What Does An Artificial Intelligence Engineer Do

An engineer does two types of study, first, an engineer does data analyses second, an engineer studies the impact of the technology on the society, the country, and the world. To support this study an engineer conducts research and gives strength to the research through scientific and mathematical theories, principles, and concepts.

An artificial intelligence engineer designs the framework of the technology and uses the framework to design the framework, improve the framework, create operators of the framework, and when this is done an artificial intelligence engineer maintains and manages the developed technology.

Thus artificial intelligence engineers develop an intelligent system and the processes that provide the power of intelligence to the developed system.


An engineer use principles of science and theorems of mathematics to build a strong system. Every engineer uses scientific studies to reveal the working principles of the system and if required modify these working principles. Engineering is done to design and build the machines based on the tested and evaluated framework. When these machines act intelligently their outcome becomes the product of artificial intelligence engineering.

The life of artificial intelligence engineers is busy injecting intelligence into dumb machines. The first machine that was developed was the hand axe, the use of the hand axe was dependent on the intelligence level of humans. The next machine that was developed was an inclined plane, inclined plane is of no use until and unless it is subjected to human intelligence. As the need and requirements increased humans developed the next machine without knowing that it is going to be the longest-used machine for humans on this planet earth. This machine was named ‘WHEEL’. The wheel was round in shape and the earth is round in shape, human intelligence became round in an attempt to inject intelligence into the machines they are ending up to improve their intelligence. But don’t blame Wheel for this, yes blame human intelligence to invent Wheel.

From the Wheel, it became evident that human intelligence can be used to develop machines, but the machines developed were at the discretion of human intelligence, these machines still required human touch to act, work, and produce the desired output. To overcome this shortcoming humans started injecting their intelligence into machines. But how do inject human intelligence into machines ???

Injecting Human Intelligence

To inject something should exist whether logical or physical. Thus human intelligence should exist in a logical form or in physical form to get injected into the machines. Thus human intelligence was transformed into mathematical form and was represented using the formal reasoning developed by Euclid and syllogism developed by Aristotle. Successful transformation of human intelligence into mathematical notations become artificial intelligence. 

Humans that developed machines and injected this artificial intelligence into machines to act smartly and intelligently were given the Artificial Intelligence Engineers. Thus all humans busy injecting intelligence into dumb machines were called Artificial Intelligence Engineers.

Artificial Intelligence Engineers

An artificial intelligence engineer’s life is devoted to providing intelligence to machines. The responsibility of artificial intelligence engineers is to make get rid of the traditional model of working using dumb machines and to develop and design machines that can mimic human intelligence too under the roof of pleasure and comfortability.

The skills of artificial intelligence must grow to make machines learn and use this learning to produce output much better than the previous output. To do this artificial intelligence engineers use techniques in the working area of computer science, and transform them into intelligent algorithms.

Intelligent algorithms are injected into dumb machines to act intelligently. To achieve this artificial intelligence engineers make multiple algorithms work coherently and synchronously. When multiple algorithms work together as one single standalone unit they govern the machines. 

Artificial intelligence engineers make brains of machines. This brain can think, this brain can learn, this brain can reflect emotions, this brain can arouse emotions, this brain can process human voice and make machines create grammatically correct sentences. This is the artificial brain developed to reflect artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence engineers are daring to challenge human beings by developing humanoid robots. Robots can imitate human reflexes and can challenge the psychomotor domain of human intelligence. 

Humans can remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create frameworks, models, and designs that are useful in automating industrial and non-industrial work. Artificial intelligence engineers always remain on a quest to make machines that can understand, machines that can apply the learnings, machines that analyze the developing scenarios, and circumstances, and sense the environment, machines that can be evaluative and that can take decisions and actions based on the outcome of this evaluation. Artificial intelligence engineers are on a quest to develop intelligent machines that can learn from the existing needs of humans and using the available framework can create new models. Thus artificial intelligence engineers are developing machines that can CREATE. Artificial intelligence engineers are trying to rule the cognitive domain of the human mind.

The next domain of the human mind that makes them intelligent and work like humans is the affective domain. The affective domain makes humans feel, respect values, appreciate, behave and make others do work enthusiastically, get motivated and motivate others, and live with attitude and make others live life with attitude. 

Artificial intelligence engineers are daring to challenge the affective domain of human intelligence. They are saying that they will male machines that will reflect the affective domain of the human mind. They are making machines fall in love, they are making machines to do work out of emotions, they are making machines take actions under pressure situations and they are making machines behave abruptly to show anger. Artificial intelligence engineers are forcing machines to mimic the affective domain of human minds. Movies based on artificial intelligence are a source of getting aware of what artificial intelligence engineers are upto and what their dirty plan is. Is dirty the correct word to use or gloomy is the correct word to use or bloomy is the correct word to be used with plan ???

Finally, artificial intelligence engineers are going to take a rest by just making machines mimic the affective and cognitive domain of the human mind. They are the most restless and most curious creatures and try to eat and survive on the intelligence of humans and machines both. Artificial intelligence engineers are sucking up human intelligence and injecting it into machines and a day will come that will make machines more intelligent than humans. The fertility rate of intelligent machines is increasing and this is because of humans acting as artificial intelligence engineers. Artificial intelligence engineers are consuming the psychomotor space of humans and are regularly working to make machines work in the psychomotor space of humans.

The psychomotor domain in humans is responsible for bringing the movement in them and making them coordinate physically. Humans use psychomotor space to learn skills, practice skills, bring precision to human work, follow procedures and use techniques to do tasks.

It is the psychomotor domain of the human mind to make them sense the surrounding environment and correspond to it by executing the motor activity. Humans pick up the cues and use them to perform the desired action as per the understanding developed by humans. Artificial intelligence engineers are translating this human behavior and developing machines that can perceive the environment and take actions accordingly.

Artificial engineers are developing machines that can assist humans in the manufacturing process and follow a pre-defined procedure to produce the desired output. Artificial intelligence engineers are making machines respond to events and use the affective domain to take decisions under evolving and changing circumstances.

Humans learn by using trial and remove error techniques, artificial intelligence engineers are working on algorithms that can learn by practicing on large datasets and get improved by removing errors. These algorithms are used in robots that can process incoming inputs and take actions. 

Algorithm development is in progress that can make machines understand the gestures and take actions. This is again an attempt to imitate the psychomotor domain of humans. By imitating this part of the psychomotor domain the machines can perform actions such as copying, tracing, and reacting to developing situations, and can respond accordingly.

This is what artificial intelligence engineers do and these are just glimpses of what artificial intelligence does.


This article is just a view of what artificial intelligence engineers can do. To know more about what artificial intelligence can do the author of this article suggests its readers develop an understanding of why machines came into existence, why computers came into existence and why humans are trying to make a non-living entity named machine intelligent.

The author wants to close this article with the note –

There exists no limit to doing, taking this in reference, is it a sensible question to ask – “What does an artificial intelligence can do”.