How To Solve Quantitative Aptitude Problems Faster?

Solving quant problems faster is the key to success in the exam; want to know how to solve more quickly? Then, worry not to stay through the passage, and we will explain all the relevant tips to do that.

The quantitative aptitude section tests your mathematical, analytical, reasoning, and presence of mind while solving equations in a limited time for each question. To do it faster, you need practice, techniques and presence of mind. There is no other way to outperform your competitors in the exam than making your concepts crystal clear and confident enough to adopt them on diverse mathematical problems on-spot in the examination session.

If you are wondering how to solve quantitative aptitude problems faster, stay through the passage, and we will explain significant factors that will help you solve equations faster.

Critical factors for faster problem solving

Techniques and methods

There are hundreds of techniques to solve equations, and they vary from one problem to another. Therefore, it needs proper guidance and practice to have a good number of techniques and tricks to solve diverse mathematical equations.

One technique does not work for another, and you need to understand basic concepts to understand and apply them.

Example: Techniques for solving word problems in equations are not the same for word problems in mensuration

Reason: problems can be solved without using a diagram equation, whereas, in mensuration, every problem requires a diagram. Hence, they need different techniques.

Join the best coaching center

If you are new to the preparation or not from a mathematical background, coaching centers are the best option to learn tricks and faster problem solutions. But the problem lies in plenty.

There are hundreds of coaching institutes around cities, and it isn’t easy to choose the best one with exemplary faculty, quality study material, library etc. However, it is pretty easy to find the details of the faculty and other facilities from students and ex-students.

After research, the best coaching institute, finalize the best one as per your requirements and start studying.

Coaching centers are updated with recent changes in exam patterns, tricks for solving faster, time management, time allocation etc. They will provide all the relevant inputs for the successful exam and entrance. In addition, they will give you all the essential resources to learn how to solve quantitative aptitude problems faster.


For any competitive exam, practice and time management are the key points. Practice section and category wise. Each type, such as time & distance, water, algebra, mensuration, etc., needs proper attention. Do not ignore any section and category.

Take question sheets to form the coaching center and market. Solve them by yourself and make notes where you are stuck. Talk to your friends who are also preparing for the exam and create a group. Discuss problems and solve them together.

It will grow a teamwork attitude and learn new ideas for solving the problem. Also, ask your friends for evaluation and constructively take their criticism. Finally, ask queries in class and clear all doubts.

Keep doing practice and open the mind to new ideas and approaches. Gradually you will start developing your own methods, and it will give a great confidence booster for the exam preparation.

Time Management

Religious time management with timer and self-discipline is essential. This improves your solving speed and makes you faster. Therefore, allocate and manage time category wise and try to follow the routine strictly.

This is how to solve the quantitative aptitude problems faster because all these techniques together make you ready for solving the questions with accuracy in the given time during the exam session.