How To Introduce Yourself at Group Discussion

The introduction is the first step for starting the group discussion. Panel and group members hear you for the first time, so make it impressive. The first impression should be a booster for your overall score throughout the discussion session. A lot depends upon the first few sentences in introducing yourself.

Given its importance. Most of the students and employees feel confused and unsure about the introduction. It is essential to know how to introduce yourself at Group Discussion to excel in interviews and the workplace.

About Yourself

The first step in the introduction is telling about yourself. It should be in simple and clear words. Some of the examples of “about yourself” are mentioned below:

Hello everybody, my name is ABC, and I will take the liberty to introduce myself here. I want to ask a question from all of you.

Start with a quotation from some leading personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc. After the introduction, I would like to present my thoughts on the topic here.

Good morning all, I am ABC, and for today’s group discussion, we will discuss the topic …….

Good morning; after your name and about yourself, you can start with a brief introduction to the topic.

Speak clearly and with confidence

Clarity about the topic and confidence are the key elements to understand how to introduce yourself at Group Discussion. In all GD sessions, organizers usually give a couple of minutes to think over the given topic.

Before introducing yourself and the topic, think about the topic. If possible, practice the introduction sentence with someone or yourself or, if permitted, write on the notepad.

Practice is essential for confident and clear communication, audible and understandable to all participants.

Make the introduction interesting for the GD

After about yourself, introduce some unique facts, interesting take on the topic, anything that makes discussion interactive and interesting. Insert a relevant quote or a fact with a full grip on the flow of saying and authentication of the fact or quote.

This spontaneity about the topic will come only after extensive preparation. You need to expand your knowledge base through TV, Online magazines, Debates, Internet, and others.

Time Management

Every participant gets a fixed time to introduce themselves, so prepare your introduction with time in consideration. Don’t exaggerate and make the introduction lengthy because it’s the only introduction, and you will get a chance to speak later in a group discussion.


If you are considering how to introduce yourself at group discussion, it is better if you think of this as a first chance to impress panelists or future employers. If you are attending GD at school, the introduction prepares you for future job interviews. Preparing an introduction and practicing with friends or by yourself will help in boosting confidence for face-to-face interviews and overall communication skills.