What is Quantitative Aptitude?

Quantitative aptitude is the mental capacity to analyze and solve a given problem or situation. It is one of the vital parts of the examination for government jobs, competitive entrance test especially Common Admission Test for top B-schools, Civil Services Examination and selected few. Through the Quant test, examiners assess a candidate’s analytical, reasoning, technical, and quantitative skills.

It is essential to know what is quantitative aptitude for all students who want to enroll in leading business schools or clear government examinations for a brighter career ahead.

Quantitative aptitude test is made to assess the brilliance of minds. You need to use techniques and tricks to solve complex problems in a very short span of time. It needs months and years of practice. You need to be dedicated, consistent, and open to information.

Tips for better performance at Quant test

  • In practice, as well as at the examination, you need to read the information carefully. Understand the meaning of the situation or problem, or question.
  • After reading, analyze the information. Think from different perspectives for better clarity.
  • Now apply formulas and concepts to the situation. Use alternate formulas to confirm the outcome.
  • After finalizing the answer, evaluate before submission. Double-check calculations and submit the final answer or reply.

Relevant information about Quantitative aptitude

In order to understand what is quantitative aptitude perfectly, let’s go through a couple of relevant pieces of information about the topic.

  • The major focus of the quantitative aptitude test is to check the numerical skills of the candidate. It is a must section in all the competitive exams, and it includes questions related to graphs, data interpretation, word problems, etc.
  • The quantitative aptitude test is one of the toughest sections of the examination. Its questions need long calculations before arriving at the solution. In order to excel, candidates need to practice time management properly.
  • Quantitative aptitude test is part of several governments and competitive exams, including IBPS for the banking sector, SSC, Insurance exams from IRDA, FCI manager exam, Railway recruitment board exams, CAT, CSE, and others.
  • Question patterns vary from exam to exam. If you are preparing for a quantitative aptitude test, search for the relevant information about the respective exam, course, structure, previous year’s question paper, etc., to understand the number of questions, types, and categories. There is no fixed number of questions for the quantitative aptitude test.

Tips for preparation of the quant test

If you have a basic understanding about what is quantitative aptitude and tests, we can move on with tips about preparing for the big day.

  • Read extensively on the relevant topics and make concepts clear. The basic concept should be clear in your head.
  • Practice and revision are the keys. Do it as much as possible. Assess yourself and try to better yourself from the previous day
  • Join the coaching institute for tricks and techniques, such as round off the decimals and solve the problem.
  • Time management should be taken seriously and practice to complete the practice set within time.

Concluding remarks

Quantitative aptitude is your ability to play with numbers using smart analytical, logical, and reasoning skills. Join a renowned coaching institute to learn crucial tricks and techniques for solving quant problems within the time limit. Practice and revise consistently with full dedication, it will open the door for a successful career ahead.