.


Group discussion is also beneficial for developing politeness among employees. This will help them in their future jobs and team management.


Group Discussion develops and sharpens soft skills among candidates and employees. Refer to the above discussion about what is group discussion? and its importance, and prepare for the group discussion with focus on required skills and excel in the job interview.