How To Improve Quantitative Aptitude?

If you want to know how to improve quantitative aptitude, stay with the passage; we will effectively explain the significant factors for improving quantitative aptitude.

Quantitative aptitude test is an essential section in government exams such as Railways, Banking and integral part of entrance tests for leading business schools in India. So a good hold on quant helps excel through these exams and get the dream job and college comfortably.

Many aspirants feel confused about how to improve quantitative aptitude for scoring well in the exam for their respective purposes. For example, if you are a math genius and love to play with numbers, it does not ensure your success in the exam because quant is not only about knowledge and hard work; it is about the intelligent application of analytical skills to solve mathematical problems in a very limited time.

To ease the puzzle and help you out with how to improve quantitative aptitude, let’s go through some of the tips and steps in the following paragraphs. So please go through and conquer your fear of the quant section.

Tips and tricks for the quantitative section

  • Make your numbers strong
  • Most of the aspiring candidates have preconceived fear of numbers. As a result, they feel terrified with mathematical solutions, and it becomes a pretty challenging task for them to do better in competitive exams.
  • It is comparatively easy for people with strong mathematical backgrounds. They adapt very fast, and the chances of excelling in the exam are greater.
  • People from other backgrounds need to practice numbers regularly. Take notes from the coaching institute, watch online tutorial videos and classes. Use these tricks in solving math problems and evaluate. Then, constructively take all criticism and improvise in the following practice test.

Accurate solutions

The quantitative section is all about numbers and analytics. They contain accurate numbers and data. While practising, be honest and write real solutions. Do not divert from accuracy and be specific.

One single error can make your answer wrong during the exam and hence negative marking in the evaluation. Negative marking affects the final score in a significant way. It also takes you a lot of time on the exam.


Self-confidence comes from within, and it is essential for competitive exams and entrance tests. In an effort to improve quantitative aptitude, be confident. You can watch inspirational videos on YouTube and Vimeo or read books.

Confidence that you can improve your mathematical, analytical skills irrespective of non-mathematical background and work toward achieving the same makes all the difference between success and failure.

Practice question sets daily, talk with people who have cleared the examination previously, consult teacher at the coaching etc. Prepare yourself religiously with complete dedication. A confident person with practice and information is well equipped to excel in any exam.

Time management and allocation

Time management is a great equalizer. However, better time management and allocation need practice with intelligent planning. To plan the time management, it is advisable to consult your tutor in the coaching institute.

Every subject, section and categories are essential, and time allocation during practice should be according to their significance in the scoring and quality score.

This is how to improve quantitative aptitude smartly in an organized manner.


All examination bodies and colleges emphasize the importance of technical skills and analytical skills among their human resources and students. And so, the quant section has become more and more significant for selection. Therefore, consider the above-given tips and improve your quantitative aptitude.