How Do You Lead a Group Discussion?

Leading a group discussion develops essential qualities of leadership in a person. If you are in college and need to know how to lead a group discussion during job placement drives or school/college assignments, read through the passage to know all about leading the group effectively. Leading a group of people can be tough and overwhelming.

To know how do you lead a group discussion, a proper plan and preparation require with a proactive approach. You can make group discussion both informative and beneficial with the right amount of strategy and soft skills.

Leading a group discussion includes Starting, Managing the flow and conclusion of the discussion.

Starting the Group Discussion

  • Ask to introduce everyone and ask a general question of interest to break the ice and initiate conversation.
  • Involve everyone by asking them to speak their idea and perception
  • Keep the mood of the discussion light and friendly
  • Put in place some ground rules, including respecting each other, never interrupting fellow speakers, evaluating all comments unbiased, no insults and sarcasm, etc.
  • Every member is responsible for rules and should help in maintaining them through the group discussion.
  • Don’t get defensive if someone disagrees on some point

Leading the flow of the Group Discussion

After ground rules in places and the introduction of members, it’s time to start the conversation. In a college group discussion or job placement interview, generally, the topic is fixed, and you need to start with the pre-agreed topic.

Some of the tips for effectively leading the group discussion:

In most cases, there is a fixed topic. If there is no fixed topic, encourage members to suggest ideas for a topic with a logical explanation. Hear them out and decide the most relevant topic for effective group communication, bringing out some productive outcome. But your decision should not be dominant; it must have every member’s consent.

Leading the discussion does not have to mean dominating the discussion. The platform should be open to ideas and perceptions. The proper way to know how do you lead a group discussion is to observe the speakers’ ground rules, if anyone is not talking, involve him, respect everyone’s ideas, and consider concluding remarks.

All participants should have been given ample opportunity to express their viewpoint on the topic. Every group has a couple of introverted or shy people to speak in front of the group; as a lead, you need to ask them about their opinion. This will encourage them to contribute and open up with members.

Introduce new ideas or points when discussion seems to go low and needs fresh perspectives. It will require your attention, observation skills, and prompt problem-solving skills.

Concluding the Group Discussion

To wrap up the group discussion, review the session, point out crucial points, suggest prospects of the topic, and feedback from the panel members. Conclude the GD with a final statement, including a neutral verdict and thanking group members.

From College Admissions to Job Placement interviews, Group Discussion has become a prominent parameter to decide candidature and employability, and this makes it essential to learn how do you lead a group discussion.