Group Discussion Tips For Freshers

If you are looking for group discussion tips for freshers, stay through the passage, it will be about all the required preparation strategies to excel in your first attempt at the Group discussion. One thing to remember here is your mental readiness and knowledge base plays the most important part in performing best on the big day.

Group Discussion is a panel discussion where members put their views and perceptions about a given topic and conclude by a consensus on the most relevant outcome. Normally, it contains ten to twelve people and generally lasts for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

The primary focus for Group Discussion is to assess the personality traits of freshers who want to get admission in leading educational institutes or applying for campus placement.

Group Discussion Tips for Freshers

Be a team player

If you are fresher trying to get admission in premier college to study management, you need to have team spirit. These institutes consider this as an essential parameter to select candidates, because these people will be managers one day and so they should have a teamwork attitude.

You need to work in a team during the beginning of the job and depending on performance in the team, you will be promoted as manager or other senior positions. So, cultivate teamwork skills for better performance in group discussion to excel in your career.

Good team players become great managers.

Reasoning Skills

Reasoning is very crucial to prove your point with logic and comparison. It helps in expressing your perception clearly in front of group members.

With reasoning skills, you can identify missing links, analyze the topic, and come up with innovative ways to explain in front of panelists and members.

For example: How quality will deteriorate by reducing fees of IIMs can be explained as best infrastructure, experienced faculty, technology and other essential needs require funds, funds come from fees, hence if there will be reduction in fees, it will adversely affect quality of studies at IIMs.

This is reasoning analysis of the situation with reason and impact. Take any topic and analyze its reason, causes, and why we need to do it or not do it.

Leadership Skills

If you are aspiring to be a manager, leadership is a pretty obvious skill requirement in your personality not only in the resume.

You must build qualities to lead a team with convincing skills, negotiation, command over language, extensive knowledge, and other people skills. As a team member in a group discussion, you need to ensure relevant discussion on the topic.

Topic should be discussed from several aspects; everyone should have a chance to speak and maintain decorum. Intervene with a new approach to discuss if the session is becoming dull. In this way organizers will notice your efforts to lead the team.

Leadership skills would not happen in a day, you need to practice with friends or ex-students. They have experienced all this and the best option to guide you to evolve leadership skills.

Contribute towards goal of the discussion

As a part of the discussion, don’t just be a coordinator. From introducing yourself during the course of the session, contribute your ideas and perceptions on the topic.

Use your analytical and reasoning skills for giving innovative ways to approach the topic. Appreciate and support other team members. Goal of the discussion should be clear and all points need to be approached towards the final goal.

Open to Ideas

Each group member has a different take on the topic. Hear them out and let new ideas coming. It will help you in learning about the topic from diverse aspects.

Don’t trap yourself by giving your verdict in the beginning because you can not change your later and if you did, it seems incapable for decision-making.

Introduce yourself in the group discussion with a short and simple brief on the topic with your perception on it. Give your verdict at the end of the discussion.

Hear other speakers, you will get some ideas from there also. Point is to be flexible for new ideas and thoughts even if you don’t agree with that.

Control your aggression

Aggression is completely prohibited if you want to perform best in the group discussion. Be assertive to put forth your ideas but don’t try to dominate the other members.

Aggressive body language, tone, and manners are a big threat to your candidature. So, control your aggression in order to excel in the first group discussion.

Extensive Knowledge

Do extensive research on diverse topics to expand your knowledge base. Read online magazines, journals, watch online news portals, news channels, debate etc and widen your knowledge horizon.

Look for previous year’s topics and recording sessions if available. Study about those topics and all the related ones, because organizers normally tweak the topic a little and put forth for the big day.

Knowledge gives control over your words. It gives confidence which reflects in clear and transparent perspectives. You need knowledge to communicate, lead the group and outshine others in order to get selected.

Initiate and think out-of-the-box

Purpose of selection through group discussion is to build future leaders of the respective domains or entrepreneurs. Leaders need to think out-of-the-box and initiate without waiting for others.

Group Discussion is your first chance to prove that you can think of unique and innovative ideas. You can initiate without others. You have confidence to start and think of innovative ways to analyze the situation.

Start the discussion, put your ideas with interesting facts or quotations. Make the environment interactive and interesting.


The mentioned group discussion tips for freshers will keep you ahead on the curve. There are three steps of the GD: Introduction, Moderation and Conclusion. Every part is essential for overall impressive performance and impacts your chances of selection or rejection.