How To Be Good At Quantitative Aptitude?

Do you want to know how to be good at quantitative aptitude? If yes, stay through the passage for relevant information and improve your aptitude.

The best way to be good at quantitative aptitude is to love numbers, formulas and time management religiously. Quant test examines numerical abilities and analytical skills among job aspirants and students. Quantitative aptitude is a crucial section for leading competitive exams and entrance tests for leading b-schools in India.

Given its significance, you must be wondering how to be good at quantitative aptitude and perform better at exams. A good grasp of the quant section improves your chances of selection for the dream job and leading business school.

Tips and steps to be good at quantitative aptitude

Adhere to the following information and steps to excel in quantitative aptitude and become successful in the career.

Conquer your fears

To know how to do good at quantitative aptitude, conquer the fear of numbers. Yet, we encounter numbers everywhere, from ration shops to performance reports at the workplace. We negotiate at the market; we present the report in board meetings; we share data and facts using numbers.

Despite regular use, numbers seem complicated for some people. If you want to excel in quantitative aptitude, start practising numbers, play with them, and grow a love for them.

Practicing and joining a coaching institute are the best ways to conquer the fear of numbers. Coaching institutes teach various tips and tricks for solving mathematical problems efficiently. Regular practice of the quant section with tricks and shortcuts, you will have comfortable control over numbers.

Accuracy and specific

The Quant section includes mathematical problems which require formulas and numbers. It can not be generalized. All the numbers, formulas, and solutions should be exact. Any error could lead to negative marking, and your quality score will hamper.

Any mistake or error could also delay your response time, and it would reduce the time for other questions and sections during the exam.

Regular practice

The best way to become good with numbers and the quantitative aptitude section is regular practice. There is no better way to improve quantitative aptitude and excel with flying colours in the exam.

You can solve practice papers available in the market. Coaching institutes also provide notes and question sheets to prepare. Attempt as many as possible to sharpen your skills. Use all the tips and tricks learnt in the class.

Regular practice will improve your time taken per question and confidence to solve a diverse range of mathematical problems.

Time Management

Practice question sets with a timer and tries to finish the problem within the fixed timeframe. You will improve time per question with more and more practise with discipline. Be honest with yourself.

Time Allocation

Some questions need more time, whereas some require less time. Therefore, along with time management for solving questions within exam time, it is also important to allocate time for specific questions and sections.

Learn to give priority to the high scoring section and questions. Best Coaching institutes will teach you time allocation; that’s why it is always recommended to research and join the best institute.


Quantitative aptitude is all about concepts and time management. Practice daily, make your basics strong and deal with your biggest fears. It is advisable to join the best coaching institute for all updates and tricks. These are significant ways to understand how to be good at quantitative aptitude.