How To Conclude a Group Discussion?

The concluding part of Group Discussion is vital because it summarizes and provides a final statement about the complete proceedings of Group Discussion. At the time of conclusion, try not to mention any number, facts, and figures unless you are completely sure about them. The crucial point is confidence and fluency.

How to conclude a group discussion is a crucial question to answer in order to excel in GD at college admissions and job placement interviews.

Important pointers for effective closure of the conversation.

Summarize crucial points of discussion

Make a note of ideas and points raised by participants through the group discussion. Present them in a precise and summarized form in the end and attach your final statement around this crucial point and your understanding of the topic.

Good narrating skill is an important factor for the summarized presentation of the group discussion.

How to make an endnote effective?

To make the summary effective, follow a couple of below-given points:

  • Make an order in which important points have been spoken during the discussion
  • If requires, make it dramatic to grab attention
  • Don’t just repeat the points; understand the points and present your version, which will show your attention and understanding of the group discussion topic
  • To note down important points, you need to be active, present mentally at the GD, active listener and a good interpreter of thought process.

Concise and exact to the point

Don’t play around with general points at the concluding part. Final pointers should be short, concise and to the point. There is no need to drag the discussion because it is the concluding part and does not make sense in making unnecessary points and ideas.

Keep track of the mentioned points and master the art of how to conclude a group discussion.

Build up towards the main topic

The ultimate objective of group discussion is to solve a given topic. Don’t ever divert from the main topic and give unrelated comments in the end.

A little dominating nature will help conclude because some people might try to intervene by unrelated queries or remarks. Consider all responses from every participant and conclude a neutral final statement.

The final statement cannot be biased in any manner. It should contain statements and observations building towards the main topic and verdict specifically. If you want to know how to conclude a group discussion, you must prepare a compelling and all-inclusive final statement to give a convincing conclusion for the group discussion.


It’s all about grabbing opportunities; if you get a chance to conclude a group discussion in college or job placement interview, take the initiative and follow the tips mentioned above to conclude the discussion smartly.

Employers, hiring managers and colleges conduct group discussions to see prospects among students and candidates. They observe problem-solving skills, communication with fellow members, personality traits, pressure handling etc., because soft skills are the present and future of employability.

Final tips to conclude group discussion: be neutral in the verdict and politically correct, always with confidence in gesture, posture, and speaking.