Programming Is An Art

Art involves human activities, it involves imagination, it involves conceptualization of ideas. All these are required in programming. Read this article.


There exist no predefined criteria that decide factors that constitute art. Creativity and interpretation are also two characteristics that are required for the art to get accomplished.

Good quality in art is not objective but is subjective. What is good for one person may be bad for another person. One can like abstract while another person may not like it. A good art lays stress for optimization in each aspect that is building the required art. A good art uses an appropriate and required amount of detail. It requires skills to use appropriate and required amount of details. The art must be developed in such a way that it engages the person who is interested in it. The composition of the art must be pleasing. The development must match the realistic aspect.

Putting too many details together influences engagement level. Too many details may be overwhelming. A balance should be maintained to the number of details that must be put on. Those areas must be sorted out that are of high importance and that are of low importance. Thus a hierarchy must be maintained from low to high to project area of importance. The art creates a mood. Every piece in the art is planned carefully. Nothing should be used that is not important.

The correct use of each and every component of art makes it realistic and useful. Skills are required to appropriately use all the components that make up the art. The components must be used in such a way that it should look that all the components are working together. Appropriate and balanced use of all the components in the art requires years of experience.

The more realistic an art the more it is appreciated. A good is a combination of different colors and a balanced amount of light and principles of science. Developing a good art requires this to be implemented. When this is done it reflects great skills and leads to the development of art that is appreciated by all who use it.

Art is perspective and with patience and practice, any artist can learn it. Reflecting the perspective that is required is the most desirable characteristic of the art. When the user views the desired perspective then the user gets engaged and gets filled with thrill and excitement. The desired perceptive make the art realistic. The perspective of the user has appropriately projected then it creates “wow”.

All the desired elements must be used and placed on the artwork in such a way that it should be a good composition. An art having a good composition creates a masterpiece. All the elements make up the graphic design. A good composition of the art draws on the emotions and pours down the feeling of calmness.  

Time is also one of the factors to consider when developing the art. The time of developing the art is directly influenced by the experience of the art developers. The time that a beginner takes and the time that an experienced person takes is quite different and influence the overall through put. Time consumption is also influenced by the details that need to be put into the art.

Programming is an Art

A programmer after reading this article will say that programming is an art. Programming is an art since it deals with skills and skills are acquired over a long duration of time. The whole effort to develop software is that at the end the user should be satisfied. The end product must create a “wow” effect.

The aesthetic effect of programming is most critical and must be given due importance. Programming requires imagination, programing requires purity, and programming requires style, does art requires something other than this ????