How To Speak in Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is an important step towards a dream job or admission in the leading B-Schools. It is very significant for students, and it creates extra consciousness or pressure of performing because it impacts their future.

Before describing how to speak in group discussion, students should ask themselves and note down their answers on paper. Please read them, think about which method will work better for you, and start practicing that idea.

Group Discussion is nothing different from normal job interviews and assessments, but the pressure of performance scares people and raises multiple questions about how to speak in group discussion.

Some of the tips for speaking in group discussion

  • The best strategy to speak in GD is to be yourself. Don’t try to imitate or copy someone. Employers want to see your true personality and will catch you if you fake it.
  • Gesture and posture while speaking should be professional and confident. Sharpen your body language before appearing for the group discussion.
  • Give an opinion and counter others but don’t be rude or disrespectful. Always give respect to the ideas of other members and try to learn from them, you might get some interesting points out of their thoughts.
  • If you know the topic and are confident about initiating the conversation, take the opportunity and start the GD. It will give you a beginner’s benefit, and you can guide the discussion towards your perspective.
  • Don’t be boring. In speaking a point on the topic, be short and relevant. You should also intervene if anybody is exaggerating any idea unnecessarily.
  • If you get a chance to speak, don’t just start storytelling. Allow others to speak their mind and keep your points short and clear. Remember to maintain the time and mood of the group discussion. The very basic purpose of group discussion is to allow everyone to contribute their opinions and perceptions on the topic, so let them speak.
  • It should be kept in mind that every activity is being judged by faculty and employers. So, give proper thinking before putting forward the idea and perception.
  • Eye contact at the time of addressing the group is a very important communication skill in the candidate. Eye contact shows your grip on the topic and confidence in ideas and perceptions.
  • While speaking, you should also maintain eye contact, nodding, or other communicative signs when others are speaking. It shows your activeness, attention and respect for other members.
  • While raising a question or countering any participant, give a relevant and solid counter view. Your response should make sense and relate to the topic. Your objection needs to be logical and valid.
  • To make your points and introduction interesting, insert quotes and facts from reliable sources. It will improve your score in the evaluation.


These are some of the tips to understand how to speak in group discussion effectively. The best way to score top in Group Discussion is to speak when required, and facts should be proven; you need to be confident and be active throughout the group discussion.