Why Group Discussion is Important?

Group Discussion is much more than just the assembly of some people and sharing knowledge on a given topic. It promotes understanding of other people, improves communication skills, evolves leadership skills, teaches how to negotiate and arrive at a consensus and many more.

To answer one of the most commonly asked questions, Why Group Discussion is important, let’s go through some of the important features of GD in the following paragraphs.

Apart from an interview for B-Schools and Job Placement at the college campus, GD is gradually becoming a method to evaluate students’ personality and communication skills.

Importance of Group Discussion

Expanding Knowledge

Group Discussion offers an opportunity to share knowledge with each other. Participants learn new aspects and deep dive into the topic of discussion. It improves understanding, widens the knowledge base and ability to think from diverse angles.

People come from diverse backgrounds and education. Every member contributes his/her version, which gives new insights to the topic and something new to learn for each attendee.

Problem-solving skills

People in Group Discussion come from different educational, cultural, and social backgrounds. Given the ground rules of GD, all of them try to calm and arrive at a consensus about concluding on a point, which is acceptable to everyone.

This improves problem-solving skills, remains calm in pressure and negotiation skills. All of these soft skills are very effective in the workplace and clearing group discussion for campus placement.

Overall, group discussion helps to view everything on a macro level and develop innovative ideas for real-life problems.

Confidence building and listening skills

Every member in a group discussion has to contribute their thoughts and perceptions. They need to listen carefully with full attention in order to reply and come up with ideas.

Group Discussion is a great way to enhance listening skills and confidence. You can not sit quietly in a group discussion. Every member has to contribute through ideas and perspectives. It gives them the confidence to speak out their mind and communicate freely.

This will improve communication skills, listening skills, confidence and ability to think instantly in an urgent situation. All of these are helpful for the workplace and career ahead.

Leadership Skills

Group Discussion is the best way to check and evolve leadership skills in the individual. It develops team building and leadership qualities. A modern workplace demands a multi-tasker who can do several assignments, handle different clients all at the same time.

Employers need someone who can handle pressure and resolve it instantly in Group Discussion. People interact with each other, bring out new ideas, listen to others, provide solutions, negotiate with each other, and all of this in a very limited time.

Employers find future managers and leaders out of these Group Discussions. This is why group discussion is important for your bright future.


Group Discussion teaches team building, time-management, communication skills on the one hand and provides future leaders for recruiters. Organizations today understand that interpersonal skills are the present and future of employment, and that’s why group discussion is important tool for their selection. It is better to start preparing if students want a brighter future.