How To Approach Quantitative Aptitude?

Wondering how to approach quantitative approaches? If yes, this passage will work as a reference resource with essential tips for practical and improved quantitative aptitude.

The quantitative aptitude section of the competitive exams needs focus, accuracy, speed, and more innovative ways to solve mathematical and related problems. There needs to be a strategy to prepare for this section to excel in the competitive examination to get the dream job or the business school.

To know how to approach quantitative aptitude and evolve a grip over a significant section for the exam, we have mentioned a few steps and tips below for your reference. These pointers will help in better preparation for the quant section and other sections for the exam.

Steps and tips for the quant section

Work on basics

Quant section comprises questions based on basic concepts of the middle school level. It is essential to work on the basics and make them a vital asset in the exam. Start with practising standards 6, 7, and 8th and revise school level mathematics.

Starting with solving question papers is the ineffective approach towards preparing for the quant section of the competitive exams.

Accuracy and relevant answering

One of the common mistakes students make is filling all the answer sheets without being hundred percent confident about it. It is a blunder, and we should not do it.

Practice answer sets and fill only the most confident answers. Accuracy is the determiner factor for the final selection. Your correct answers will get you required marks not filling all the answers.

Let’s understand by an example:

Candidate A solves 28 questions out of 30 questions in the examination. His accuracy stood at 40 to 50 per cent, and his correct answers were only 13 or 14. The wrong answer brings a penalty score which causes a further decrease in quality score and final mark.

Candidate B solves 21 or 22 questions out of a total of 30 questions. His accuracy is 90 percent and 18 to 19 right questions. It brings a small amount of negative marking but overall better performance than Candidate A despite attempting fewer questions.

Students should always approach Candidate B’s example for preparing the quant section. Your correct answers matter, not attempted ones. Accuracy and relevancy are the key points for preparation.

Time Management

Time management is another vital aspect for approaching the quant section in the right way. You need to practice answering time to understand how to approach quantitative aptitude in the exams.

One of the common mistakes students make during the exams are spending a lot of time on one question and eventually suffering from a lapse of time. Do not spend much time on a question if somehow you feel stuck there. Go and attempt the next one and if you have time, in the end, re-visit the question and solve it.

The proper time for each section and subject

There are multiple sections and parts of the exam. Prepare yourself to give proper time for every part. If you devote a significant amount of time to one portion, you might lose time to solve other sections, in which you might be more comfortable.

Time management for questions and sections evolves with regular practice with timer and strict discipline while attempting the question paper.

Grasp over numbers and importance of all the topics

The Quant section is all about numbers and multiplication. You must be good with numbers including squares up to 25, cubes up to 20, tables up to 25, recent changes in mathematical formulas, algebra, permutation, combinations etc.


Give proper time to each part of the section, practice regularly, evaluate your performance. Join a coaching institute and stay updated with the latest developments. Time management, accuracy, and basics are the key pillars for understanding how to approach quantitative aptitude for the exams and get the job or seat at leading business schools.