How To Study Quantitative Aptitude Section For Bank Exams?

Preparing for banking exams and worried about how to study quantitative aptitude for bank exams? This passage is just for you; read through for major tips and prepare smartly to excel.

Banking is all about calculations and applying smart solutions quickly. In recent years, quantitative aptitude has become a major litmus test for selection at the banking job, and it needs a proper strategy to crack it. There is a slight difference between hard work and smart work, and you need to understand the difference to excel in the quantitative aptitude section and exam.

If you are wondering how to study quantitative aptitude for bank exams, stay through the passage, and we will explain major tips and steps to study smarter and get a firm hold on quant problems in the exam.

Before digging deeper into how to study quantitative aptitude for bank exams, let’s go through the mentioned topics for questions in the quant section for the bank job. It is important to know topics for better planning with an understanding of the exam pattern.

Topics in the quantitative aptitude section

  •         Decimal fractions
  •         Tine, distance, and speed
  •         Number series
  •         Allegations
  •         Geometry
  •         Averages
  •         Boat & stream
  •         Interest-based questions including simple and compound
  •         Simplification

Profit & loss topics, as mentioned above, cover a major part of the section. There might be other topic additions as per the banking exam’s governing body from time to time. It will help if you are vigilant about the changes through magazine subscriptions, online sources, coaching institutes, etc.

Tips and steps for quantitative aptitude section in the bank exam

Make your basics strong

Most of the questions in the quant section are based on mathematical formulas and procedures. You need to make your basics strong to crack them. It all depends on how well you have understood the mathematics in middle classes, including the 6th, 7th, and 8th standards.

Make your basics strong to excel in the quant section and complete a major part of the preparation for the bank exam.

Focus on formulas and identity

Quantitative aptitude and reasoning sections are full of questions related to formulas and identities. Focus on these questions, join the best coaching institute in the city, make notes, practice more and more.

Do not forget to evaluate it from faculty members in the institute, friends, or family members. The best option for evaluation and constructive feedback is someone who has cleared the banking exam with a great hold on mathematical tricks.

Practice new tricks and formulas

The core of preparing for quantitative aptitude is practice. You feel confident about the section through regular and dedicated practice sessions. Solve one question from multiple aspects and formulas. Try different tricks learned from the web and coaching institute.

It will be better to develop your own set of tricks and formulas because the question pattern keeps changing. Ultimately, your practice, knowledge, and presence of mind will work at the examination hall.

Time management

The most crucial determining factor for the banking quant section in the banking exam is managing the time. The only way to achieve time management is to practice regularly and learn tricks & shortcuts of mathematics.

This is how to study quantitative aptitude for bank exams.


Practice and relevance are the keys to doing good in the quant section in the bank exam. Be patient, work smartly and make your basics strong. You can join the best coaching institutes or learn from online sources. It is advisable to join a coaching center because they can guide you with the latest resources effectively.